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Schumacher Cargo Logistics Reviews and Testimonials

Our customers have graciously taken their time and consideration to let us know how they felt about the services they received from our company. We have placed a few of them on this Testimonial Page for you to read. Some of our customers have also posted reviews on other review websites, for you to review also.

Relocation to Sweden - Jan 2019

Schumacher has been great the staff was professional and courteous and walked me through step by step. This is my first international move and it's a very confusing process they made it simple and all costs associated were laid out clear as day. They were the only agency who had all charges clearly labeled on their estimate I would definitely use them again
Kyle M.

Relocation from London to US - Jan 2019

Absolutely fluid experience! My belongings were sent from London to New Jersey. Great friendly communication, always knew the status of my shipment, the delivery men brought my boxes straight into my house and were also very friendly. Would highly recommend this company!
Erika S.

Car Shipment to Netherlands - Jan 2019

Kevin has been excellent - provided quick and accurate information and documentation. I talked to two other people between Christmas and New Years who did not follow-up with any actual service.
Ritch W.

Move to Germany - Jan 2019

I am GLAD to be working with Schumacher once again. I appreciate the professional phone contact, the ease of filling out the contract form, and I look forward to this otherwise daunting task!
Jane H.

Move from US to Australia - Jan 2019

Nathan Stowell was absolutely fantastic. Such a pleasure to deal with. He has certainly made this stressful experience a very pleasant one. Thank you Nathan!!
Caterina C.

Relocation from Australia to the US - Dec 2018

This year we moved from Tasmania, Australia, to Pennsylvania in the United States. Earlier we had moved from Canada, to Mexico, to Costa Rica, to Chile and other places, always involving shipping of personal things. Lots of them! And particularly a large collection of historical books. Well, this time round, with Schumacher Cargo, we had the BEST experience, by far, with how it went. The folk we dealt with were polite, friendly and helpful. Everything came smoothly and nicely. Nothing mission, no arguments about anything, no disappointments. And our previous experiences have been quite different, to say the least. So, thanks to the Lord, this time round everything went WONDERFULLY well, and we could not recommend this shipping company too much! THANK YOU! -- Peter and Susan Hoover, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Peter & Susan H.

Relocation to the UK - Dec 2018

Matthew was very clear, respectful, and honest. He made me feel at ease. Thats why I chose Schumacher
Nadia R.

Auto Export to Ireland - Dec 2018

Ron Turnage has dealt with me so far and has left every thing very easy. It is great to have someone like this as I am the other side of the world.
Noel L.

Auto Export to Germany - Dec 2018

So far, I have an excellent experience with this company. Christian is very helpful and professional. I like this company, they helped me with my move to Europe and the price is very affordable.
Paola S.

Move to the Netherlands from California - Nov 2018

From start to finish my move from California to the Netherlands with Schumacher Cargo Logistics has been an excellent experience. I had requested quotes from many companies and their fee came out as competitive especially given the high quality of personal service. When i had questions someone always emailed me back quickly and efficiently. Instructions for preparing my move were clear and detailed. When the crew came in exactly the date I requested they were very careful friendly and efficient in getting my goods ready for the journey. Having arrived in the netherlands i was contacted by a very pleasant to work with company. They kept me posted on the customs process and when it came to delivering the goods again they were very careful and personable taking my especially sensitive new housing circumstance fully into account. Overall its been an excellent experience that exceeded my expectations. Thank you everyone for helping me make this big move
Christina J.

Move to the UK from LA - Nov 2018

We move back and forth from the UK to LA, enough times to use a few companies and they're completely fine. You have to understand that at the 'other end' the best laid plans can and do fall down.
Quotes, paper work re UK import, and packing were all good, and I was pleased. I complained about the UK partner they chose, and received a prompt response.
The UK firm tried to charge extra as we are really quite out of the way, some £400GBP, and Schumacher completely took care of this--I'm sure there was an arrangement, and I'm grateful, so I cannot speak highly enough.
We travel both ways so have experienced all manner of things.
I would recommend Schumacher without hesitation.
Neil S.

Import Move to the US - Nov 2018

These guys managed my move from Sydney to LA. Their quote was competitive, but the most thorough. At both ends, the removalists/movers were quick and professional. The shipping portion takes a bit, so prepare to be patient. My items were in storage for a while and the rates were reasonable. Scheduling delivery was one day to the next. No damage to any of my items. I would recommend.
George B

US Car Export - Nov 2018

Joey Smit and his colleagues at Schumacher Cargo Logistics did a perfect job again. Great communication, always available when needed. Everything was well organized and went well. Car arrived on time. Would do business again at any time.
Manuel L

Export Car to Norway - Nov 2018

I have used Schumacher Cargo Logistics several times for overseas shipping of classic cars. They have experienced staff, and Sales Executive Joey Smit always provides me with a fair rate, great service and advice regarding their many different shipping options. I've had only positive experiences with Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Ken, Norway.

Move to Spain from LA - Oct 2018

We used to Schumacher to relocate us from Los Angeles to Marbella, Spain. Initially in LA I did 3 quotes. Schumacher sales person was 2nd who came to home to check my furnitures. This was the point were I started to TRUST this company. They were so professional with packing. e.g our 2 Tempur mattresses was vacuum packed that moisture could not get in. They arrived safe and sound to Spain. Then all classware was single packed that classes would not break..and they did not. To me Most awarding was to see dedicated 8 person packing team and how they count and named every single item. After that they send PDF list to my email. I did even know I had so much stuff. What ever questions I had during the 2 months move Schumacher personal replied my email right away. Then I decided to send vehicle over with different container, Schumacher crew was so flexible with terms and they understood my pain with time table etc what it means to move overseas. At the other end their International partner was extremely good with customer service as well. I was notified with several emails. I was even able to postpone arrival date more than 2 weeks. What a flexibility. So this are my main points why I would not consider other companies than Schumacher for my next move. THANK YOU GUYS, YOU REALLY ROCK !! All the best,
Tapani W.

Import Move to the US - Oct 2018

My total experience with Schumacher Cargo was excellent. They are very professional, extremely helpful, a pleasure to work with. They kept t me informed every step of the way - when my goods arrived in the USA; when they reached US Customs; when they left US customs; when they would arrive at my destination. Everything arrived on time, the drivers were quick and extremely efficient when unloading. I highly recommend Schumacher`s services.
Gwen D

Export Car to Australia - Oct 2018

Wow these guys breath fresh air by far the cheapest for there quick and not a scratch on it and it 29ft so that would of been tough. Christian Mager was the best bullet like communication answer any questions immediately. I had a problem with documents and Christian sorted all for me. I bet alot companies wouldn't do that.Will be using Schumacher and Christian again next year the only people I would ever use. Thanks very much guys.
Raymond L

Import Move to the US - Oct 2018

I moved furniture from France to the USA. Communication with Schumacher was clear, courteous and to the point. My furniture was held up for three weeks because it was picked by Customs for an inspection, and I received clear notification when this was over and shipping from NYC to Michigan was very fast after that.
Sylvain S.

Export Move from the US - Oct 2018

Christopher is professional, courteous and reassuring. Relocation is stressful enough. It's comforting to know someone is taking care of all the details and that you're in good hands.
Rosy K.

Car Shipment from US to New Zealand - Sep 2018

I would like to say thank you very much to the Schumacher Cargo Logistics Team and the very professional sales executive I had the pleasure of dealing with Ariel Martinez on the consignment of a Modern Classic - American Muscle Car from Seattle Washington USA to New Zealand - Aotearoa. Ariel worked extremely hard and was instrumental in getting this car processed from pick up to delivery to there yard . All e/mails were replied to in a good timely fashion , he has a great phone manner , polite and respectful and understands what customer service is all about. There were excellent photos sent of the Dodge Challenger on entry to there facility with information after transportation. If you are thinking of purchasing a car from the USA to New Zealand or any other part of the world then Schumacher Logistic's is the Team to go with. I would use this company again and would definitely recommend using this company to any body interested in Classic cars - bikes etc, for importing or exporting. I'am very grateful to Ariel for his commitment and dedication on seeing this consignment through. He is a real asset to this company. Kia ora thanks . Regards Marc
Marc H.

Move from US to France - Sep 2018

Excellent. Great job. We used Schumacher Cargo for our international moving from San Francisco to France. From the pick-up to the delivery they provided an excellent and very professional door to door service, for a very good price. Communication and updates about our shipment were easy. We are very satisfied and strongly recommend Schumacher.
Christine P.

Move from US to China - Sep 2018

Mr. Martyn Cohen, the manager in charge, is very professional and follow through every details. Due to time difference between CA and China, Mr. Cohen replied in a very timely manner. Glad to work with him.
Huiping J.

Move from US to Australia - Sep 2018

Matthew has been great in emailing back and forth with answers to my questions and I have so far found the experience easy to organize.
Eliza C.

Move from US to Germany - Sep 2018

Always on top, it is my second time moving with Schumacher Cargo, Berlin NY- NY Berlin, always again!
Anja G.

Car Shipment from US to Germany - Sep 2018

Best information from Ariel Martinez, good experience for me ,next car I decided again for Schumacher to ship !
Michael P.

Move from US to Switzerland - Aug 2018

Matthew Fitzpatrick has been an excellent sales contact. He has been thorough, pleasant, and very responsive. So far, so great.
Emily C.

Move from US to UK - Aug 2018

Shipping internationally is exceptionally stressful, especially when dealing with a bereavement. Your office has taken quite a chunk of stress off me and it is most appreciated!
Elisabeth H.

Move from UK to US - Aug 2018

My experience to date is excellent. I used Schumacher for my last move and everything went perfectly. I'm happy to have an international shipper I can rely on.
Cherie T.

Move from US to Australia - Aug 2018

Mark Neville was exceptional & better informed, with more detail, than any other shipping agents we contacted
Johanna G.

Move from US to New Zealand - Aug 2018

I liked the quick turnaround on getting a quote after I had my final inventory, and the detailed breakdown of costs with explanations.
Mimi T.

Move from New York to New Zealand - July 2018

The folks at Schumacher Cargo were fabulous! They did the impossible: executed the logistics of a complicated overseas move (from USA to New Zealand) in a very compressed time frame. It is truly a professional operation. We highly recommend Schumacher Cargo Logistics for an overseas move.
Richard G.

Car shipment from the US to Poland - July 2018

Great experience! Joey made shipping my car to Poland very easy. He was helpful and friendly, and made sure I was well-informed of the status of our vehicle all along the way. Truly a breeze, and a pleasure to work with! Will ship again.
Joan W.

Move from Philadelphia to the United Kingdoms - July 2018

Great team of five professionals who picked our home up in Philadelphia and loaded it to be shipped to the UK. 88 boxes wrapped carefully and loaded in 5 hours. We have moved internationally before and the SCL team are the best we've ever had!
Michael L.

Move from San Francisco to Italy - June 2018

Moving to Italy from San Francisco was a crazy thing to do and we didn't really know how to do it. It's not something you do every day. So we found Schumacher on the Internet and somehow they made it happen. Having never done that before--and not really thinking about doing it again--we have nothing to compare it to, but neither do we have any complaints. It was fast, efficient and painless. So I would recommend them without any qualms. And I might add, now would be a great time to Get Out Of America if you get my drift... --Cary Tennis, now a happy resident of Castiglion Fiorentino, Toscana, Italia.
Kay J.

Move from San Francisco to London - June 2018

SCL made our move from San Francisco to London so smooth and easy - they were great. We were looked after by Mark Neville and he made what can otherwise be a very complex and daunting endeavor clear and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with him from start to finish and I would highly recommend their services.
Kay J.

Move from the US to New Zealand - June 2018

The Schumacher Cargo team made our first international move (USA to New Zealand) a great experience. They did our quote and scheduled our move in less than a week, helped with all the paperwork, were reasonably priced and continued to communicate with us every step of the way. Our belongings were delivered in the same condition as on pick up; like they never left the house. Kimberly went above and beyond in helping us through any issues that arose. Great service overall.
Timea M.

Import move from France to New York - May 2018

In the frame of my recent move from Paris France to New York, NY, USA, i have to say that i was extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided by Schumacher Cargo Logistics. My shipment was delivered on time and in perfect condition. Thank you. June 2018
Philippe S.

Move from the US to England - May 2018

We used Schumacher Cargo Logistics for our move from the USA to England. We were very pleased with the service and Bob Lonek was especially helpful. The packing team did a great job and nothing was broken when it reached its destination. I would certainly recommend Schumacher and thank them for helping us with our move.
Valerie C.

Motorcycle Export to Italy - May 2018

Schumacher shipped my large sport-touring motorcycle uncrated in a container from New Jersey to Genoa, Italy. To me the process seemed unfamiliar and complicated, but Schumacher and their English-speaking agent in Genoa answered all questions and made it easy including all the necessary paperwork at both ends, and picking me up from my hotel in Genoa to collect the bike. It was also surprisingly affordable and there were no hidden costs. I was warned that ocean shipping schedules could be hard to predict but the bike arrived within the hoped-for window. I bought full insurance but there was no damage and Schumacher appeared to have a lot of experience handling and tying down uncrated motorcycles. A good experience and recommended.
Daniel W.

Household Goods Export from the US - May 2018

I had a great experience working with this company. I received timely notifications as to the status of my shipment and whenever I sent an email with questions, I received prompt replies. My shipment took longer to arrive that I expected, but the fact that I knew what was going on every step of the way made me less frantic. I would definitely recommend this company should you be shipping goods from one country to another.
Kate B.

Household Goods Shipment to Romania - Apr 2018

Before I go into all the details, please note that I have never seen a product or services that earned 5 Stars, until now. I am an American that decided to move from Southern California to Romania. I moved sixty years of memories, belongings and my Harley Davidson to be with my extended family here. The Move started in November of 2017, from two different locations there. The first to be loaded up was the house. Second was my storage unit which was fifteen miles from the house. Ergo, I was on the telephone and the Internet for what seemed like hours. Be prepared! Seriously, this the one time that you must read the "small print." I must say that I didn't at first. The prices will vary immensely. IE I found a company that half the costs of Schumacher! However, the old saying that "you get what you pay for?" I found this to be absolutely true. My sales representative, Nathan Stowell certainly was upfront and honest through the entire process. His professionalism and experience definitely not go unmentioned. Nathan walked me through all of this small print mentioned. I will not go into why payment was very late; everyone has issues and/or problems with their financial institutions. Which brings me to the Accounts Receivable department there at Schumachers Gardena office. It's now April 2018 and payment has not arrived! Another true professional informed me substantial late and storage fees. Pamela Elliott even though I could not provide her with appropriate documentation as to why the payment was late , Pamela Elliott took me at my word and waived said fees!?! Honestly, my bank was guilty not Schumacher! Folks we live in the greatest country on the planet the USA! Most companies would have been sitting on all my belongings until Paid In Full and rightfully so! Not Schumacher!!! Quite frankly, I was and currently am still in awe. As the company had already shipped all of my memories and before receiving payment in full first?! Remarkable! As most know this just doesn't happen in America, period! I paid them immediately! To trust in me? A person that they had never met face to face? Yes I'm sure that they had recourse, if payment was not made. My point is that these professional people are in good, if not great people and they treated me as a person. In closing, if you want professional people like taking care of your items that are important to you and care about you? Schumacher is the answer to your moving needs. What else can I say? TRY THEM YOU'LL LIKE THEM! Once again, I have NEVER given 5 Stars to any service or product before. Also I have never written such a long review! They merit both! Personal thanks to Nathan and Pamela.
Brian D.

Auto Exports from the US - Apr 2018

We are car dealer specializing in vintage Jaguar cars needing restoration and the majority of our cars are sold to Europe. We have been working with Joey Smit at Schumacher Cargo Logistics for years now and we always refer our customers to Joey and Schumacher Cargo Logistics when they need assistance finding a shipper. We find the Schumacher Cargo to have the best system in place as we have never run into problems experienced with other companies, such as missing documents, no record of receiving the documents and not being able to locate a vehicle. Schumacher Cargo's prices are very competitive and a customer is able to track their vehicle online.
Diane C.

Household Goods Export from the US - Apr 2018

I was so nervous and confused about how to get my home to another country, but Craig Bailey went above and beyond the call of duty, not only giving me a prompt quote, but helping me become aware of some unknown paperwork things I had to do. I am so glad I called!
Rebecca E.

Household Goods Export to Germany - Apr 2018

I don't even remember how I came across Schumacher - probably the Internet. I'm sure glad I did. From my very first contact with Nathan Stowell in the LA office (and everyone else there!) through to their German partners in Hamburg (ITO), everyone was friendly, professional and completely knowledgeable. I always got accurate information and follow-ups (even when the ship was delayed by 2 days!), on the German end as well. My furniture came yesterday, carried up 4 flights of stairs with a smile :). Thanks SCL!
Beth G.

Household Goods Import from UAE - Apr 2018

My husband and I recently moved from Dubai in the UAE to Washington State. We had a full 40 foot container shipped to Seattle and delivered to our storage unit in Bothell. The services provided by Schumacher Cargo Logistics were superior and friendly. Since my husband had to relocate immediately to Guam I was left coordinating the shipment delivery myself. I had many questions and concerns that were all addressed in a friendly and professional manner by Ivan. The communication and support I received made the process much easier on me personally. I highly recommend this company for any shipment and logistic needs.
Ann W.

Household Good Shipment to Ireland - Apr 2018

My move was made easy with Schumacher Cargo Logistics in LA via Sunset International in San Diego. The guys were on time when they picked up my crates and art, which was being moved from San Diego County to Dublin, Ireland. Two nice guys came on time and packed up everything real well. 3 months later, as I was told, all arrived in real good condition. Therefore, I have no complaints and only a positive experience and thus a positive review to give to both Sunset and Schumacher Cargo Logistics!
Paul C.

