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Moving to France from the USA

There are plenty of reasons to move to France. Whether it be Paris, the healthcare benefits, career opportunities, seeking a change or simply a return to one’s native country.

Whatever the reason, we’ve been moving household goods to France for 40 years and our goal is to make every single step of the relocation process simple and straightforward.

Read our guide for moving to France below and begin your international move today!

That starts with providing you with some useful information regarding any potential shipment and explaining the process. You’ll also find resources for packing your goods, measuring volume and more.

International Movers to France

There are a few important steps someone who is looking for an international moving company to France can take to get started.

First determine how much you want to bring and whether you whether you want to ship furniture to France with your household goods or leave the larger items behind.

You can use our volume calculator to get a measurement. The size of your move will not only influence the planning and preparation like packing and creating an inventory list, but it is what determines the cost of your move, be it to Paris, or the French Riviera.

The next step is to select your service. Most clients select a door to door service. That means we pick up right from your home in the US and deliver to your new address in France.

Reasons to Move to France With Us:

  • Door to door international moving rates
  • AMSA, IAM, FIDI & FAIM accredited
  • Options to suit your budget
  • Secure storage
  • Secure indoor storage in our company owned warehouses

Our Container Services to France

We know that not every person that is moving to France will have the same circumstances. A young business man will not need to ship as much as a family of four with an entire household.

Depending on what and how much you want to move with, our shipping services include both a sole use and shared container moving service to Paris and Marseille:

  1. With our shared container service, you only pay for the actual volume of household goods or furniture you are transporting
  2. For individual shipments, you pay one flat rate and you can fill either a 20ft or 40ft container to the brim
  3. We also offer vehicle transport for those moving and shipping a car to France

Our container moving service to France uses either one of two base ports: Le Havre or Marseille.

France is one of our main European destinations and both ports have regular departures from our office locations in the US.

However, we ship full containers and shared to all the major European base ports, so clients always have the option to use such.

How to Ship Household Goods to France

Most international movers to France from the USA, will explain the process in two separate part. Export and Import.

Luckily, when selecting door to door household goods shipping, you won’t need to lift a finger outside of signing initial documentation such as customs paperwork and an itemized list of goods.

We handle everything in terms of customs in the US and our partners will help import your household goods and clear customs upon arrival.

In most cases, individuals moving household goods to France won’t have to worry about paying customs duty and taxes on their belongings if they meet certain requirements.

Importing Effects to France

As long as the goods are not new and are for personal use, then you will be able to import them duty free by declaring them as personal effects.

View the customs regulations for France for general guidelines. Rules can change however, so make sure to check with the French embassy if you are unsure about particular household contents or effects.

Major Destinations in France

If your city is not one of the ones listed below, don’t worry. Just call us for a quote and tell us which French city or small town you are moving to.

  • Bordeaux
  • Lyon
  • Nice
  • Le Havre
  • Paris
  • Toulouse

How Long Does the Move to France Take?

The amount of time it will take to ship household goods to France from the USA to your new home will depend on which service you select, departure location, and final destination.

It’s also important to note that customs is sometimes unpredictable along with many other things but we have contracts with all the major shipping lines and the vessels themselves can also influence sail times.

Generally it’s between 3 and 4 weeks on the water from the west coast and 15 days from the east coast.

However, our team of international movers will work with you through the entire process; beginning with packing, loading and all the way to delivery to ensure that your goods arrive safely and within our quoted time frame.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to France?

The cost for moving to France from the USA has a range depending on multiple factors. Some details that change the price are volume of goods, origin/destination, and service selected. For example, a move to France from LA would have a different price than a move to France from NY even with all other factors being the same. With this in mind, our international move representatives create custom quotes for all inquiries.

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