Household Goods Shipment to Germany - April 2018

I had a very good experience with Schumacher Cargo Logistics (SCL). I had to ship my belongings (furniture of 1 bedroom apartment, books, documents, musical instruments, etc) from the US East Coast to Germany. SCL had the lowest cost of all providers I could find. I was absolutely satisfied with their complete handling of my case including advise on packing, shipping times, and the handling of my belongings when they were picked up. The whole shipment process was flawless and SCL took care to provide storage until I had a new address in Germany. All goods came in perfect condition. Overall I was very satisfied with my experience with Schumacher Logistic. The whole process was incredible professional: the personal picking up the goods was great, the SCL partner in Germany did an excellent job; importantly, the phone conversations with Mr. Lonek at SCL were always very pleasant and helpful, and I always felt in very good hands as SCL guided me through the shipping/logistics process. With certainty I would always choose Schumacher Cargo Logistics again, and I will surely recommend SCL to any friend and colleague.
Richard S.

Household Goods Export from the USA - March 2018

Steve has been very fast in replying to our questions and has been extremely accommodating to our needs and came up with helpful solutions when problems arised. Would never move to the other side of the world without their assistance :)!
Carlota F.

Household Goods Shipment to Germany - March 2018

From time of Booking pickup was done on the day I wanted and transit time to Germany was 8-12 weeks. The only problem was with customs in Germany which took a while but the forwarding company kept me informed of the progress. Once it was cleared they delivered goods on the day I wanted and the delivery crew was wonderful. Everything arrived intact I would recommend them
Todd E.

Household Goods Export to Germany - March 2018

Very helpful and friendly, returned call immediately, quote arrived within an hour. The packing crew were very nice and efficient. All my goods arrived in Germany in good condition, none of the boxes was damaged, nothing broke. The whole moving process went very smoothly. At every step I knew the name of the person at Schumacher who was in charge, and if I had a question,, my calls were always returned within an hour. I also liked the fact that I could track the vessel on its way to Europe. The only thing that could have been improved was communication with Schumacher's partner company in Germany. They didn't contact me automatically after the ship's arrival in Germany, I had to call them, and when my goods had finally passed customs they emailed me and just announced they would deliver everything the next morning. I would have expected them to call me to arrange a delivery date & time that worked for me. This is an issue with their German partners, however, rather than with Schumacher themselves. I am very satisfied and happy with Schumacher services, I can absolutely recommend them and the price was more than reasonable!
Gertrud F.

Household Goods Export to Europe - Feb 2018

I can't sing the praises of Schumacher enough! Every aspect of our experience in shipping our household goods to Europe was absolutely flawless. Our initial agent, Bob Lonek, was very helpful, as were all of the personnel at the Elizabeth NJ facility where we dropped off our 50 boxes and bins. The European subcontractor, Global Moving and Shipping SV, were equally impressive, keeping us well informed about the delivery, which was made right to our first-floor apartment by an extremely polite and capable (and English-speaking) delivery man. And then there is the price! I would have thought that we might have to pay double what Schumacher charged us. I cannot imagine why any American who is shipping goods to Europe would not use Schumacher!
Murray M.

Household Goods Export from the US - Feb 2018

The issues we have had over the last 6-8 weeks with several other shipping companies has been a complete nightmare and wasted a lot of our time... With only 2 weeks left before we need to meet our deadline and by a stroke of luck we found Schumacher Logistics... The Sales Rep Mark Neville explained the services in detail with Door to Door service and no sales pressure tactics... Mark has now taken the last 8 weeks of pressure off our shoulders and placed it squarely onto his own & the people at Schumacher... Thank you Sean W. Spencer
Sean S.

Auto Shipment to Dubai from the US - Feb 2018

It was so easy, simple and really professional ,clear and in time Many thanks for all the team who assisted me and please keep up the excellent work I am definitely will use Schumacher again for future All the best M. Tayel
Mohamed T.

International Move to South Africa from the US - Feb 2018

Very good service from Nathan and Kim. Also the crew that packed up our house were very diligent and professional. Communication was handled efficiently. I'd recommend them to all
Steven C.

Auto Shipment to Germany from the US - Jan 2018

So far, so good. I understand Schumacher's rates are somewhat higher than other companies', but my experience with our household goods move was nothing but excellent. I'm willing to pay a bit more for that peace of mind. I look forward to having my car on this side of the Atlantic!
David H.

Household Goods Shipment to the United Kingdom - Jan 2018

I had contacted several shippers last year - we ended up waiting a year to move. Your agent, Bob Lonek, was the only one who followed up later. Everything I see on the client side is totally professional. Thanks for that.
Ruth H.

Household Goods Shipment to the United Kingdom - Jan 2018

Schumacher Cargo Logistics were amazing to work with! After spending almost a year working with another company to arrange the transport of my house from the US to the UK I was distraught when the company I had been working with fell through on the day of transport (we had flown to the US to meet the transport truck as they required). My husband and I researched and found Schumacher Cargo Logistics, after an email and a few phone calls we were able to arrange pick up and transport with no problem at all for the following week. The staff we spoke with were very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any and all queries we had. They put us at ease and we were able to make the most of the rest of our holiday in the US while we knew that Schumacher Cargo Logistics had everything under control. Two months later everything arrived safe and sound here in the UK. I could not have asked for a smoother transport or a more professional and courteous company!
Carli V.

Household Goods Shipment to the United Kingdom - Jan 2018

Very informative sales person. Good follow up. Extremely professional, my merchandise was packed, shipped and delivered with the utmost care and attention. I would highly recommend Schumacher for all shipping needs.
Elizabeth A.

Auto Shipment to Norway from the US - Jan 2018

It was challenging, but simplified by help over the phone. Being totally inexperienced in this field of business, the challenges can seem overwhelming. iI is good to get help when you need it. Good availability.
Wiktoria S.

Household Goods Import - Jan 2018

I would use this company above all others. From the office staff to the actual movers. Great customer service, polite, great at their job and careful. My note to their CS office today after delivery in the middle of a snowstorm. I just wanted to take the time to thank you and especially the two guys (Eugene and ??) who did my delivery today. Eugene contacted me over the weekend to let me know it would not be a weekend delivery then contacted me Sunday with a Time frame for today. Then a major snowstorm hit Denver. They still arrived on time, they cleared snow from my porch and entry way and ensured they set up a system where they could avoid traipsing snow into my home. They were polite, friendly, handled my delivery with utmost care. I must admit I was pleasantly shocked. I have never had such high quality delivery and customer service on any Move before. To arrive in the middle of a snowstorm and ensure high quality service was just so impressive. They were impressive. Thank you so much. I would definitely use you again for removals and will be recommending you to others. And I should add I have had a number of moves incl. international with some big name companies who didn't do half the job these guys did.damaged items, with no customer service at all... so to impress , Me ...both .office and delivery staff...was not easy.
Pamm I.

Household Goods Shipping to the UK - Jan 2018

For the first week I found it impossible to find a shipper who would return my call when they found out how small my shipment was. But you have been a breath of fresh air. Tami is a hero.
Robert K.

Auto Export to Dubai - Jan 2018

SCHUMACHER CARGO Services is the best, we had tried it before and will not go anywhere else, Happy New year 2018 to all your staff
Mahmood Al H

Household Goods Shipping to Spain - Jan 2018

Representative Mark Nichol did a excellent job at answering all my questions. He was patient and took the time to make sure I understood his explanations. Thanks Mark.
Lisa H

Auto Export from the USA - Jan 2018

I chose this company to ship my car due to the customer response rate. Ariel Martinez was very prompt and replied to my questions in a timely fashion.
Hannah W.

Household Relocation from USA - Dec 2017

Mark has been excellently communicative and responded to all our queries so far. We feel we trust the company based on meeting Mark and feel happy despite the nerves of relocating country with a family.

Auto Export to Czech Republic - Dec 2017

I have very good experience with Ariel Martinez, who every time helped me with all problems immediately.
Radek M.

Household Goods Export from USA - Dec 2017

Mark Neville was very attentive and detail oriented! Schumacher has always had a great reputation in shipping industry and dealing with them shows you exactly why!
Ludmilla M.

Household Goods Shipment to France - Dec 2017

This quick note to let you know that my furniture and belongings were transferred from Bassens to my storage unit in the Bordeaux area yesterday and that no damage (despite Irma’s fury) or breakage was noted. Thank you so very much for your excellent services and professionalism on the West side of the Atlantic. I must say that I was impressed by the way you handled the situation at the onset (closing on insurance contract) and then during (excellent storage in Miami) the last hurricane. Now I have to find a place that I call home in my native region which is currently a challenge due to the severe housing shortage in France and more particularly in Bordeaux, a situation that I had not anticipated because it is fairly recent.
Catherine D.

Auto Export to France - Nov 2017

A 1967 Morgan Plus 4 shipping from America to France. Well, I'm a happy chappie as the car was received in the same condition as it left its previous owners, A1 (including all necessary paperwork). Apart from a minor paperwork issue on the French side (agent) we were very satisfied by the service received / given by Schumacher Cargo. A complex communication exercise as shipping was from the US to France but we were living in the Middle East therefore huge communication issues not only with the time change, some 8-10hrs, but differing weekends too (Middle East being Fri/Sat). My point of contact was with "Ariel" who never once complained about the question or points raised, always answered my emails promptly and who put me in touch with the appropriate departments especially when shipping was happening. I would certainly use Schumacher again should I ever be in the fortunate position to ship a car anywhere to/from America. Well Done Ariel and thank you and your team for all your assistance.
Stephen W.

International Move to Germany - Nov 2017

We had an amazing experience with this company - We moved from NY to Germany in June. We have moved across the world many times before, but it was by far the best and least stressful move we have ever experienced. When we were preparing our move, we got quotes from 5 companies and Schumacher wasn't the cheapest but we decided to go with them, after checking all of the companies on google map and found some companies didn't even seem to have their warehouse or even the office where the address was registered on their website... Steve Blades, the sales person who oversaw our move was amazing. He was always very responsive and very accommodating. We wanted to save money by packing by ourselves, so we gave him our budget and asked how much Cubic sq ft of stuff we could ship including the insurance and etc, We also asked if they could deliver the boxes and packing materials for that cubic sqft, and Steve arranged this straight away so we can pack all our stuff in advance. The crew who delivered the packing boxes were very pleasant and professional. The pick up crew was very professional and amazing too. We asked for a couple of oversized items which wouldn't fit in the boxes to be packed professionally to be fit for shipping. Everything went smoothly and our shipping (all 58 boxes) arrived safely and timely, nothing was missing or broken. Their online tracking system was very helpful too. We highly recommend this company!!
Naomi R.

Household Goods Shipment to France - Nov 2017

My shipment arrive today and all is well! Thank you so much for all of your help and expertise. I never thought that I'd be able to afford shipping some of my parents belongings to France but you made it work for a reasonable price!! I'm spreading the word on your behalf! I'm grateful to have everything here now and to be able to keep those fond memories.
Christine R.

Household Goods Shipment to Spain - Oct 2017

DELIVERED my belongings AS PROMISED !! A BIG THANK YOU ! I recently relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Madrid, Spain via sea cargo in a shared container. I mainly dealt with two folks at Schumacher in NJ. (Chris L.- Sales Exec. and Donna T. - Operations Mgtm.) (a pleasure dealing with you guys) and (Marieke J. ) from Global Moving (subcontractor) in Rotterdam 3rd Party for shipping arrangements for the Europe portion. All folks were personable, communicative, and professional. Thanks guys for making a complex and potentially stressful experience a smooth one! I am soooo glad I made the decision to go with Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Big shout out also to the movers at both ends of the journey !! - pick up in NY happened on a rainy day (they kindly waited until it stopped so boxes would not get wet) and relabeled some boxes I had inaccurately labeled. (thanks to Aleksandar) In Madrid, In less than 2 hours all was unloaded and delivered. The movers (Chris and Mike) upon delivery even gave me location updates via Whatsapp on the day of delivery. They went above and beyond... Thank you for all your efforts Schumacher Team! P.S. Suggestion to all folks who embark on the moving journey is to always send soft and hard copies of any documentation that is required and ask lots of questions to hash out the finer details. Best wishes!!
Daniel M.

Auto Export from USA - Oct 2017

Excellent online experience and excellent agent experience (Joey)! Appreciate his expertise and guidance and willingness to help
Jelmer A.

International Move from USA - Oct 2017

From my first visit to your website, over the phone conversations, I felt immediately confident that I found the right shipping company. Me as a German and you with a German name, this has to be right. Thank you guys!!!
Wolfgang S.

Household Goods Export from USA - Oct 2017

Mark Neville is the most knowledgeable, polite and helpful person I spoke to in the shipping industry so far, and would always recommend Schumacher to any of my friends for their shipping needs.
Rosie V.

Car Shipment to Portugal - Sep 2017

Fast, easy, friendly and professional team. Excellent relation. Everything arrived on time (even before) and without any damages.
Vincent G.

International Move from MA - Sep 2017

Excellent service. Bob was great and everyone I met along the way. Very happy.
Anne S.

International Move from USA - Sep 2017

Mark Neville was great. He made himself available and answered all of my questions. Great salesman/communicator
Ryan S.

Household Goods Shipment - Sep 2017

The delivery took 2.5 months, I don't remember being given this piece information, and I couldn't find any ETA in the documents that came with my order. Maybe communication could be improved on this point. Otherwise, the service was good, nothing was damaged, and the Schumacher staff and the movers were qualified and friendly.
Nans A.

Auto Export to France - Sep 2017

Very professional company. communication was clear though sometimes slow, but the car I have asked them to take care of from Portland to Marseille arrived safely in France . Price is little high but quality and service was Top. Very good! Thanks to SCL team!
Jeff R.

International Move to France - Sep 2017

Thanks again for the help on the move to France. It couldn't have gone much smoother.
Jim and Theresa

Household Goods Shipment to American Samoa - Sep 2017

Very impressed and highly recommended Schumacher Cargo Logistics especially with Rachel's service, and of course great help for us military soldiers. The process was very smooth. The conversation we had in Cali was exactly what happened here in American Samoa. She was very professional, resourceful, and very informative. Also gave very good tips in getting documents prepared to take to their agent here in Samoa. Also important to note is that she ALWAYS responded timely in my e-mails. I highly recommend to all military soldiers to seek her out when it's time to ship a vehicle, household goods etc...
Taylor A.

Auto Export to Germany - Aug 2017

Mr. Mager has been very quick to respond to all questions, he has been great to work with.
Peter F.

Vehicle Shipment to UK - Aug 2017

Thank you very much for all the information provided, you made my decision making so much easier.
Charles C.

New York International Move - Aug 2017

Hello Chris, The pick-up went well. I would like to comment on the crew. They were very curteous and hard working under the guidance of Stefan Serbezov. Stefan did a great job organizing the packing and loading. Please forward these comments to his supervisor.
Ursula C.

Move to Germany from US - Aug 2017

Christopher, Good morning, sir. You moved my household goods in February (arrived in Germany in April) and the process was very smooth--far smoother, in fact than my colleagues who used other companies. I truly appreciate all your help and the professional service provided by Schumacher.
Dave H.

International Move NY to Germany - Aug 2017

Dear Steve and everyone at Schumacher cargo logistics, We just would like to say thank you for the wonderful service you provided us for our move from NY to Germany. We have moved across the world many times, but your company and the services you offered was by far the best we have ever experienced. We received our boxes yesterday, all in good order and in timely manner. Thank you Steve, Tina and the exceptional crew who delivered us the packing materials and the pick up crew who were so professional and efficient. Thanks everyone for all your help in making our normally a stressful move to be the least stressful one! We will keep recommending your company to all our friends. Best wishes.
Naomi R.

Household Shipment from NY to UK - Aug 2017

Your moving crew are awesome, so nice and polite and very efficient, really did a wonderful job of packing up loading up the truck also the inventory was made quickly. Thank you soooo much and as always I will definitely recommend your company to everyone who is looking to move. Will wait on your insurance info. Thanks again Steve.
Irene H.

Household Relocation to NY to Austria - July 2017

Thank you very much for an amazing service!!! I would like to thank you, Donna, Charlie and his crew for a job well done. Sorry for being a 'pain' with all my questions.
Nina A.

Vehicle Export to Germany - July 2017

I was impressed how friendly and efficient the service was! The delivery service from ITO here in Germany was great, too! Punctual, quick and friendly service.
Colette D.

International Move to Norway - July 2017

I am extremely satisfied with Stephan's team, they were really great. THANK YOU ALL.
Teresa S.

Move from Australia to the US - July 2017

I highly recommend Schumacher Cargo Logistics and want to thank Yvonne Crowley and her team for timely communication, transparency and exceptional service with delivery of my consignment from Sydney to San Francisco. I was notified on a day the vessel left Sydney ETA in USA point of entry is 1 July. On 26 June I received details of US customs process that could potentially result in delay and additional costs. On 3 July I was notified vessel arrived as planned and my consignment was cleared by US customs ( therefore no delay or additional costs), on 10 July I was asked to confirm availability for delivery on 19 and 20 July and advised actual date & time will be confirmed on 18th July. On 18th July I was advised delivery is next day 19 July 2-4pm. Delivery truck arrived at 8min past 2pm and shortly my furniture and some 40 boxes were efficiently yet carefully brought into my apartment on the second floor without any issue. Awesome job, thank you very much!
Vera L. via Google

Automobile Export - July 2017

Great Service, Professional and efficient Staff, I would not use anyone else
Ray F.

International Move to England - July 2017

Many thanks indeed. We are now dealing with delivery through a 14th century stone archway to our house in Gloucestershire, England. A challenge. Please may we say how grateful we are to you for your and your team's efficiency, advice and helpfulness. When we come to returning to the UK, or if our friends need to ship goods, we shall certainly be back in touch and be recommending you.
Louise N.

International Move from USA - June 2017

The team did an excellent job. I would use them again.
Fiona M.

Car Import to USA - June 2017

We chose Schumacher to help us export and ship a vehicle from Europe to the US. The entire process was a great experience. Schumacher helped us get the vehicle shipped from Europe to the US in a very fast time period.. A really wonderful experience. We look forward to working with Schumacher again in the near future!
Jaimie W.

Auto Shipment to Europe - June 2017

Mr Ron Turnage was an outstanding sale Rep thanks for helping me throughout the process. I will definitely use your services when I head back to the States. Great and understanding guy all around.
Kevin J.

Land Rover Import to USA - June 2017

I chose Schumacher, who I found via a Google search, to transport a 1959 Land Rover from the depths of England to my address in Illinois, US. I did a little research; their prices seemed reasonable. I got excellent personal service from the quote and sales team, who were very flexible about what I needed/wanted. I opted for RORO (Roll on, Roll off) service rather than the more secure and expensive containerization.
Ian W.

International Move to Spain - May 2017

Schumacher was on top of every detail from beginning to end. No detail was too small. From origin thru transport when we asked questions / had comments there was an immediate response. Professionalism was 2nd to none. Thank you Schumacher!!
Peter L.

Motorcycle Shipment to Japan - May 2017

Ok so my motorcycle finally arrived. I'm still looking it over, but so far I can't see any damage. It's dirty and needs to be washed from the saw dust that got all over it from the crate it was in. Once I get it cleaned up I'll be able to asses any real damages, but so far it looks good. There was a huge hiccup when the shipment arrived. The shipping company that was subcontracted under Schumacher wouldn't release my motorcycle. It turned out to be a communications issues internal to that organization and was not the fault of Schumacher. However, Schumacher staff were eager and willing to mediate the issue and get things squared away so my shipment could be released.
Maurice G.

Household Goods Move to USA - May 2017

Was well informed by Schumacher Cargo Logistics what forms were needed for safe and timely arrival of my inherited heirlooms. Thank you Tenia Moffett. Unfortunately I needed to provide a death certificate of my deceased father to prove that the shipped items came from an inheritance and another paper stating that I had lived in the house where these items were kept. This all for US Customs. Unfortunately my shipper in The Netherlands did not know about this requirement. Transport from port of entry (New York) to my house in Northern Michigan went relatively quick (3 weeks) for this kind of things. All boxes were delivered with undamaged content. Thank you Daisy Rios for your help with this.
Eric D.

International Move to Switzerland - Apr 2017

I contacted Schumacher by chance, regarding moving certain things from my Mother's estate over to my home in Switzerland. I had the good fortune to reach Mr Blades right off. Not only did I receive excellent information, I was shown empathy and patience - it was quite a process, and assistance and a speedy response to every question I had. When it finally came to a pick up at our storage area for the transatlantic transport, the packers could not have been more pleasant. After arrival in Hamburg, where again we were communicated to in a helpful, considerate manner, our items arrived safe and sound in their new home in Switzerland. All in all, I wish I had more things to transport, so nice was this experience. Working in the travel industry, I recognize SERVICE when I receive it, and this company has done a great job. I would highly recommend this company.
Caron B.

Motorcycle Shipment to Europe - April 2017

Fast shipping, great service, friendly staff.
Omar M.

International Car Shipping - April 2017

I want to thank you, for the great work you have done. I received the car yesterday and everything is okay. I am impressed by the quality of the work that your company does. The car was packed nicely to the container and covered with foil, even the wheel was covered. Everything was super!! :)) Thank you, Best regards
Ullar S.

International Move from Boston to France - March 2017

I booked my move with SCL, to ship my furniture and other goods from Boston to France. The experience with both, the departing and receiving crew was very pleasant. On US end, Bob took time to explain all details and answer all my questions, in particular regarding which feeds were or were not included in the service. In particular he warned me about possible fees at customs, which could happen if customs decide to make a really thorough inspection. Luckily, this didn't happen to my shipment and it went though within the expected time (couple weeks). Just make sure you do have the right paperwork to clear customs at hand. The receiving crew was also very nice. They provided all the required information and kept me up to date with the progress of my shipping/delivery. Excellent service overall!
Flor de Maria B - Shopper Approved

International Move from USA - March 2017

Bob Lonek has been very patient and precise in attending to my inquires and concerns. Excellent service!
Song P.

International Household Goods Shipment - Feb 2017

This company has been amazing. Bob has been really helpful and courteous in explaining everything in regards to the charges and the process. I would HIGHLY recommend Bob Lomek and Schumacher Cargo Logistics to anyone looking to ship their good internationally.
Neo K.

Overseas Shipment - Feb 2017

Fast response, clear explanation of every detail and reasonable price. Couldn't ask for anything more from a shipper.
John B.

Automobile Shipment to Australia - Feb 2017

Just to let you know after all this time the car has arrived safely and in good shape. Thank you for your assistance along the way and to let you know that I would recommend Schumakers because of both of you.
Ian M.

Land Rover Import to USA - Jan 2017

My name is David Hempe and I received your name as Filip's supervisor. I recently imported a 1990 Land Rover Defender from Italy with the help of Filip Michelet and Alessandro Villa in Italy. (I’m not sure if Alessandro works for Schumacher or not)

My journey started back in early 2016 when I began a serious search for a Land Rover Defender as a replacement for a 1946 Chevrolet Pickup I had sold. As you may know, Defenders that were legally available in the US from 1993-1997 have tripled in price making them out of my price range, if you can find one at all. I decided to see how difficult it would be to import one myself, not using a dealer that tacks on thousands of dollars.

I then went to the US DOT and Customs website to find out about importation of a vehicle from Europe. Amongst the hundreds of rules I decided to see what shipping costs would be to even see if this was a possibility. I did a google search which returned a large number of shipping companies to include Schumacher Cargo. I did a general request for information and three out of the five I contacted responded to me. Of the three, one stood out amongst the rest; Schumacher. The others responded but just with a price and "let us know if you are serious".

Filip responded to my request and inquired on further details. I had multiple countries in mind and he was kind enough to take the time to explain the various shipping options. It was Filip who knew the import rules to the point to remind me about original frames (no replacements), engines and transmissions and how the inspection process would work on the US side. I felt very comfortable with him and if I found one I would definitely go with Schumacher. Many months would pass as I did a ton of research on what to buy, and more importantly what not to buy.

Fast forward to early November and my search turned up an original Defender 90 at a dealership in Italy. I communicated with Bad Cars Inc. obtaining additional information and photo's (per Filip's original advice) and inquired about shipping to the US. The dealer said they could recommend a shipping company as they had sent 5 Defenders to the US over the years. I was then introduced to Alessandro Villa, and on one of the correspondences he cc'd Filip Michelet, whom I had contacted early in 2016. This made my purchase decision much easier to make.

I reached out to Filip and started our conversations again. My wife and I decided to make the purchase, and although wiring money to someone I didn't know half way across the world was scary, we at least knew that the shipping part would work out.

Purchase made, arrangement begun for truck transport through Alessandro to the port; we missed the RO-RO shipment by three days L Filip to the rescue again. He had two other clients that needed shipping and reached out to us for a container instead. We decided on the container and tracked the shipment until it made it to the US.

During this time I began to receive the emails with paperwork needed and an outline of each step of the process from Schumacher. The communication was truly excellent and made the process even easier, especially for a private party who had never arranged shipment of anything this large overseas. Vehicle arrived, passed all inspections and we went to receive it. The local Schumacher in Elizabeth NJ even put a battery pack on the truck so it would start, as I was going to drive it home 200 miles for its' maiden voyage in the US.

All told, the customer service provided by Filip was exceptional. Our initial conversations that took place when I was just inquiring made the difference in whom I would ultimately transport with. While other companies could not be bothered, Filip took interest in my project and it showed. I’ve joined many social media groups on Land Rovers and have given Filip's contact information to others like me as my customer service experience was excellent. I'm certain I will buy another Defender (it's an incurable disease) and rest assured Filip and Schumacher will certainly get my business again. Thank you to both Filip and Alessandro for making this dream come true.
David H.

International Move - Jan 2017

I shopped around with several shippers and Schumacher was able to handle our unique needs. He could complete the loading faster than all the other companies I visited, while giving us ideal times and dates! Plus he walked me through all the needed paperwork for our items (inventory, declarations, and regulated items). He made sure I had a copy of everything the inspectors would review, as well as digital copies! We were even able to talk with his counterpart overseas!
Femi B. - Yelp Review

International Move US to Australia - Jan 2017

We have been working with Rachael Ulale from Schumacher Cargo Logistics for many years, Rachael is the best ! She has been extremely helpful over the last 3 months with us moving from the USA back to Melbourne Australia, her knowledge with Ports, Fumigation of boats, trailer import certificates, shipping crates, manifests, has been unbelievable. Nothing was too much for her, she always answered my calls and was able to give us the answers to any problems we had. i would highly recommend Rachael. we think the world of her.
PJ M - Facebook

Auto Shipment to Europe - Dec 2016

A big thank you to Ariel Martinez on how he handled transport of my car from Phoenix, USA to the port of Rotterdam in The Netherlands, Europe. It's amazing how my car survived the trip from Phoenix by trailer, next LA to Rotterdam by vessel without a single scratch or dent. It even fired up right away after the 7 week trip. Ariel has always been very helpful and supportive. I could track my car through the whole process (even when it sailed through the Panama Canal ). I can and will truly recommend Schumacher Logistics LA as a highly reliable partner with a highly competitive price setting! Very highly satisfied! Thanks again guys... Happily cruising around in Europe now.
Pieter H. Yelp Review

Vintage Car Shipment to Wellington, New Zealand - Dec 2016

Had Heard all the disaster stories, so didn't want the same to happen to the vehicle we purchased from Wellington Florida USA. Seller was very helpful with documentation. Schumacher organised everything from Door to Port. I paid a great deal for the vehicle so I wanted it delivered to Melbourne Australia in one piece. Photos when it was picked up from the seller - covered transport to California. Vehicle prepared for the trip. Degassed, Fuel, Battery, fumigation etc. Didn't send the vehicle until we had all paperwork and vehicle importation acceptance. Photos as they were loading into container...read more
Christine B. Trustlink Review

International Move to the UK - Dec 2016

I was given a very good reference to use Schumacher for a US to UK shipment of all my furniture and effects by a family friend who had a good experience with them, and I also had an excellent experience. I had an unfortunate need to ship my things very suddenly due to personal circumstances that I found the team extremely understanding of. All responses were immediate and all the information ws given very clearly re charges etc. Even when I unfortunately had to delay due to even more problems my end they were very understanding and helpful. Really, this was the only part of moving that was stress free! All my stuff arrived totally unharmed too. Thankyou!
Katie B. Google+ Review

Multiple Vehicle Shipment to the UAE - Nov 2016

I purchased 1 vehicle for my cousin who lives in the UAE and shipped it to him. I worked with Ariel who guided me through the whole process. It was like hiring an international shipping assistant. He was always available and helpful. I visited their warehouse and was very impressed!!! Everything went very well with the first car and I ended-up shipping another car for my cousin and that ended-up well.
Ramzi C.

International Move from NYC - Nov 2016

Steve Blades has been extremely helpful and provided a very professional service to us so far. This is why we decided to go with your company - Many thanks
Michael M.

International Move from Los Angeles - Nov 2016

The company has been very helpful and attentive, Mark is helping me thoroughly every step of the way and having an agent come out to meet, chat and inspect was very helpful.

Household Move from New York - Nov 2016

Hi Steve, I apologize for getting back to you so late after receiving the final invoice. I have been quite busy emptying and preparing our apartment for our renters. Regarding your crew and service, I could not be any happier! They were professional and courteous and very efficient! The crew manager was outstanding and went over and beyond in coordinating and managing his team. He is a kind person both professionally and personally and I would like to commend your crew highly!!! I appreciate very much that you were able to lower the final cost due to lower volume! Best,
Amy Y.

Auto Export to the Netherlands - Nov 2016

Used SCL to ship my car from Los Angeles to Netherlands. Web Page is convenient and easy to book and check prices beforehand. I shipped my car filled with personal items ($150 flat fee for filing the trunk and backseat with items). They told me the car would arrive in maximum 8 weeks, and it took around 7.5 weeks to arrive. I decided against insuring the shipment, and everything arrived in perfect condition. Be aware that besides the cost of shipping by SCL, there's another payment to be made to the receiving company. In my case I was told by SCL it would be around 500 euro, and it ended up being 750 euro. Overall I had a great experience.
Bernardo G.

International Move to the USA - Oct 2016

I am very surprised to read this all as my experience with them was very nice... I only had to pay 95$ dollars extra for inspection, which I expected way more! And I didn't really mind about the delays but I think it was a normal one... I mean everybody was polite and nice, we communicated very well via email and the delivery was totally fine, nothing is missing, I just hope nothing has been broke but I guess it's what's supposed to happen when we do such a big travel! I have no complain and would definitely recommend them
Perla M.

Motorcycle Shipment to the UK - Oct 2016

Schumacher were very proficient from collection to point of shipping of my 1966 Matchless motorcycle. There was an issue with the title deed and Hugo at Schumacher was very helpful in sorting this out and going the extra mile
Pulse L.

Household Goods Move Germany to USA - Oct 2016

I moved from Germany to the United States, and I worked with a different company in Europe, and didn't have any involvement with Schumacher Cargo until my stuff left Europe. After an absolute nightmare with MoveCorp in Europe, Schumacher Cargo was communicative and worked quickly. I could not have been more satisfied with my experience with Schumacher Cargo
Dave W.

Auto Shipment to Dubai - Oct 2016

Great Team.. Quick Response and Action! Great Work.. Keep it up!
Alan B.

Auto Export to Austria - Oct 2016

Have done several shippings with Schumacher Cargo Logistics. LA Associate's always have done a very good job - quick response, professional and reliable. Would highly recommend to do business with them
Manuel L.

Auto Export to Europe - Oct 2016

I have tried many different shipping companies over the years but my experience with Schumacher Cargo Shipping with the assistance from Mr. Joey Smit is extremely indescribable. However, he helped me to arrange for my shipment in a very difficult conditions, regardless the challenges he was ready to find out a solution even when the problem was not a part of his task. Mr. Joey is a very professional person who is very understanding and understandable. Last but not the least, Schumacher Cargo is an excellent shipping company that you should be on the to top of your choices.
Mohammed R.

International Move to Australia - Oct 2016

We used Schumacher Cargo to move from the US back to Australia. I was really happy with the service, nothing was broken and everything was really well packed. I would recommend them to anyone looking to move internationally.
Aaron M.

Auto Export to Dubai - Oct 2016

Service received was excellent from start to finish. Slick, professional, timely, personal and caring. Kevin Luccarelli was my rep when shipping my 1965 classic beauty from NY to Dubai! Can't thank Kevin and team enough!
Donna T.

Auto Export to the UK - Oct 2016

Hi its Tom from England I bought 2 split screen camper vans and a metro international. I got them from New Mexico everything went well Ariel was great they shipped them to Southampton and I used their sister company in England and they were great as well. I think the lady's name was Kate. All in all a good job thanks guys
Tom B.

Auto Shipment to UK - Sep 2016

We have shipped over 50 cars from the States into the UK this year, at all times are they courteous, attentive, and go the extra mile to sort things. I have a great personal relationship with my contact in the states, and the agent on the uk to make the process transparent and straightforward 95% of the time. When things do go wrong, they are always quick to help get things right again. Highly recommended
Toby S.

International Move to Germany - Sep 2016

Good and competent handling, fast and friendly account manager, achievable at any time.
Christoph H.

Car Shipment to Holland - Sep 2016

I was very happy with the entire process. My Sales Rep (Joey) was very helpful and professional. I would for sure use them again
Michele N.

Auto Transport to Hawaii - Sep 2016

Easy, albeit expensive, experience. But that's what I expected to pay shipping a car from NJ to Honolulu, HI! Worked with Kevin and the entire experience from initial contact / quote to shipping / pickup in Hawaii was easy and friendly. No complaints - car arrived at port within quoted time in same condition as when I dropped it off in NJ. Mahalo Schumacher!
Matthew P.

International Move from USA - Sep 2016

Needed a company to help relocate to a different country. I didn't have much time before the moral date. Schumacher Cargo Logistics ensured me that they would not only deliver on time but there would try to exceed my expectations. They kept both my partner and I updated with the status of our belongings, which was very reassuring. All in all everything went smoothly and we are not happily settled in our new home! Thanks guys.
Jack S.

International Move to England - Sep 2016

From the first contact I had with the company, everything went perfectly. Everyone I dealt with was professional, knew exactly what was needed, and the most efficient way to proceed. My shipment arrived early (!) and in perfect condition, with absolutely no delay at customs. The moving crews on both ends were wonderful, and fast. Highly recommend!
Tonya F.

Household Move from UK to US - Aug 2016

I am writing in regards to an excellent customer service experience I had with Schumacher Cargo. I recently moved back to the USA from the UK, and Schumacher handled the Stateside part of my relocations shipment.

In particular, Daisy Rios made my experience with Schumacher stress-free. Initially, my shipment was to be delivered to north Florida. In July, however, I was hired in the DC metro area. Daisy made sure that my shipment was rerouted, free of charge, from the port of NY to my new address in Virginia. The logistics of the entire operation were smooth and convenient to me.

Throughout this process Daisy was attentive, professional, and always ready to answer my (many) questions. I was also helped by Michael Diana, who kept me updated with the status of my delivery.

Thank you very much for making the stress of an international move decrease. If I need a relocations company in the future I will certainly call on Schumacher and I will also be happy to recommend SCL to friends.

Kindest Regards,
Dr. Catherine S.

International Move to Portugal - Aug 2016

Schumacher were recommended to me after I'd researched several other highly recommended shipping companies. But Schumacher came out on top because their price is competitive, their customer service excellent, and because they were helpful and attentive every step of the way!
Louise R.

Auto Export to Auckland, New Zealand - Aug 2016

This is the second vehicle we have sent from LAX to Auckland, NZ with Schumacher. Good service and both vehicles have arrived undamaged and all goods inside intact. A few issues with US customs that Schumacher were able to resolve.

Many thanks to Jenny Kouyoumjian at Schumacher Cargo Logistics.
S T.

Household Move to US - Aug 2016

Thank you very much for prompt delivery by two helpful gentlemen this morning.
Anne G.

Auto Export to Panama - Aug 2016

I got a Chevy 57 that I need to sent Overseas (Panama) to my dad I was very nervous to this since was my first time shipping something so special and delicate... but Ariel Martinez walk me through all the process and made it so easy and Zero stress for me Always answering my million of emails I sent him over the all process.

I will for sure work with them again And next time I will be relax knowing who I am dealing with.
Carolyn A.

Car Shipping to Spain - July 2016

It's now midnight Sunday, July 10th, 2016, and on Monday, July 11th, 2016, I am bringing my "Grand Marquis" to 1027 Newark Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07208 for shipping to Malaga, Spain ASAP. I was told that the container ship will depart Port Elizabeth approximately in 1 (one) week. I will write a review after I leave my car at 1027 Newark Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07208, to report on ongoing procedures and upcoming available information from Schumacher Cargo Logistics, Inc.

The Sales Executive Mr. Kevin Luccarelli was the most helpful in responding to all arising concerns and questions related to a life-changing situation for me personally. I am relocating to Spain from USA and I love my old car so much that I am taking it with me. And Mr. Luccarelli practically made my dream come true. I'll be back with my definite appraisal of "Schumacher Logistics, Inc." once I drive my very patriotic 100% American "Grand Marquis" in Spain and in the rest of Europe.
Vladimir P.

International Move to USA - July 2016

The team at Schumacher Cargo Logistics were incredibly friendly and helpful. They stayed in touch during every step of the process and made our international move less stressful.
Jess M.

Motorcycle Shipment to Seoul, South Korea - July 2016

Overall it was an excellent experience. Had my motorcycle shipped from New York to Seoul without any problem. Excellent service and received the motorcycle in same condition as it was handed over in New York.
S. Malick

Auto Shipment to France - July 2016

I highly recommend schumacher cargo to ship vehicles (cars and bikes) to Europe and especially France.
Special thanks to JENNY from Gardena. very good communication, reactivity, accurate informations, a real pleasure to deal with...

With her assistance everything is smooth, clear and trouble free and she speaks very good french that makes all shipping process very easy, even for individual with no experience.
Philippe V.

International Move from San Diego - June 2016

International Move From San Diego
The service was excellent and their packing crew worked fast, efficiently and were very polite and courteous. Looking forward to receiving my goods.
Anirvan G.

Auto Export - June 2016

Fantastic company and a true pleasure to work with. Excellent communications and fast email reply. I can only give it my highest rating.
Chris R.

Auto Export to Germany - June 2016

A professional Company in every way!

I drove my car to Gardena, California. The Schumacher Cargo Logistics took care of following my vehicle until it arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany. My vehicle (Subaru Forester) arrived in very good state and all my personal items in it were with no damage at all, in the same condition as they were packed. Just perfect.

Not only the shipping with SCL was superb with the help of knowledgeable personnel but their quote was the best I've got. The company did what they said they would and the cost never changed.

There were issues related with a misplaced title but that was outside SCL' scope. The company informed me several days before arrival and assisted me in every way they could.

My main interaction was with Ariel Martinez. He was so amazing. I appreciate his patience and professionalism. My husband and I got all the answers to our questions. He gave us all the info we needed and worked with us till the last moment to prepare and execute every detail. We had and still have excellent communication and words fail to express how thankful I am for that.

I would definitely recommend Schumacher Cargo Logistics to anyone considering using your service.

Thanks to all the team in the US and to your wonderful partner Pangaea Cargo in Bremen, Germany.

Kind Regards,

Multiple Vehicle Shipments to France - June 2016

After nearly ten years using Schumacher for our transportation of mainly Porsche 356 I can only recommend it, they know how to do it and they know what they are talking about too.
Sylvain D.

Customer Service Review - May 2016

Hi Filip,

I just heard back that the business group will not be wanting to spend the money on getting the car to Singapore.
It wasn't the shipping costs as much as it was the additional costs we have to add for staffing the vehicle.
Thank you so much for your efforts. I was very impressed with your company and you in specific.
If we have shipping needs in the future I will make sure to reach out to you and your company first.

John M.
Microsoft Global

Motorcycle Shipment to Norway - May 2016


I also have excellent service from start to finish ,Schumacher moved my Chevrolet Corvette from Houston TX to Oslo Norway ,not a scratch on the car ,not a piece in the car was missing ,the car looks same in Oslo as it was in Houston ,very good service ,i am gonna use them next time on a couple months to move my Dodge Challenger from Houston to Oslo Norway ,thanks for all the help i get on e mails about the process.
Roar S.

Household Move to USA - May 2016

Great service end to end! Professional delivery crew and the timing estimated by our contact after goods cleared customs was spot on. Recommend.
Samir B.

International Move Australia to USA - May 2016

I had the most awesome experience. I worked with OSS Worldwide Australia and Schumacher Cargo Logistics to get my furniture delivered from Australia to LA. They kept me up to date the whole time, but the best thing was...
They emailed to tell me the final delivery would take 3-5 days. I'd been living from a suitcase for over a year, so I emailed to ask a crazy question - If my stuff could in fact be delivered the next day (it also was my birthday, so it was a deadline I'd had in mind for finally being settled). I got a call from Luis at Schumacher at 7.20am on my birthday and he said "Good morning Jodie, Happy Birthday!! We're delivering your furniture TODAY". It honestly was the nicest thing I could have asked for.

10 out of 10, I will use them again for sure.

Ps - It was really affordable.
Jodie F.

Household Goods Import - May 2016

Daisy Rios the dispatch coordinator is the best! She was pleasant, efficient and communicated promptly.
Anne L.

Household Goods Import from Australia - April 2016

My husband and I recently moved from Adelaide, Australia to Seattle, WA, USA. Schumacher Cargo Logistics managed our move once our goods arrived on US soil, ensuring the shipment cleared customs and delivered our boxes to Seattle.
Their service was professional and courteous, and their online system kept me informed of shipment progress along the way. They were available on the phone whenever I had questions. Their movers were friendly, courteous and careful when moving our goods.
Our boxes looked exactly as they did when they left our home in Adelaide. We are very grateful for their care of our items. It was such a relief to have everything delivered safe and sound! Thanks very much.
Erica P. - Shopper Approved

Cargo Delivery to US - April 2016

Very satisfied with my first cargo shipment experience. I was kept informed from start to finish and goods were delivered in the same condition that they were shipped. The delivery person was very kind and helpful. Would definitely use them again.

Move from London to San Francisco - April 2016

A great service. I moved from London to San Francisco. The moment my goods arrived in Los Angeles, I was told. I was told when they cleared customs, and was told the dates they would arrive with me.
They responded to emails incredibly quickly, and were accurate with all their information. I was told my good would be with me within a 2 hour timeframe and that was accurate. Great service, and I'll use them again gladly!

International Move to USA - April 2016

Helpful people who were able to advise and steer us through the import process. Kept us informed of progress, responsive and delivered the goods exactly when they said they would.

Motorcycle Shipment for European Tour - April 2016

I was extremely satisfied with my shipping experience with Schumacher Cargo from my initial contact to the delivery of my vehicle that I shipped.
I would like to mention one Schumacher Cargo Representative, Ariel Martinez, who was extremely helpful especially preparing the documentation needed before delivering my vehicle to the Schumacher warehouse as well as the warehouse personnel.
Thank you for a great experience.
Robert S.

Household Move to Sydney, Australia - April 2016

Good people to deal with. We shipped 30 cardboard boxes from San Francisco to Sydney.
All arrived in good shape, and all the people we worked with in the various phases were both good at their job and very helpful.
We will use them again, and recommend.
Tony F.

Auto Export to France - April 2016

Kevin Lucarelli was very friendly and helpful; he provided an outstanding service thanks to his excellent professionalism.
Bruno S.

International Move to USA - March 2016

Very professional company, with very helpful people, made a difficult move so much easier.
Steven F.

Auto Shipment - March 2016

My customer rep was professional, thorough and kept me apprised of the status of my shipment. I would definitely recommend this company for shipping your motorcycle overseas
Patrick AL

Removal to the UK - March 2016

The service, responsiveness and attention to detail was absolutely extraordinary. If there were a higher grade than A+, you would get it.

Thank you so much.
Ellen D.

Miata Shipment to Switzerland - March 2016

I drove my Miata to New Jersey, left it with Schumacher a nasty winter day in January. They told me they kept it indoors until it was loaded in a container. I was a nervous customer and pestered my poor Schumacher agent for information every couple of days - and he never failed to let me know what, when, how, and why in timely fashion. Ariel, my sales rep, treated me like an old friend. I watched the container ship cross the Atlantic carrying my car from my laptop; just as Ariel told me I could. I contacted the Belgium agent (a business partner of Schumacher's) before the container was even unloaded. The Belgium agent was reassuring and predictable. When I got the car they gave me a quick jump and I hit the autobahn in Germany within hours. The 6K rpm whine was sweet and only possible because of Ariel, Schumacher, and Graziano (ARB in Belgium). The price was moderate but entirely fair. The service was very professional. The car was ready to roll when I got - no new dings or troubles. Papers all in order and clearing Swiss customs was a breeze. I recommend Schumacher.
99Miata Owner - Shopper Approved

Household Goods Import - March 2016

Dear Michael,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your company for great work in delivery. Right on time, helpful and quick.

Kind regards

Household Shipment to USA - March 2016

With Schumacher Cargo Logistics my Household Goods travelled First Class both to and from Europe.
I really loved the On-Line Tracking System and always knew the whereabouts of my shipment and the weather conditions enroute. East Coast or West Coast there is none better.
Marc L.

International Move South Africa to USA - March 2016

I was so worried about my shipment from RSA to USA. But there was absolutely no need to worry. Of course I did not know that but I would be the first to say: Just leave it in Pickfords and Schumacher's hands. Sit back and let them do the work
Lebohang M. - South Africa - Shopper Approved

Auto Export to Belgium from USA - March 2016

All good experiences all-over.
It's already a few years that I work together with Schumacher and I still had no issues at all !!! Cars are blocked in the container on a correct and safe way. Never damaged and the sales-persons do anything to help with the necessary paperwork. A piece of art. Thanks to Schumacher. And I still keep in bussy with them in the future !!! Best Regards, John De Lobel, Belgium, Europe
John De L - Shopper Approved

Car Shipment to France - March 2016

shipping my car was complicated by using a french contact who then engaged someone else to arrange the shipping, and in the process not all documents were satisfactorily handled. the schumacher staff got it all straightened out.
Anatoly A. - Shopper Approved

Auto Import to Venice, Florida - Feb 2016

Dear Filip,

I was going to write you in any case - the MG B is in perfect shape and Danielle and I were there at the garage in Venice, Florida when it arrived. It is now getting some minor work done and a new muffler and exhaust which it has needed for many months. We were both very happy with every step of the process and the only thing that was a slight minus was the delay in finding a transporter to bring it from Miami to Venice.

Your company did a great job.

I am writing a very positive review.


Motorcycle Shipment to the UK - Feb 2016

After Schumacher Cargo Logistics was recommended to me, I initiated contact to obtain terms to bring my classic Indian motorcycle to the UK.

I found the staff to be courteous and helpful with queries being promptly answered and clear documents easily understood. As Schumacher knows the bike did arrive with some damage, which can happen in any circumstance, although the claims process was prompt and fair.

After a minor misunderstanding about the deductible to apply to the claim it was promptly agreed and I am now awaiting the settlement cheque I feel I obtained good value for money and would be very happy to use their services in the future.

I would also recommend Schumacher Cargo Logistics to anyone requiring their services may I say a big "thank you" to Ron Turnage who saw the process through from start to finish.
Paul G.

International Move from US to UK, France, Spain - Feb 2016

I know this is a somewhat random, out of the blue mail, but I wanted to write to say how utterly flabbergasted I am with the quality of service we received from your company.

You will not doubt NOT remember me but you assisted in our move of furniture from Las Vegas in 2012. That furniture, in that time has been to a multitude of different places - UK, Monaco, France, Spain and now Andorra. The majority has remained packed as it was, when it left Vegas.

I have, this weekend, unwrapped / opened the last of those items. Bar a few small breaks, almost everything is in perfect condition.

The ONLY reason this is the case is because your guys did such a fantastic job packing everything in Vegas - the triple layer paper, the tape, the card - all if it has protected everything perfectly.

Also - every item which was dismantled had the bolts and screws taped to the item in a common sense / easy to find location. Brilliant!

Please pass this on to the guys who packed (if they are still there) and thanks again for this great service.

Happy to review you guys somewhere if you do that sort of thing.

All the best,
Murray C.

Car Export Company - Feb 2016

We at fairUSCARS as a car exporting company have to rely on strong an flexible partners. We couldn't have found a better company than Schumacher Cargo Logistics for our needs.

We are working with Filip Michelet and his responsiveness, integrity, and professionalism is extraordinary. Even though we've been working together for a few years, his dedication surprises us over and over again every time we have get in touch.

Highly recommended for car shipping needs!

International Auto Shipment - Feb 2016

Excellent service received from Ariel and team. Very happy with the products. Price is on par with other service providers.

International Move NYC to Paris - Feb 2016

We would like to thank Schumacher Cargo Logistics for their excellent support and guidance throughout our move from New York to Paris.

Every aspect of the move has been dealt with in a highly professional and timely manner, with Greg Speed and his colleagues being accessible in real time for the various questions we have had.

The offer was not only financially competitive (the best of four providers), but in terms of substance and quality the best possible outcome we could have wished for.

The arrival and handling by AGS in France was equally excellent, with packers and support services highly motivated and reactive to our needs. Many thanks to the whole team for an excellent experience.


Household Move to USA - Feb 2016

Good Morning Lauren and Daisy!!

I just wanted to reach out to both of you and express our appreciation for the excellent work done by both of your companies.

We received our trunks on Friday at around 3:00pm on a pallet and shrink wrapped. The gentleman who delivered was very courteous and handle our trunks with extreme care. He took great pains to make sure that he did not drop them. He placed them all in our garage and picked up all the wrappings. My trunks were delivered in the same manner they were picked up. Every item inside was in perfect condition.

Kudos to both of you for your great work. Please use our name as a reference if ever you should need it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Best Regards,
Liz W.

Household Move from UK to USA - Jan 2016

The shipment arrived this morning. The driver had to rent a UHaul truck as he could not get into my development with his huge tractor/trailer.
He was very kind and brought all 5 items into my home. He unpacked the things I requested , the most valuable, and all was in the condition it left the UK in.

Thank you for all your help,

Vehicle Shipment US to UK - Jan 2016

This is my second time using Schumacher's to ship a car from US to UK and I plan to do more in the future. They offer a great service and I think a competitive price. Ariel Martinez is very knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend the company. 5 star service!!!!!

Vintage Car Shipment to Belgium - Jan 2016

This is my third vintage car shipment from USA to Antwerp/ Belgium.
Schumacher Cargo is a very reliable company.
The sales executive was always available and quick to respond to any quests or specific needs.
Previous cars were delivered on time and in good condition.

Auto Shipment to UK - Jan 2016

Have always found Schumacher easy to deal with (now on 4th motorcycle shipment) agent Christian is always helpful & I have had no issues. Still the most competitive out there & will continue to use if service stays the same.
Mark G.

Car Shipment to Norway - Jan 2016

Ariel Martinez was extremely responsive and always had an answer for any questions I came up with. Fabulous service!
Angel O.

International Car Shipment - Jan 2016

I work for a Logistics company that ships cars all over the world. Schumacher is the only company I use for my international shipments. Kevin Luccarelli and Erika Magallanes are the best! Quick quotes and quick updates keep my customers happy and keep me coming back to Schumacher for my international shipping needs.
Matt JTD

Motorcycle Export from Miami to Bremerhaven Germany - Jan 2016

I am a german customer. Schumacher Cargo shipped my motorbike from Miami to Bremerhaven.

I am very satisfied with the shipping and the communication. Especially Filip Michelet was very helpful in the preparation phase, so I knew at every time what to do and which documents to provide.

The delivery of my motorbike in the warehouse in Medley/FL was also a very good experience for me, easy processing and nice guys. At last I received my bike safely in Bremerhaven ten weeks after delivery in the warehouse. Good Job, Schumacher Cargo!

Move from UK to USA - Jan 2016

Schumacher Cargo arranged the movement of my personal effects from the UK to the USA. The communication was excellent, keeping me abreast of where the goods were.

Everything arrived in the same condition as it was packed and their delivery crew was extremely helpful. They even helped us assemble a few pieces of furniture no charge. It was a seamless experience during a hectic time in our lives.
Will M.

Car Shipment to UK - Jan 2016

Having shipped a few cars now with Schumacher, I find dealing with Kevin Lucarelli a pleasure and very efficient with contact and service. Would definitely advise friends and business partners to use Schumacher Cargo.
Julian J.

Auto Export - Jan 2016

Absolutely A1 service - from our first contact....we have had perfect communication and total satisfaction.
Carpenter M.

Car Shipment from USA - Jan 2016

Fast, professional and efficient service from A-Z. Thanks!

Household Goods Relocation South Africa to US - Dec 2015

Hello Michael,

Thank you for contacting us. We would like to compliment your company on the excellent service we received.

Delivery was on time and the staff who did the delivery and unpacking were very good and there were no breakages. Please convey our thanks to all involved.

We have successfully managed to unpack all the boxes and store the goods in our little house which is now a cozy home.

Thanks again,
Beryl M.

Move from UK to USA - Dec 2015

Thank you for arranging the movement of my personal effects from the UK to the U.S. The communication was excellent, keeping me abreast of where the goods were.

Everything arrived in the same condition as it was packed and the people that delivered the goods to my home address were extremely helpful.

Kind regards,

International Move England to USA - Dec 2015

Your delivery crew was very punctual and super efficient. I'm very happy with the service they provided, especially as they were happy to dispose of unwanted packing.

Really nice guys, who made the whole experience very pleasant.

I'm working my way through unpacking boxes, and so far everything is in order. Nothing missing or broken apart from the glass in a picture frame, but it's no biggie, and more to do with packaging at point of origin.

Everything else has been meticulously packed. Over all I'm very impressed and happy with the service provided.

International Move New York to New Zealand - Dec 2015

I contacted Schumacher Cargo when I made the decision to move to Napier, New Zealand from Rochester, New York, USA. I spoke with Greg Speed who walked me through the entire process from start to finish. I had never done an international move prior to this so I wasn't sure what to expect. Greg was wonderful to work with and made sure I understood what would be happening every step of the way.

The moving crew showed up on time and made incredibly fast work of packing up a 3 bedroom house. They were professional and polite, and we just stayed out of their way :). Greg has continued to be receptive to my questions and emails about the status of my shipment (it's just gotten into the port here in Napier), and I appreciate his quick replies. I would highly recommend Schumacher to anyone making an international move. Thank you for everything!

Relocation USA to Mexico - Dec 2015

My family and I were moving to Mexico City from Pleasanton, CA and didn't know where to begin. I called Schumacher Cargo and spoke with Tim Gallardo to see how I could get started. Although they do not specialize in Mexico shipments, he provided me with valuable information on how to get started. We ended up moving through my wife's employer but if we had to do it ourselves, SCL would get our vote.

Household Goods Import from New Zealand to Atlanta - Dec 2014

Thank you for shipping our Household Goods from New Zealand to Atlanta USA. We have received the goods today (1/12/2015).

Thank you for the World moving and storage Ltd.and Schumacher Cargo Logistics staff for taking utmost care to deliver the goods.


Household Goods Import to USA - Dec 2015

Everything was great! The driver was very nice and helpful so want to give him a shout out.

You were awesome too! :)

Thanks so much!
Tiffany W

Move from NY to UK - November 2015

Schumacher Cargo Logistics provided an excellent service from start to finish of my move from the US to the UK.

I especially appreciated being able to contact my adviser Greg by email whenever I had a question. I was treated with helpfulness and courtesy throughout, despite having many queries and changing my dates.

The delivery in the UK went very smoothly too.

Many thanks to Schumacher and their UK partners John Mason

Motorcycle Shipment to Germany - November 2015

I am a German Motorbiker and i bought a Harley Davidson in Dallas/Texas on the internet. I was looking for a good Spedition and i found many in the internet.

I decided me for Schumacher cargo logistics. My contact person was Ariel Martinez from Gardena, CA 90248. I have never bought a bike in USA and i would have a lot of questions to Mr. Martinez.

With a lot of patience and expertise he helped me. My beautiful Harley was in Houston/Texas loaded onto the ship in a Container! On Schedule the ship arrived in Bremerhaven/Germany.

My Bike had NO SCRATCHES, NO DAMAGE!! What a good Job of true professionals, also from the german Partners Pangaea Cargo in Bremen/Germany!

Conclusion: A very very good Job from all! Relieved and enthusiastic!! Thanks at all! special thanks to Ariel!!

Best Regards,
Armin. B - Germany

Move from Australia to USA - November 2015

We had a positive experience with Schumacher. At first, communication was cryptic, and we were unprepared for the customs inspection fees; however, Daisy Rios (Logistics) always responded to email messages and was helpful in resolving our questions. Delivery was prompt, and the delivery men were neatly attired and pleasant.

Overall, a good experience. Just disconcerting to be confronted with unexpected fees.
N. J

Classic Car Transport to Dublin, Ireland - November 2015

Excellent, friendly service. We were in continuous communication during the entire transaction shipping and returning my antique Rolls-Royce between Savannah to Dublin. Very personal service with excellent warehouse connections.

Highly recommend for international automobile shipping.
Lynn B.

International Move California to France - November 2015

I used Schumacher to move from Southern California to France. My move went very well from my first telephone call with them to final delivery to my doorstep in France - very reasonable cost - no hidden charges - great employees - on time delivery - all items in good shape - an 'easy' move. I would highly recommend Schumacher for any move.
Don M.

Car Shipment NY to France - November 2015

It's always a pleasure to work with Kevin and Krystal. Very responsive. They always try to find the best option for my car.
Good experience for 3 years now :)
Leroy R.

Household Move to the US - October 2015

Everything went really well. Your guys were prompt, professional and knew what they were doing. Helped ease the pain of the nightmare with US Customs!
Thanks again.

Household Move NYC to UK - October 2015

Hi Steve,
Many thanks for this. The crew that came to the house were awesome in every respect - polite, fast, helpful and very tolerant of our lack of preparedness.. I could not fault them in any way. Highly recommend them and this company point in the relocation.
Tracy G.

Household Goods Move UK to North Carolina - October 2015

Good Afternoon, I am emailing you to thank you all for the work done to ensure my goods arrived safely and intact. Your organization and the actual delivery company did a wonderful job. Please relay my thanks up the chain. From a very happy customer.
Patricia P.

Packing Crew - Move from NY - October 2015

Hi Steve,
In the last email we did not express our gratitude towards you for the smooth packing and pick up of our household goods. Your crew has not only been very fast and efficient, but also friendly and cheerful. They did a great job. We are optimistic that transport, storage, dealing with US and German customs as well as overseas shipment and delivery will go as well.
Thanks a lot,
George and Katie

Shipment NYC to Germany - October 2015

I want to give feedback and also have a question. First, the men who did the pick-up really impressed me. They were very organized, careful and professional. They really raised the bar---and in my case raised the barre, too (because I shipped a ballet barre along with other fitness stuff).
Thank you,
Karrie K.

International Move NY to Saudi Arabia - October 2015

Many thanks for the information provided and I would like to know please if there is anything needed before making my final reservation to SA.
Another thing I would like to know is, if it is possible to have your personal address in order to have something later on in case I need to express my gratitude when i finally receive my stuff there.
Thank you very much in advance and my apologies for any any inconvenience happened due to my moving anxiety. Thank you very much again and I really do appreciate all the support and patience you have provided and I hope you have a wonderful sweet day! :)

Household Shipment - October 2015

Thank you for everything... your patience, time, and understanding! It went really well!!
Take care,

Household Move to UK - October 2015

Thank you very much for all the hard work you've put in for us - I won't hesitate to recommend your company to others!
Thanks again,

Household Goods Import - October 2015

Hi Daisy,
Our delivery arrived yesterday evening. We were extremely impressed at the level of service we received from them both and are very happy with everything.
Many thanks for making a potentially stressful situation much easier, and I have written to the UK company telling them my positive feedback.
Many thanks for all your help.
Kind regards,
Chris & Maggie L.

Auto Shipment to Hawaii - October 2015

Hi Kevin,
Thank you for following up with us. We are very happy on how smoothly everything went with our vehicles from Massachusetts to Hawaii and will highly recommend your company to all our family and friends.
Thanks again,

Household Move NY to France - October 2015

Schumacher's moved my stuff from Brooklyn, NY and TX to a small village in Charente-Maritime region in France. Everything went exactly to plan, very impressive! 2 pickups in Brooklyn, adding stuff uHauled from Texas, organizing delivery in France, everything on time to agreed cost, advising and helping with customs issues, the list goes on. Team's picking up stuff and unloading very efficient and courteous and again, exactly on time, thus eliminating a lot of stress.
Mark Novoselitsky, thank you for organizing the whole operation! - Yelp!

Auto Shipment to the UK - September 2015

The professional approach to business and detail by Kevin was outstanding. He made everything appear so simple and gave me a high level of confidence in Schumacher’s Operations.
I contacted him several times to clarify some details and always had answers in minutes, even at weekends. Your Staff in Felixstowe were also top notch and Ian helped me greatly with the Customs import docs.
Thanks again and I would have no hesitation in recommending your Services to others.
Ramsay B.

Household Move to Netherlands - September 2015

Please accept my compliments for a job well done! So very content to have received my furniture and boxes and in top condition delivered here in Holland!
A great A-Team !!!
Please also relate regards to Bob Lonek,my original contact with the company.
Thank You Very Much!!!
With Best Regards,
Paul C.

Car Export from LA to Oslo, Norway - September 12, 2015

Filip gave me more ( explained in detail ) information than the minimum that one usually gets. Very happy with him and Schumacher!
Eirik (CA, Norway) - Shopper Approved

Car Shipment from NY to UK - September 2015

Thank you Schumacher, it's Kevin's attention to detail and professional service I appreciate.
Fast replies to my questions even out of office hours help me make decisions timely again it is appreciated.
I have used several other shipping companies but now I have found Kevin I am a repeat customer, again thanks.
Gordan P.

Household Move - September 2015

Dear Mark and Martyn,

It has been a while.....BUT
Aaron and I wanted to thank tou for the great service you and Schumacher Cargo provided while we moved our lives across the ocean.
Everything made it safe and nothing broke!

We will Always recommend you and choose your service again if we need.
All the best to you!

Thank You,
Nina A. and Aaron A.

International Move California to Sydney, Australia - September 2015

Hi Mark,

I wanted to close the loop with you and formally thank you & the Schumacher team for moving our goods from San Carlos, California to Sydney, NSW.

The crew in Cali back in early May were, to a man, punctual, courteous, and efficient.

More importantly, they did a fantastic job packing and protecting our goods. The household furniture, the bicycles, the 12-place setting of 30s-era fine china, the two dozen Lalique crystal wine glasses, the crated paintings and framed photographs, the hi-fi and recording equipment, the workstations and servers, the guitars and guitar amplifiers -- they all made it over in one piece. I'm beyond pleased, believe me.

We're likely to be moving back in 1-2 years -- if you have any recommendations for a company over here that can match Schumacher's performance in the States, I'd be much obliged.

Again, many thanks,
Alan J.

Vehicle Shipment from Mainland to Hawaii - Aug 2015

Hello Kevin,

I received the car in Hawaii in good order. Thank you for everything you and your associates were extremely helpful and professional i will recommend your company to anyone who is shipping their vehicle to Hawaiian Islands.

Thank You,

Auto Import Spain to USA - Aug 2015

I've never imported anything to the US much less a Bentley! I was referred to Schumacher Cargo Logistics to get the job done, the car from Spain to Denver, CO. Filip Michelet, Schumacher's contact person for me through the entire process, did an incredible job for me. Even before I purchased the Bentley in Spain Filip answered all of my questions about how the import would occur, what paperwork would be needed and how to get the car registered here once in the US. I'm sure he had better things to do than answer all of the questions from somebody (me) that will probably never import another big item again. I'm just a guy in Colorado holding my breath that I can buy an expensive car in Spain and feel comfortable during the process that the car will get to me without any problems or issues! Filip couldn't have done a better job keeping me up to date at each step in the import process. He held my hand as I held my breath, paid for the Bentley and hoped I would be well represented in getting the car home! Schumacher got the car through US customs without issue this week and my thanks go out to all Schumacher people that helped me, but especially Filip Michelet, the personal face of Schumacher for my job. Many thanks, Filip!!
Don L.

Motorcycle Shipment from Australia - Aug 2015

Just recently my father and I went to ship a motorcycle from Australia to California and then back home to Indiana. International moving is not always the easiest thing, but the moving coordinators definitely made it go by much smoother. The movers were friendly and were gentle when they were handling the motorcycle.

The shipping cost and the amount of time it took for the bike to get back home was very reasonable. We are very pleased and will be using them again for future vehicle shipments.

International Move from Los Angeles - Aug 2015

Hi Mark,

How are you? Whats up in LA? Just wanted to inform you that our stuff has arrived on Friday and everything looks like it is in a good condition.

Was a pleasure working with you. Just in case we will move internationally again we will do with Schumacher! So don't quit.

All the best,
Dietmar, Vicki and Tim

Household Move to Brisbane Australia - July 2015

Hi Mark,

We received our household goods shipment last week, and the motorbikes were delivered just a couple of days ago. We had a broken mirror, and a few small scratches on some things, but nothing serious to warrant an insurance claim.

Overall we were very pleased with the way our shipment was handled, and I want to thank you and your staff for the fine job you did. The people you contracted with in Brisbane did a good job as well.

Thanks Again,
Steve G.

Household Move to USA - July 2015


I just wanted to let you know that my shipment was delivered today without any problems.

Thank you all for making the process so painless. It makes a big difference knowing that one is in competent and efficient hands and I really appreciate it.

Best regards,
Mario W.

Household Move to New York - July 2015

Hi Michael,

I have traveled and moved around many times in my life but I have never seen such professional dedicated and extremely customer focused crew like your team : Adrian and Lucia Marco and lasso! They helped with everything with a smile and that meant a lot. Under grilling heat and humidity they moved unwrapped and assembled the furniture that I was so concerned about! They protected the floor and moved carefully as they moved the stuff.

They smiled and listened to customer :) that means a lot I think they all need a pat on the back and appreciation! I was happy with their dedication to work and as result I have no hesitation to do business with your company again!

Thank you
Kamron K.

Household Goods Export - June 2015

Hello Paul,

The shipment on June 10th went very well. The men did a great job, very thorough.
Heidi F.

Golf Cart Shipment to France - June 2015

Hi Kevin,

Sorry there was a misunderstanding between me and the cargo company in France, actually the price difference was not that big, so everything is fine.

Thank you very much for the super fast delivery of the golf cart!! We received it on time, even earlier than we expected =)

Have a great day,

International Move from US - June 2015

Excellent service from start to finish! Everything was packed well for a transatlantic move. Comparable prices, but the sales team were more thorough than others in detailing how fragile items would be handled (marble table top crated for example).

That helped us make the choice. Also, all of the intermediary teams were fantastic, right down to the guys who moved the items to our home.

Very pleased.
Heahter M. - Facebook

Vehicle Shipment to the UK - June 2015

Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to let you know that I picked my car up from Felixstowe with no issues on Friday. Thank you so much to you all for such a smooth service!

Just wanted to thank you all.

Best wishes,
Vicki P.

Household Move to NY - June 2015

Hi Jeanne Marie and Greg,

I just wanted to let you know that the guys who were here this morning (they just left) were absolutely amazing! Although I only had a small shipment today it was very ornate (the dining room table and chairs) and they really took care to make sure that every piece was properly wrapped. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Kind Regards,
Corinne S.

International Vehicle Shipment - June 2015

Bill V - VA, United States 05 Jun 2015 - Shopper Approved

All of the representatives with Schumacher Cargo delivered professional service and courteous responses to all inquiries. As one who seldom ships vehicles worldwide they made the process as smooth as possible and much less stressful for myself and family. Thank you for your team's good service and support.

Household Goods Import to USA - June 2015

Hi Ruth,
I just want to say thank you for your work in arranging for the shipment of our household goods. Everything went well; the driver (Daniel, I believe) worked very effectively in unpacking and placing everything as my wife requested

I am happy with both Schumacher and Stuttaford's, which started this whole process.

Household Move to NYC - May 2015

The furniture arrived on time and the service was immaculate. Thank you so much for making this happen so fast.

I would like to let your manager know how pleased we are with your personal attention. Please send an email address.
Thanks again,

Household Move from New York - May 2015

Good evening Erika,
Many thanks for your time and assistance with this process. I will visit the website and provide a review for the support and services received from your firm, very pleased with the simplicity of the process and the courteous communications received from all of the staff with Schumacher.
All the best,

Auto Import to USA from New Zealand - May 2015

car shipment form new zealand
Ron the car showed up. It looks great. Thank you for all the help and putting up with me. We have been enjoying it all weekend.

Thanks again.
Michael V.

International Move UK to New York - May 2015

Good Afternoon Mike,
Just wanted you to know that your guys arrived here in Connecticut at 8:45 and did a first class job of unloading and checking everything with me. They were all very pleasant. I was worried about this shipment as it is all from my parents house and therefore very dear to me. I needn’t have worried - everyone was great and the shipment arrived in excellent condition. The chaps in the UK did a wonderful job of packing - I have written and thanked them, and your people were super about keeping me informed once the shipment left the UK and when it arrived here. All very much appreciated.

I may possibly ship over a few more things from the UK and if I do I will certainly stay with the UK company and with you. Thank you for everything.

Household Move to London - May 2015

Hi Jerry,
Thank you!
My daughter and son-in-law have finally received and unpacked their shipment and found everything intact and unbroken. We were obviously ignorant about the process of shipping overseas and truly appreciate you assistance in every step along the way. Your prompt communication suggested attention to details and the crew who picked up the boxes was great. The delivery end in London was also efficient. Most importantly, the wedding gifts, including fine china and glasses, are now in London.
We are delighted to have selected your company and thank you again for your help.
Best wishes,
Mark F.

Car Transport to Germany - May 2015

Hi Kevin,
Received the Audi Q5 in Stuttgart, Germany, as planned. Driving it around town with German plates. Thank you for your assistance and all that you did to make things go smooth. I'm a happy customer!
Johnathan Walker

Auto Shipment - April 2015

Wendy good afternoon, this is to let you know that my Ford arrived yesterday and am extremely pleased. Thanks very much for all your help and patience.
Best wishes,
Allan C.

International Move Los Angeles to Germany - April 2015

Dear Jerry and Edwin,
Sorry that it took me almost a year to write this. But I did want to let you all know how happy I was with you and all your People!! They wrapped everything very well and quickly. NOTHING GOT LOST: NOTHING GOT BROKEN. They were also quite fast. And you've supplied boxes when needed. The people you work with here, who delivered the stuff to me, were just as good and efficient. So everything went smoothly and well. Thank you. (You can use this in an ad if you like!!)
a happy customer
Peter P.

Motorcycle Shipment to UK - April 2015

Thanks to all at Moverquest and Schumacher - USA & UK. Smooth operation. I was very pleased with all aspects of the transportation of my bike from Florida USA to Aberdeen UK.
I would happily recommend you to others wishing to import a vehicle from USA to UK.
Best regards,

Auto Shipment to Australia - March 2015

Hello Ron
It has been a pleasure working with you on the safe delivery of my Chevelle. I have learned a lot from this experience and for future shipments, I know better how to be well prepared.
Thank you again Ron for your patience and good work.
King Regards,
Frantz R.

Auto Shipment to Dubai - March 2015

Hello Kevin, Wanted to let you know that my 2 cars arrived in Dubai in perfect working order and without a scratch!....The people on the Dubai side were very prompt and helpful when it came to registering the cars with the local authorities.
Thanks for all your help in the process!
Best regards,
Fernando A Sucre

International Car Transport - Feb 2015

Very professional company, Helpful with my first experience of shipping overseas I cannot praise them enough and will certainly be recommending them to anyone requiring this service.
Thank you all.
NEV - Shopper Approved

International Move to Portugal - Feb 2015

Dear Jerry,
Even though I am knee-deep in unpacking boxes, I wanted to take the time to thank you and everyone connected with you for a worry-free transport of my items from Tucson, Arizona, to Alcacer do Sal, Portugal. Jade was wonderful to work with, and she kept me informed all the way about times and dates. The men who delivered the items were friendly, quick and efficient - everything one could ask for. I wish you great success in the future, and I will certainly recommend you your crew in the future.
Best regards,
Mary Jane M.

Motor Shipment to UK - Feb 2015

First time dealing with Schumacher - apart from initial jitters about getting my shiny new engine from New York to UK - couldn't have been easier (or cheaper) Christian Mager in US did everything he said he would and engine arrived bang on time. I would use again no problem.
Chris W.

Household Move to the UK - Feb 2015

The service you offered was quite simply "THE BEST" I have ever experienced. Your attention to caring for the customer was incredible you held our hands every step of the way and even when it got to the UK and we had communication issues with Coles Logistics, Angela jumped right on it and hey presto..delivery immediately happened the following day... Fabulous, I would recommend Schumacher 100%. A reliable trustworthy company who go above and beyond to look after their clients, I don’t believe there is any company out there that can possibly beat this company's service.
HUGE THANKYOU from The Cullingfords Gillingham Dorset UK

Household Move to US from Australia - Feb 2015

To Whom It May Concern:
I wanted to personally thank you for our successful transition to Australia from the United States. I was confident I had made the right choice soon after I met Mark Neville, whom has continued to represent your company with consistent professionalism and punctuality. All of our belongings have arrived safely and within a reasonable amount of time. There were no surprises and Mark made sure that he explained everything fully to the best of his abilities. Although I am happy with the process, it should be noted that this is more focused on the excellent customer service that Mark has provided to my family and I. Mark made us feel comfortable when we had concerns by explaining things in detail, being personable yet professional, and responding immediately to any of our questions and concerns. Mark should be commended at the very least, for serving you so well. I would suggest you keep this working relationship and pass on kudos to all the of the hard working individuals that make it happen.
Alex Robbins

Household Move to NY - Jan 2015

Dear Rebekah, Ruth and Michael My goods from the above consignment were safely delivered last Thursday and i am certainly a happy customer. Your communication from the time the goods arrived in the US has been excellent. You were able to give me a delivery time which was perfect and the goods arrived right on time.
Thank you for your excellent service. Should i need to ship any goods in the future I would definitely use your company and would also recommend you to friends.
Kind regards,
Chris Thomas

Auto Shipment to Australia - Jan 2015

Good service provided by the agent. Fully recommend him to my colleagues and doing business again with Schumachers.
Frantz R.

Auto Shipment to the UK - Jan 2015

I found Schumacher Cargo to be first class in every way in fact I can't think of anything they could do to improve their service and would like to thank everyone for making this transaction so smooth. Thank You

Household Move to Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates - Jan 2015

Bob, Firstly I wanted to personally thank you for everything .You were right about the process and everything was taken care of. I also wanted to let you know AGS movers is a great company .Not only were the workers professional and fast , but all the burden was taken away from me as they unpacked and got my container through customs. Daman was also following up daily to ensure everything went smoothly . I will be recommending both your companies as you made it stress free and as easy as possible . Thank you and may you have a wonderful Year! Regards

Household Move from the UK to USA - Jan 2015

Schumacher Cargo handled a recent shipment from the UK. They were very efficient keeping us informed of our shipments arrival into the port and progress through customs. The delivery was made quickly and the team who came were well organised, polite and did a great job! I would definitely use them again and recommend them.
Lynn A.

Motorcycle Shipment to the USA - Jan 2015

Motorcycle Shipping to USA
Hi Warren and Roger, I just want to tell you that we think Brian Middleton is just about the most wonderful driver of gigantic trucks and picker-upper (yes, I know it's not a proper phrase) and tie-down expert of precious motorcycles. Brian kept in contact with us prior to his arrival in Fort Collins and was absolutely on time at our house. He is such a personable man, very professional in his work, and he immediately put us at ease about how he would take care of our bikes. The fact that the straps and rags for tying on to the bikes were brand new or like new did not go unnoticed by any of us. Our dad would have been very impressed. Really, our highest compliments go out to all of you for wonderful, friendly, professional service throughout this process of collecting our antique motorcycles for the Bonhams Auction in Las Vegas next week. Just for fun I've attached a few photos for your viewing pleasure. See you Wednesday! Kindest Regards,

Household Move from NY to Singapore - Dec 2014

Dear All,

We would like to thank you for your arrangements yesterday.
Pickup went off smoothly and it was completely stress free for us.

Charlie and his crew were professional, efficient and pleasant. They accommodated our smallest requests and we were able to relax, something we had not done in a while.

I had approached Schumacher Cargo and Raffle Movers through personal referrals and so far they and their partners have stayed on top of the game: precise communications, quick action, efficient service.

Thank you all

Household Move from NY - Dec 2014

Chris h 10 Dec 2014

Greg Speed from the NY agency was totally awesome. Professional, accurate, timely and not pushy. I shopped around and researched a lot and Schumacher was the best hands down.

Household Move to from the UK to Boston - Dec 2014

Dear Rebekah,

I don't know who you are or where you are, but I wish everybody the good fortune of your presence in their lives. At a time of anxious uncertainty, you fielded every one of my inquiries with swift, compassionate practicality. Our belongings arrived today, the guys from Astro were aces, and all could have not gone more smoothly.

Best of all it got here before we have to be away for the aforementioned medical reasons, so we won't be freaking out at a time when we can't afford it.

I can't thank you enough. Knowing we will return to our new house in Maine and can begin to unpack and build a new home without wondering where everyone is is an ENORMOUS Christmas present.

May this season also bring you your heart's desire, and may your days be merry and bright.

Eloise Watt (Olyphant) and also David

Auto Transport to Germany - Nov 2014

Schumacher handled my car export from CA to Germany. They kept me up to date on my shipment and were very responsive to my emails and requests for information/status update. No issues once the car was dropped off.

Car arrived with no damage. Couldn't be happier with the outcome of the shipment and Schumacher's professional service throughout.
-Kay F.

Household Move to Dubai - Nov 2014

Hello all,

Darshan and I would like to thank you all for the help and wonderful service we received from you all. As I have started unpacking our stuff, I appreciate all the effort it took from everyone to deliver our personal items intact and in good condition. Thanks again and take care!

Best regards,
Darshan and Mansi

Car Shipment to Germany - Nov 2014

Just wanted to thank you again for all your help with shipping my car here to Germany. Picked up the car with no issues last week. Thank you again!


Car Shipment to Kotka, Finland - Nov 2014

Just to let you know the car arrived safely to Kotka, Finland. I would like to thank you specifically for great service. I will recommend you to anyone who ever thinks about transporting a car from the US...and even if they don't :-)

Have a great weekend,

Household Move from Myanmar to Texas - Nov 2014

I move from Yangon, Myanmar, to a small town in far West Texas. All was good. Communication all along the way was very good. It took three months but it was a not a full carton and I was told it would take some time. All in all a good experience and I would use Schumacher again.
Gail W.

Auto Shipment to Australia - Nov 2014

Service is outstanding. Thanks to Damien Shields and team! I often book at very late notice, Damien responds promptly, makes contact with my inland transport company, organizes shipment, keeps me up to date and completes all administrative requirements without delay. Makes my life so much easier when I know Schumacher Logistics will come to the party, deliver on time and offer so much more than what is expected from a Cargo Logistics company (and I have used a few in the past - they just do not compare). Highly recommended.

Thanks again.
Robert F.

Overseas Import - Oct 2014

My goods were imported through Schumacher Cargo and after a short delay in customs clearance, Luis Serrano in the dispatch department arranged a quick delivery of my items. He was friendly and helpful in addressing all my concerns. The delivery crew was great and careful with my items. Will definitely recommend Schumacher Cargo to anyone.
Jess R.

Household Goods Shipment London to NY - 2014

Schumacher Cargo Logistics were responsible for receiving my household goods in NY after being shipped from London. They were very professional and helpful, especially given their counterpart in the UK Anglo Pacific International were the direct opposite, and hence very difficult to work with. I applaud them for their excellent services (the delivery crew were highly helpful and kind as well as the administrators) and believe Anglo Pacific could learn a lot from them.

International Move to Long Beach, CA - Oct 2014

First time using Yelp, but we felt we had to share our experience with Schumacher:

The sale of our property closed and we had to move everything by that date. We were in the midst of changing jobs, moving into our new home, and getting paperwork settled - it was so hectic and we were so stressed out. We still hadn't figured out what or how we were going pack all our belongings and furniture for our move. A friend of ours had used Schumacher before and spoke very highly of them. So I called them and a couple other companies and they were about 10% more expensive than the other two companies quoted. But let me be the first to tell you, it was well worth it - everyone we spoke to during the process was great (thank you Luis Serano for your communication and patience answering my 101 questions about everything).

We would recommend Schumacher to anyone looking for a company who can take ownership of your moving woes. They are professional, efficient and delivered what they had promised.
Andrew S.

Overseas Shipment Ireland to USA - Oct 2014

International shipping from Ireland. As soon as Schumacher took over in US everything went smoothly. Great guys to deal with and excellent service.

Household Move to Spain - Oct 2014

I'm very satisfied with Schumacher cargo. They have done a great job. I shipped 31 of July my goods and I didn't now where were my goods until I contact with Schumacher Cargo. I asked for a tracking number for information and they didn't give me. Why they don't told me the truth? Why they don't told me my goods were more than 2 months in UK? I didnt want to press, I wanted the truth. I thought something was wrong.

Thanks for your attention,

Household Move NY to Vienna, Austria - Oct 2014

It was my first real move, from New York to Austria, and I must say that the experience was great with Schumacher. I was explained every step of the process in detail, no hidden costs were charged to me and the 6-8 weeks schedule fully respected. Schumacher's correspondent in Germany, where the customs clearance took place, was also very efficient. I would definitely recommend Schumacher to move to Europe. Un grand merci pour l'excellent service et l'amabilité de Greg. Thanks again,
Catherine G.

Auto Shipment USA to Rotterdam - Oct 2014

Hope all is well, The previous Auto you did for us to Rotterdam went super and we thank you very much Same customers wants to Ship Another Auto from Rotterdam to Montreal Canada

Motorcycle Shipment to Australia - Oct 2014

I have nothing but praise for Schumacher and its employees, with a special mention to Filip Michelet. Very friendly, extremely approachable, nothing seems to be too much trouble for them. Even when dealing with a troublesome situation entirely out of their control, Schumacher's were extremely patient and helpful, always keeping the lines of communication open. They are highly professional and really tick the boxes: even for a client on the other side of the world! I would not hesitate to recommend Schumachers for cargo services, and I would be delighted to do business with them again.

Auto Import to USA from UK - Oct 2014

I recently used Schumacher Cargo Logistics to transport a vehicle from the UK to the US. Being new to this process I was really taking a chance with a company I was unfamiliar with. They did an amazing job explaining the process, outlining the costs and overall providing a very competitive rate. Throughout the shipping they were available to answer questions, maintained great communication and kept me at ease. I highly recommend their services. I will continue to use Schumacher in the future for all of my shipping needs.

Auto Shipment to UK - Sep 2014

I have shipped a couple of vehicles with Schumacher Cargo and found them very helpful and ameable. I would recomend them in a flash.
Paul B.

Auto Import to Australia - Sep 2014

As a first time importer of a car from USA to Australia, I found that Wendy Gomez was extremely helpful and courteous with my many questions via email. I have already referred Schumachers to a number of my friends who have used other shipping agents or are also new to this exercise. Regards,
Frank S.

International Move - Sep 2014

Thank you for the GREAT service, it was a pleasant experience to work with Schumacher and the staff, both the admin. staff and the staff who came to my house to empty the container and to install the furniture in my house. If we will move again, we will call Schumacher :)
Christian A.

International Shipment UK to Los Angeles - Sep 2014

My shipment from the UK to LA was held in storage for 2 years. I was concerned about the state of my possessions but that concern was short lived. The team delivering my items were fast and efficient and did a fantastic job of reassembling everything. The items were clean and neat and everything was completed in 5 hours. I would highly recommended Schumacher Cargo. I would certainly use them again on any future moves.
Jon T.

Automobile Shipment USA to UK - Sep 2014

Having shipped cars and boats from the USA to the UK many times this is my first experience of Schumacher Cargo.

Wow! Great price, pictures of my consignment at the shipping warehouse, fully informed all the way. My shipment even left on the boat they said it would... a first for me!! I would recommend Schumacher Cargo to anyone looking for a competitive, professional and service strong shipping company. Thank you Schumacher.
Justin R.

International Auto Shipment - Sep 2014

Got serious trouble with the papers from seller, not correct Title. Schumacher helped out with good solution, was extremely helpful and patient the weeks this problem took to solve. Service way above average. Very good communication and advices. First time using Schumacher from the CA, has shipped from NJ before and the service was also that time excellent.

Overseas Move - Sep 2014

We have been really impressed with your company, your staff have always returned our calls and responded to our emails in a timely manor. Very informative and helpful... We could not ask for better service. Overall I would, and I have recommended your company to family, friends and work associates.
Thanks you,
Glenda E.

Furniture Shipment to England - Sep 2014

My mother's china cabinet was carefully wrapped and left my brother's home in England on April 15th 2014 and safely arrived at my home in Waterford, Ct. last week after the 4 month trip. The cabinet was unwrapped and revealed to be in wonderful shape (not bad for a 150 yr old). It was very emotional for me.
The men delivering the cabinet were professional, courteous, and, I believe, shared my joy. The whole experience was a very positive one, and I would definitely recommend and use them again.
Pat D.

Household Move to New Zealand from CA - August 2014

Hi Teresa, Edwin and Greg!
My shipment was delivered yesterday without any damage or lost items. Thank you very much for your generous help and wonderful services! I am very happy! If I move back to CA, I will contact you :) Please thank your awesome crew as well for their great job! You guys are awesome!

Automobile Shipment to Australia - August 2014

Hello Wendy,
My name is Cyril E Mills and with your help I had a Blue 1950 Chrysler Royal imported to Australia I was that pleased with the attention and service that I received from both you and the company you represent I haven't stopped talking about it that the Editor of our magazine (The Chrysler Restorers Club of Australia) ask me to do an storey on my experience of importing a vehicle from the U.S. to Australia. I would be glad to write an article but only if it is alright to mention your name the company Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Once again I would like to thank you for the service I received from both you and your company after talking to other Auto people who have imported Auto`s from overseas and have had that many problems that the find it hard to believe that I had none whatsoever.
Thank You,

August 2014

I am pleased to say, my experience with Schumacher is working with Murl Guerrero in Accounts Payable on a weekly basis has been absolutely fantastic, never missing a beat! I have only received excellent service from Murl always responding promptly, providing me with the exact information I’ve requested. Quite refreshing!
Murl exudes the utmost professionalism and respect I could ever expect with an exceptionally timely payment record. I am pleased to be working with Murl and I look forward to the growing relationship between Schumacher and Consolidators International, Inc. in the years to come. Simply put, Murl is exceptional - raising the bar for the industry’s commitment to excellence.

Household Goods and Vehicle Shipment to Abu Dhabi - September 2014

Angela, Bob,
Just wanted to let you know that the goods and car have safely returned to us. Your agent, GAC, here in Abu Dhabi has been great. We would definitely recommend them. And we're also very happy with your services. The hang-up with the lien release was really on our side.
Thanks and all the best,

Household Move to the UK - August 2014

I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for the efficient service. Your packing team, headed by Peter, was polite, courteous, respectful of our house and possessions, and efficient in their use of space whilst packing. So far we have had brilliant service from you and are very grateful. Please can you pass on our thanks to Peter and his crew. Many thanks

Car Shipment to Kuwait - August 2014

Hello Filip,
Just wanted to let you know that i got my car, I may have some friends who want to ship their cars to kuwait, i'll definitely refer them to you, Thanks for everything.

Automobile Shipment to Australia - August 2014

Hello Christian,
I picked up the Dodge from Freightnet today, I can't thank you enough for the work you and your staff have done,the level of professionalism is a credit to all who work for Schumacher and I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone thinking of importing a vehicle into Australia. Thanking you
Best regards

Household Move to New Zealand from CA - August 2014

Hi Teresa, Edwin and Greg!
My shipment was delivered yesterday without any damage or lost items. Thank you very much for your generous help and wonderful services! I am very happy! If I move back to CA, I will contact you :) Please thank your awesome crew as well for their great job! You guys are awesome! Cheers,

Auto Import to USA - July 2014

Filip, Thank you for the information and assistance with the title. Your company has been great to work with (great customer service!)...I have already recommended you all to several friends who will be taking cars in the opposite direction.

Household Move to Germany - July 2014

Hi Angela,

Hope all is well. I wanted to thank you and Schumacher Cargo Logistics for your professionalism & dedication.

I have to admit I was very nervous and skeptical at the beginning due to that this was the first time I have shipped overseas, but I sincerely have to say it was the most positive, nerve~free, and very satisfying experience.

I would highly recommend Schumacher to friends and family. I will definitely be utilizing Schumacher in the future.

Thank you and the crew, from the states and Germany.

Best regards,


Auto Shipment - July 2014

Many thanks Mr. Erika for the update. From the details below and the way that you communicate to your customers I am confident that you are a professional company and you go extra miles to satisfy your customers. I will be waiting for the shipment Thanking you in advance and best regards.
Abdulla albadi

Diplomatic Shipment to Estonia - July 2014

Dear Mark, I heard that the last pick-up from Ambassador Tiina Intelmann was completed around 2pm. She really had little amount of items, that helped. Great job! Thank you+ all the men, and enjoy the weekend!

Diplomatic Shipment: U.N. Ambassador Move to Finland - July 2014

Dear Mark, Thank you for the quick response. That clarifies my concerns very well. Dear Angela, Please note my contact information after 30 July 2014. Thank you both for great and professional cooperation! I will recommend your company to my colleagues, for sure! Best regards and nice weekend,

Diplomatic Move USA to Sweden - July 2014

Diplomatic Move USA to Sweden
Dear Angela and Mark, A couple of photos of container getting Full... My wife will send some additional pictures. Everything went well. Thank You!

Air Freight Shipment to USA - July 2014

Warren/Giles, I picked up the R5 from air freight this afternoon. All went perfect, and the customs folks were actually quite helpful in making sure I had the proper docs for registering the bike here in the US. The crating was first rate and all was in great condition (given what you started with) when it arrived. I can't thank you both enough for all the help and patience. Very much appreciated! Thanks.

Household Move to New Zealand - July 2014

Hi Ravindra, We also wanted to let you know that we were very happy with our interactions with Schumacher here in the U.S. Bob Lonek was great to work with and we were very impressed with the team that packed up our house last week - they did a great job. We look forward to our house pack arriving safely in New Zealand and getting settled in our new home. When will you have an idea of an estimated arrival date? We are looking forward to being back in New Zealand on 6th July. Kind regards,

Import Shipment to the US - June 2014

Hello Warren, Thank you for your effort helping us clearing this shipment. It's nice to have someone across the ocean to rely on, it's really appreciated ;-) Best regards, met vriendelijke groet,
Ben - Customer Service Administrator

Commercial Airfreight Shipment London to USA - June 2014

That is great to hear Filip, thank you. My boss would like to pay for this shipment as soon as possible so when a final Invoice can be drafted, please let me know. The high level of customer service we have received from you and your company has been very much appreciated and any international shipping we have in the future will be going through Schumacher Cargo.

Auto Shipment to Spain - June 2014

Hi Kevin, Hows things on the other side of 'the pond' ? Thank-you very much for handling our car's transportation we are really pleased that we chose to use Schumacher Transport. It has now cleared customs in the UK and is on its way to us in Southern Spain. I will definitely being giving you my future business, I should be back in the States by Sept/Oct doing more auto shopping. If its possible I will come and see you in person when I'm over Have a great summer ! Best Regards,

Multiple Vehicle Shipment to the UK - June 2014

Multiple Car Shipment to the UK
Hi Kevin, I recently asked Schumacher Cargo Logistics to assist me with shipping three cars (2 from Ohio,1 from Connecticut) to the UK. At all times they were most helpful and communicative, assisting me with the safe transport, export and arrival in the UK. They were more than happy to go the extra mile with anything I needed, sent photos of the cars on arrival at their facilities and kept me constantly informed of their location. The whole operation went very smoothly indeed.

Motorcycle Shipment from Italy to USA - June 2014

Hello Giles & Warren, I received the shipment this morning in perfect condition. Thanks to both of you for seeing that it got packed properly to be shipped and handled to arrive worry free. I am going to spend most of the day trying to convince my employees that I am not planning to operate it anytime soon. They might wonder if their jobs are secure if I decide to go for a ride. J The good news is I don't believe I will fit in the cockpit.

Household Move to Australia from California - June 2014

I used Schumacher to move household goods from California to Australia. They were fantastic - always responsive, did everything efficiently and on time, and were easy to work with. Mark was a great customer service rep and almost always got back to me with answers to my questions really quickly. The price was far and away the cheapest price we got quoted, and all our goods arrived in perfect shape, nothing broken, and within the timeframe that they specified. It took 11 weeks from California and Sydney (i was quoted 10-12 weeks). Would definitely recommend them and I would use them again if we ever move back to the US.

Auto Shipment to the UK - June 2014

Hi Wendy, You recently shipped a car for me and I really appreciate the great service – everything was so easy and efficient. I have a question and I'm hoping that you or one of your shipping agents can help me with: A friend of mine recently tried to ship a car from the US, but was told he'd need an EIN number to do so. If I need to ship another car, do I need to get an EIN number or does this not apply? I might have a car to be shipped in the next week or two. Many thanks,

Off Road Race Car Shipment to Australia - June 2014

Fantastic Filip thankyou so much keep me posted if you can I very much appreciate all you have done You might have to do a little advertising on the race car We will win an Australian Championships with this baby. We get great TV exposure over here in off road Any way once again thank you brilliant work buddy I will be bringing some more over & some chassis too so plenty of work coming your way Thanks,

Motorcycle Shipment to UK - June 2014

motorcycle shipment to UK
Hi Kevin, Just a quick line to let you know that the 1946 Indian Chief you shipped for me recently has arrived here in the UK safe and sound. Considering the issues with the lack of a title for the parts bike and the Hoops you jumped through to get this shipped for me I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks. It's quite unusual to find someone that goes the extra mile nowadays to help overcome the officialdom and red tape which accompanies international shipping and I am just glad that you and Schumacher were there to handle this shipment for me. Many thanks and best Regards,

Auto Export from the USA - June 2014

No worries Erika I've been shipping cars from the USA for a long time now and have tried a lot of companies, many who promise a lot but never deliver. Wendy gave me an indication on departure dates ect, and she was spot on and honest, and that's all I've ever wanted, so I will be using your company again in a few months time. Thank you

Motorcycle Shipment to the UK - June 2014

Kevin Many thanks for an excellent job in shipping my bikes to the UK. You liaised with the seller to collect the bikes and ship them to your depot in NJ, resolved any issues promptly, gave good advice when needed, made sure all the documents I needed were present. Arranged the transport across to the UK at a competitive price. You are always available and helpful, it gives me confidence in buying in the USA market and shipping to the UK. Many thanks
Aiden in the UK

Automobile Imports to Australia - June 2014

Schumacher would have to be the best company in the US that I have found to move my imported products from the US to Australia. I was very lucky to have found such a great professional company. Ive been dealing with Filip Michelet from day one and could not ask for better service from him. He is always on time,does what he says he is going to do,follows up on everything from trucking to shipping. My shipments always arrive from his warehouse in perfect condition everything. I can highly recommend Schumacher Cargo.
Aiden in the UK

Automobile Shipment to Italy - May 2014

To whom it may concern, I'm writing to express my appreciation for the professional services provided by the staff at Schumacher Logistics related to the shipment of my car from the U.S. to Italy. Of greatest satisfaction to me was the advice and frequent feedback offered by Ron Turnage. I will without hesitation ask for your shipping service again in my future need to transport any vehicle overseas. Sincerely,
George Klessinger

Household Relocation to Cuenca, Ecuador - May 2014

Dear Mr. Baker. I just received my 40 ft container, shipped to Cuenca from Connecticut. The entire process was handled with professionalism, patience and the caring and hard work of everyone involved made my move seem like a miracle. Bob Lonek, my contact person with Schumacher Cargo Logistics, did unbelievable due diligence to check out all the people I had previously met or talked to in Ecuador, to find us the best people here to handle the shipment once it made it to port. The crew from Schumacher, headed by Alix packed up my home with such care that the people here in Ecuador said it was the best packing job they had ever seen.

Everything arrived on time, with not so much as a chipped tea cup. Everything was there and everything was in perfect condition. I did not have to go to customs in Guayaquil. Everything was handled beautifully by the two companies involved, one in the United States and the other in Ecuador. We used Schumacher Cargo Logistics to pack, inventory and ship our entire house to Guayaquil, where INSA, the only company in Ecuador who belong to FIDI, took over. Their Cuenca representative, Vicente Villefuerte took us to get the necessary papers and met with us early on to make sure we had our cedulas, and other necessary documents to insure that the rest of the paperwork went smoothly.

On the day of delivery, a crew of 5, plus Vicente, were there on time and did a terrific job of carrying up our large armoires, piano, major appliances along with over 300 cartons. Then placed our rugs and furniture in all the rooms, opened up many of our cartons, placed all the rest in their respective rooms and took away the debris that was ready to go. Vicente returned later in the day and helped us further and was back again yesterday to get rid of loads of cartons that we have emptied and no longer want and cut up and flattened out the cartons we want to keep. He continues to arrange for a truck to come in and pick up additional packing materials that are being recycled.

We couldn't be more pleased. It is kind of a miracle to have your entire home put in a "box" and sent over the ocean, then trucked through the mountains, and have everything arrive in perfect condition. But that is exactly how our move went.
Susan and Jean-Pierre

Household Goods Shipment from Switzerland to California - May 2014

Hi there at Schumacher & Cargo

You moved our household items back in 2008 from El Cerrito, CA to Greifensee, Switzerland and we were very happy with your service. Now we are moving back to the East Bay and wonder if you can do that, too. What are your rates and requirements for moving household items of a 2 bedroom house? We are relocating in mid July of 2014. When do things have to be ready before we can leave? We will be happy to know that we can leave you to do all the heavy work as we have so much to do before we leave Switzerland!!!

We also have a leopard gecko we would like to take with us, if it is at all feasible. What do we need to move a small lizard? Do we take him in the plane with us?

best regards,
Watson and Siegmann

Motorcycle Shipment to New Caledonia - May 2014

Hi Ron,

I have just received my bike !!! I want to say you and your staff ,thank you very much for your service . The job it was perfect and all very good . I give your contact at all my friend and people want import from USA .

Thanks again
All the best for you

Automobile Transport from New York to Le Havre, France - May 2014

After a quite long shipping time due to snow and storm in New York last winter, my XJS eventually arrived one night in my yard. In good condition!
Many thanks Kevin for your efficiency and reactivity to all of my questions. Best regards.

Household Goods Move from CA to Australia - May 2014

Dear Mark,

i just wanted to let you know that our stuff arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent service you provided throughout the process - everything was handled smoothly and within the timeframe you specified, and the price was so much cheaper than your competitors! I would definitely recommend Schumacher to anyone considering an international move and wouldn't hesitate to use you again in the future. Let me know if there's somewhere you'd like me to post a review online or feel free to post this on your website.

Thanks very much,

Household Move from Hong Kong to New York - May 2014

Dear Rebekah,

Last October I worked with you on my shipment from Hong Kong to Endicott New York. I would like to recommend Schumacher to a friend. I shared with my friend how well you took care of my shipment and how efficient and professional your service was. In addition of responsive you were to all of my questions and concerns. But before I do recommend would like to know if you ship from Los Angles, CA to the United Kingdom, and if you do can my friend contact you. Oh, my friends lives in London. Please let me know and I will forward your details.

Many thanks,
Sharon Falvo-Broughton

Motorcycle Import from Japan - May 2014

Rebekah and Filip,

The Ducati has made it to my shop in Wilmington. Success! The pick-up was no problem. The crating was excellent and the bike arrived with absolutely no damage.

Being inexperienced at international vehicle shipping I was naturally nervous that the transaction could go horribly wrong. Your timely communication throughout the process was greatly appreciated. Facilitating the logistics of getting the bike delivered to the Tokyo warehouse and the payment securely made to the seller was a big relief. Thank you both and please pass on my thanks to Mr. Okada and to the crate builder.

Now, if the North Carolina DMV will accept the Japan title…


Automobile Imports to the US from Japan - Apr 2014

cars imported from japan
Hi Tim and Filip, You guys did great and everything arrived on time, for which we are very thankful. Tim- you should be getting an email with your ticket. Filip- let us know if you need one. Best,

Automobile Export to the UK - Apr 2014

red corvette stingray
Hi Filip, Thank you for all the help I received from yourself and colleagues for getting my corvette delivered safely. Sorry it took a while but finally here are the photos of the corvette in its new home. Thank you for a fantastic service that I would recommend to anyone considering using your service. Kind regards,

Household Goods Shipment to the UK - Feb 2014

Dear Mark, I simply wanted to thank you personally and your colleagues for the professional work in handling and coordinating the shipment of my container to London, and in being so nice and helpful to us from the start. In particular, I would like to commend Alex who was in charge of the team who packed and moved my belongings to the container last Friday, February 7th. He and his team were very professional and efficient throughout and very forthcoming too. Alex, in particular, was extremely helpful and practical in coordinating everything and in problem solving. I was impressed by his professional and responsible conduct and by his attitude. He is an asset to your company. Hopefully, my container will arrive safely and quickly to London. I understand that the complete packing list of my belongings in the container will be sent directly to the receiving company in London for their further handling of matter vis-a-vis the local UK Customs. kind regards,

Household Goods Move to the UK - Feb 2014

Hi Steve, YURRAY!!!! All the boxes are here and the move is over. Now it is my turn ro work and unpack!!!!I wanted to take this opporunity to thank you for the highly professional services you provided to me. Everybody was wonderful and so helpful. You made all the process so easy for me. Even if one of the boxes was missing on the delivery day, the issue was handled so efficiently. Please extend my most sincere THANKS to all the team, in the US and in the UK. I will definitively recommend you to anyone who may have a need for your services, as I am 100% satisfied!!!! Be well and MERCI again!

Car Shipment to Australia - Feb 2014

Austin Healey
G'day Joey. Just to let you know my Austin Healey arrived safe and sound last week. I picked it up on Tuesday last and I am extremely happy with the very professional service I have received. Joey I thank you so much for your wonderful help in the shipping of my car and the way it all worked out. Many thanks once again. All the best for now.
Col Rule

Motorcycle and Household Goods Shipment to France - Feb 2014

Dear Recipients, I can't say enough about how great you all were in providing for our shipping needs for our recent move to France. Everything arrived ahead of schedule last Friday! I will highly recommend your companies to anyone that needs services like you provide. If you would like to use me as a reference please feel free! Sincerely,
Jed Thompson and Thalia Jacobs!

Three Classic Cars Shipped to Switzerland - Feb 2014

"Hi Kevin, Just wanted to say thank you very much for your help in relocating my three cars to Switzerland for me. Your customer service and professionalism is much appreciated and I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends. I have attached photos of the three autos which arrived to me without a scratch thanks to you! Thank you again and will be calling you soon to ship more cars! Very Best,
Marcel Meier

Household Move to Mexico - Feb 2014

Hi Vicky & Bob, I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with my move. You guys made what could have been a very stressful situation feel very smooth! I will definitely recommend your team to any of my friends or colleagues that require assistance with a move. Thanks a million, it was much appreciated!

Household Goods Shipment France – February 2014

Dear Martin, We are writing to let you know how very pleased we are with working alongside Mark Neville. He has maintained a solid focus on our move to France for many months. In addition to regularly communicating with us regarding the process (what to expect, timetables, etc.), he always seems to be completely in touch with our details whenever we have contacted him, never missing a beat. He is very personable, extremely well-informed, and his rich experience in the moving business is reflected every time we speak. This is my 38th move, and Jane has been moving back and forth between New England and Nova Scotia all of her life. Neither of us has ever worked with such a together company in the past..........most of this positive experience we attribute to Mark and his diligence. His presence in the company speaks very highly of you and all of those in upper management positions. This guy is a huge asset! We will not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone we know who is contemplating a move. Thank you. Sincerely,
Jim Marett & Jane

Automobile Shipments to Norway - January 2014

Hello Jerry, you have the best export packer in Houston for full containers in Schumacher Cargo. The warehouse is tightly controlled and the packing is good. I had over one million dallars' worth of cars there this month. Contact Jerry Putnum 713-592-5580. They can also help you with all your exports.
Satisfied Customer

Household Goods Shipment to the UK - January 2014

Hi Steve, Happy New Year! We just wanted to say Thank You so much for all your help with our shipment, everything arrived in the UK in under a month which was amazingly a fortnight earlier than you had quoted and the whole moving process was so seamless, your guys both in NY and with UK agent were lovely, helpful and so considerate of our belongings, nothing was broken and they were fast and efficient. We will definitely recommend you guys in future to friends for price, reliability, efficiency and generally making our move so easy. Thanks again and we wish you lots of luck and happiness for 2014! Kind regards,
Amanda and Elliott

Household Goods Shipment to the U.S - January 2014

Hi Daisy, Tim and Luis, I just want to let you know that my shipment arrived earlier than scheduled, the team was great and efficient, and all 20 items arrived safely. Thank you so much for all of your help and support. If I need another move-whether continental or abroad, I will definitely use your company. Thank you again,

Household Goods Shipment to the UK - January 2014

Hello Steve, Glad you mentioned the crew sometimes I find we're very quick to communicate our dissatisfaction with a service but when a job is well done it should be voiced as well I was very impressed with the service, their organisation, their manner and their customer service skills were first class. Well done. I would not hesitate to use this service again. All the very best,

Household Goods Shipment to the U.S - January 2014

It really went well and the guys were very nice, friendly and professional. It was great because they speak Spanish and are from Sto. Domingo and I told them I grew up in Puerto Rico. :) Thanks for everything and please let the gentleman that called me I am very happy with all. I just can't remember his name.

Household Goods Shipment to the U.S - January 2014

Hello Jerry, You have the best export packer in Houston for full containers is Schumacher Cargo. The warehouse is tightly controlled and the packing is good. I had over one million dollars' worth of cars there this month. Contact jerry Putnum-713-592-5580. They can also help you with all your exports.
Satisfied Customer

Truck Shipment to the UK - December 2013

Hi Wendy and all , Just to say a massive thank you to you all for the help bringing my truck to the UK, fantastic service, friendly and efficient too, Way to go, we could do with some of that attention to service here in the UK !! Wishing you all a very merry Christmas time, and a peaceful and loving new year.

Household Goods shipment to Australia – December 2013

Schumacher Cargo were recommended to me and so when we were moving from California to Australia, I contacted them. From the very beginning to the end, the company and in particular Mark Neville were extremely helpful. Mark was always available to answer questions and to assist in the filling out of the paperwork. The company was always willing to assist and were great at following up and getting in touch about the date to come and collect our things. The guys on the day of the move were fantastic. The shipment arrived at our home yesterday and as we begin to unpack, we can see how carefully things were packed and in good condition everything is. I can highly recommend Schumacher.

Household Goods shipment to Ecuador – December 2013

Dear Bob, I just have to write and tell you how perfectly everything went with our move to Ecuador. Today the container arrived, exactly on the hour we were told it would. The head of the crew, Vicente, was terrific, as was his crew. Everything arrived, everything, nothing lost, stolen, nor broken. It was a perfect move. Strangely enough, Jean-Pierre noticed that the seal on the container wasn't even broken, so customs may not have opened it at all, which is really unheard of. I remarked to Vicente that it really is quite a miracle to send your household across the ocean in a "big box" and have everything arrive unbroken or scarred in any way. He told me that my container was the best packing job he has ever seen, and that you guys had really done a wonderful job. So, please let your crew know how much we appreciate their hard work on our behalf, and that we are so pleased we went with you and Schumacher. INSA certainly did their part. I didn't even have to go to Guayaquil to customs. They took care of everything and even charged me considerably less than they quoted you for me to expect. I will be writing about my experience in Gringo Tree, which is a very successful blog for expats in Ecuador, so you may very well be hearing from others who read about my experience with my move. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you. I know that I wasn't the easiest person to close, but I am so glad that I did my due diligence, and you did yours. It really paid off. Warmest regards,

BATMOBILE!! shipment to Switzerland – December 2013

Batman Car
Thanks for a smooth Shipping and great delivery timing! The Bat-Mobile and all of its parts came safely to my place. Thanks Kevin for your kindness and professionalism! Can't wait to ship more movie cars with you :-)

Household Goods shipment to Switzerland – December 2013

Dear Schumacher Testimonials. I moved from Los Angeles to Switzerland and everything was perfect. The whole process was very easy, the team at Schumacher Cargo were always helpful and friendly, and everything arrived on time and in one piece. I would definitely recommend this company and will use them again in the future. Sincerely,

Automobile shipment to Hawaii – December 2013

Classic Cadillac
Hi Kevin, Here's a picture of the 1965 Comet Caliente Convertible that arrived in Kawaihae, Hawaii yesterday. My kids love it! My father restored the car before he passed away, so you can imagine how special it is to all of us. Thank you again for helping us get the car home to Hawaii where it belongs. Warm Regards,

Household Goods shipment to England - December 2013

Dear Mark: By means of the present, I wish to express to you my most profound appreciation and satisfaction for the wonderful service received by your company in reference to my shipment LGB0020166. After my past horrible experience with Federal Express, with your company not only my household goods arrived in perfect conditions but I am extremely pleased by the service and care I received by you, your agent in England, Catherine Keely, all the way to the wonderful drivers that delivered my things at my house. No need to say that I would most definitely recommend your company to anyone I know in need of a similar move. Once again, thank you very much for everything. Without further, I´d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year.
Jose A

Automobile shipment to the United States – November 2013

Filip, Yes I am happy with Shumacher's services, but I am also happy with the service YOU provided, which is that you answered my questions and my emails timely and persuasively. I do not know if I should be very happy or just happy because I have no experience in the shipping business. And I would definitely recommend Schumacher and you for any logistics. My only comment is the same you wrote to me, and is that companies like Schumacher exist because of the strange intricacies of the system, and it is a strange business indeed. My comment is also that Schumacher was able to keep the total cost below $4,000 (from Bergamo to Jacksonville) in a business where I learned that everybody who can adds some fees, taxes, service costs, etc. to the maximum extent they can and the market would bear. Thanks again,

Household Goods shipment to the United Kingdom – November 2013

Dear Mark! Just wanted to drop you a line of many thanks! My shipment arrived last Thursday, all was in perfect shape, nothing broken or missing. The two Hungarian gentleman delivering the boxes were extremely courteous and helpful, I could not say enough about their work and conduct! I am overall very happy with my decision to choose your company to move from USA to Europe and will recommend you to anyone who will ask or will be interested...? Thank you and all your team again!!!
Hana Simon

Household Goods shipment to the Finland – November 2013

Dear Ms. Dear all at Schumacher, Thank you very much for excellent work with our move to Finland. We have settled in our new home. Although a few boxes remains to be opened, we have not found that anything would have been broken so far (I'll let you if we would find anything in the weeks to come, though unlikely). The move and paper work was smooth and efficient, and I have warmly recommended you to my colleagues in the Finnish MFA and the EU delegation in New York. Best regards, Sirpa (European Union Delegation to the United Nations)

Automobile shipment to Switzerland – October 2013

Sparrowhawk Glider
Dear Kevin Lucarelli/Schumacher Cargo Logistics. After a long way from Ohio to Rorschach Switzerland, my Jaguar XK 120 just landed today in the Lake Constance area in good condition and with a lot of sunshine. Really a beauty of a car! Thank you all for taking care. Thank you Steve for all the documents. The documents and all the instructions are very valuable. More information later. With best regards,

Household Goods Import shipment – October 2013

Dear Ms. Andree, I wanted to let you know that our shipment from Germany, which Hertling was the contract agent, arrived safely in Vancouver WA, USA, on Saturday Oct. 19. The Leo and his assistant from Schumacher Cargo Logistics were efficient and cordial. We very much appreciated their friendly service and assistance with our boxes. If you have any report to send to Schumacher, please let them know that we are very happy with the work their men did. Thank you for your many emails and your assistance during our relocation. Sincerely,

Motorcycle shipment to the UK – October 2013

Hi Kevin, Just a quick message to say a another big thank you for all your help and correspondence in the shipping of my Triumph TR6C motorbike to the UK. Once again you made it a painless exercise and it was a pleasure dealing with yourself and all at Schumacher shipping USA. I collected the bike at the weekend so the restoration can begin. Thanks again for all your help. Regards,

Household Goods Import shipment – October 2013

Luis Serrano at Schumacher Cargo handled our import from arrival in New Jersey. He notified me as soon as the item was landed and kept in touch so that I knew the situation with Customs and then the onward trip (some 1500 miles by road) to Florida. I had a couple of enquiries which were answered well by return e mail. Luis gave me all that was promised and always on time. He was most courteous always and indeed so were his crew on the Van, including the driver, Kevin. These shippers did a first class job all the way through and I would happily use them again.
Derek Fisher

Automobile shipment to Australia – October 2013

Dear Damien, I was told you are the man I need to speak to regarding your staff. I want to personally applaud Wendy Gomez on her assistance in helping me with transporting and sorting out small issues. She is an outstanding employee and if I was ever looking for someone I would want her working with me. She is absolutely flawless and an absolute pleasure to deal with...I have done business with your organization and Wendy assisted me then 2 years ago and recently she has been assisting myself beyond reproach. I will be flying into Lax in February 2014 for a holiday and a little business, I would to meet you all and buy ya all some bourbon or some beers as I like your Organge Wheat beer... Hope to catch up with you then and congratulate your staff on an outstanding job again... I will be dealing with your organization for years to come... Kinds regards

Automobile & Household Goods shipment to Hungary – October 2013

Schumacher Cargo & Logistics all the time provide the excellent service for me. This container load was more than excellent this was the art work. The warehouse people are fantastic. Armando is the diamond in Schumacher`s crown. What I told you before, I will be with you in the rest of my life. I so appreciate the business with you Guys.
Miklos Perehazy

Household Goods & Automobile shipment to The Finland – September 2013

This is to acknowledge that I have been dealt with Mr. Kevin Luccarelli, Schumacher Cargo Logistics, Inc. regarding my moving from the US to Finland. During the moving process I found Schumacher Cargo Logistics to be very efficient and reliable. Their personnel is extremely professional and friendly. I can recommend Schumacher Cargo Logistics, Inc. to anyone who requires moving and shipping services. Your sincerely,
Ari Rale, Consul, Consular affairs – Consulate General of Finland

Motorcycle shipment to Germany – September 2013

Hi Damien, I just talked to the festival director and director of the Goethe-Institut, Fareed Majari, and mentioned to him that I approached you regarding sponsoring GERMAN CURRENTS. He asked me to send you his best regards. Schumacher Cargo just shipped his motor bike to Germany and he was very happy with the rates and services. Small world!. Best regards,

Household Goods shipment to Australia – September 2013

Mark, We received our shipment last Friday. Everything was great! Chess Moving was also great. They were fast, courteous, and friendly. I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service.
Your quick response to all my e-mails really helped me. I am so glad that we chose the right company. Thank you very very much! Maho P.S. If you have any suggestions for "must to do" in Sydney area, please let me know:

Automobile shipment to The UK – September 2013

Hello, This was my first experience in shipping a car from the USA to the UK and Schumacher helped me every step of the way from collecting from the sellers house in CA to delivering it to the warehouse in the UK, the car arrived within the timescale and price quoted and myself and car where carefully looked after throughout the process, special thanks to Kevin Luccarelli (sales) who answered every email and answered all my questions (there were plenty) the man is a credit to schumacher and if i intend to ship anything again he will be the first man i will call, you should do the same, thanks again.

Automobile shipment to The Germany – September 2013

Dear Wendy, I just wanted to let you know that my BMW has arrived safe and sound. Thank you for coordinating the shipment and keeping me informed on the progress. I would also like to thank your agent here in Germany, Arkadius Rojek at LPL Automotive, for his fast and efficient clearance. He was able to get the car through as relocation goods which enabled me to save 25% of the value in taxes and duty. If we know of anybody moving a car in the future we will certainly have them contact you.
Great service at a great price! Thank you.
Thank you. Regards, Kristine

Household Goods shipment to Sweden – September 2013

Hi Steve, Craig and I are more than pleased with your service. From start to finish, your team handled everything well. The staff was professional and courteous, and our household goods arrived in great shape. I've already recommended your company to a friend who is moving to Mexico City! Thank you, Steve. I will be sure to use you again if the opportunity arises. Kind regards,

Automobile shipping to Scotland – September 2013

Sparrowhawk Glider
Hi Jenny. This message is to let you know that the Ford model A pick-up truck I bought from Classic cars Las Vegas has been delivered to me in Stornoway Scotland . I would like to thank you most sincerely for all your help in dealing with the transportation of the truck from the US to the UK. Best regards

Household Goods shipment from China to the USA – September 2013

Dear Schumacher Cargo, Just a short note to say a BIG THANK YOU for your part in our family's relocation from China to the USA. I know many more folks were involved behind the scenes and as the primary people we have dealt with, we certainly appreciate all your time and effort in helping us with our relocation. Our container arrived recently so we're now firmly in the USA. While there we a few issues along the way, they were all sorted out with your help. THANK YOU. Kindest Regard

Household Goods shipment to England – September 2013

Dear Alison, Thank you very much for the assistance. Everything went great on September 5. Highly professional, fast and clean. I believe that the second part of the moving will also go smoothly. Best regards

Household Goods shipment to Corsica – September 2013

By the way Allison , not sure if i ever thank you the last time ? But every think had been taking care of and hope my friend Dimitri used you We are almost settled now , if you are ever on this side of the world let me know. It was nice doing business with you Take care

Household Goods & Automobile shipment to The Philippines – September 2013

Dear Mark, I would be very pleased for you to convey to your prospective clients my views on your shipping/cargo service you have provided me. I find your service professional, efficient and the cost justified and reasonable. Those were my honest and sincere views because at the outset you handled my account pretty well and from the very start, you were very clear and precise in your instructions on what things I must do. Papers to fill up or prepare; when I need to clarify things, you are very accessible and you return my calls promptly; The team that packed my personal/household goods were very professional. They handled all my stuff with care and packed them patiently and orderly into boxes provided by Schumacher;. They came to my apartment early and finished the packing within the day; With regards to my vehicle shipment , you instructed me very well and these instructions coincided with the Office of Foreign Missions. Thus, I must say you are very knowledgeable of your work and your company's capability; You promised that it will be easy in releasing my vehicle and personal stuff in Manila. The things shall be delivered at my address and my vehicle will be ready to claim from your partner cargo handler in Manila. From the things I already experienced and have seen, I firmly believe that it will be just as fast and hassle free with your partner cargo handling company in Manila; Please convey to your prospective client/s that I can honestly/proudly attest and firmly believe that their things for shipment are really in good hands with Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Schumacher Cargo Logistics met my shipping needs and even exceeded them further with their professional and efficient service team. Again, many thanks you, Mark and to Schumacher Cargo Logistics. More power to you and Schumacher Cargo Logistics! Sincerely,
RUEL U. GUNABE, Outgoing Consul Philippine Consulate General, Los Angeles

Automobile shipment to The Netherlands – August 2013

Gentlemen, good morning The container with my car was discharged this morning in my warehouse. My compliments to Schumacher, as car was lashed properly and compliments to GR for selling me a clean car. Regards Jan Burghoorn/ IFC INTL FREIGHT

Automobile shipment to Norway – August 2013

Schumacher Cargo Logistics and Ron Turnage comes highly recommended. Ron provided valuable assistance in every step of the way, when purchasing my car in the US, and transporting it to Europe. He patiently answered all my questions and worries, and creatively solved problems that occurred. When I am ready to import again, I will definitely use Ron and SCL.

Household Goods shipment to South Africa – August 2013

Hi Alison, I would like to thank you for your assistance and the role you played in shipping my cargo from the US to South Africa. You guys did a wonderful job and I will always use you to ship my cargo. God bless you and continue touching people's life and making a change. Your service was superb, more than 5 stars.

Automobile shipment to Australia – August 2013

Hi Joey, Thanks for your email. This car went really well. Nice and Smooth. Thanks so much for your assistance. I'll let you know when my next purchase is. Cheers & Kind Regards,

Motorcycle shipment to The UK – August 2013

Hi Warren, Just a note to thank you for the safe passage of my Steve McQueen bike which is now safe in the UK. Thanks again. Kind regards,

Household Goods shipment to Thailand – August 2013

Dear Martyn, We want to thank you so much for everything. Miguel and his two colleagues were wonderful! They were kind and gentle and highly professional. And my mother especially wants to say she rarely sees such expertise these days. The three men worked speedily without a pause and wrapped everything so carefully... The writing desk looked like an art object in the end! Please thank Miguel and his team once again for us. And we thank you again! We wish you all the best here and hope the traffic situation for your daily rides improves. Maybe we'll see you in Thailand...? Kind regards,
Nora and Joan

Glider shipped to The Netherlands – August 2013

Sparrowhawk Glider
Hi everybody at Schumacher. I took delivery of my Sparrowhawk yesterday near Rotterdam, many thanks to those who helped me. Still no rules allowing to fly it in France, but be sure I'll work hard on it with the FFVV (French soaring Federation) and the DGAC (french aviation authorities). Meanwhile I'll start flying it in Namibia next December…rgds

Household Goods shipment to Denmark – August 2013

Dear Angela: I want to convey to you and the Schumacher Cargo Logistics my great satisfaction with your services. Your personnel did an excellent job in preparing the shipment, packing, and loading it. First of all, Bob Lonek was an excellent source in preparing for the move. He answered all my questions with precision, and care for the customer. He pointed out a number of issues in the transportation that I myself would have not known, or forgotten, and provided immediate solutions. It was a great pleasure working with him, his competence and care show themselves in each move he makes. Secondly, the packers/loaders team ("Charlie" and his colleagues) who packed and loaded all the shipment yesterday showed very high professionalism. Not a minute was lost, the work was done with excellent planning of details, care for the objects to be packed, and double-checking if everything was done correctly. Charlie had to solve problems that were unexpected (e.. the University did not want to allow best loading spot) but he managed to negotiate a solution that satisfied all. He deserves a special credit and praise for smooth and precise operation of the team. All the team members were courteous,professional, and always helpful. Your company can be proud of having such high quality team-- thanks to them, the quality of service is excellent. I anticipate a second need to move my home in North Carolina to Denmark in a year (or so), and I will certainly contact Schumacher again. Yours sincerely,

Automobile shipment to Thailand – August 2013

Hi Jeannifer, I am delighted that you received and enjoyed the flowers. I know your the boss and that you changed things for me that no one else could. Really i don't know what I would have done with out your help, so you deserve them! I always try to never forget anyone that helps me, so once again thank you very much for your help.

Automobile shipment to Australia – August 2013

Hi, my name is Michael and I have used your company 6 times now to ship cars that i have purchased from the USA. The current one is on the ship headed toward Sydney. I really just wanted to say that you guys do a fantastic job, there have been issues here and there as you would expect when shipping 12000 miles or so. And I guess I don't see the whole team or the effort that goes in to getting the car from the seller to the ship. What I find remarkable is that when I find a car and purchase the car, i make one phone call to Schumacher and within hours I have a quote for cross country moving of the vehicle and shipping overseas. I don't normally do surveys, however this was about thanking Wendy Gomez for all her work above and beyond what i would consider to be part of her job description. I guess the biggest compliment i can pay is by telling my friends about my experience. I have and some have used your company to ship their cars. Thank you Schumacher! Thank you,

Automobile shipment to France - August 2013

France Car Shipping Testimonial- Schumacher Cargo Logistics
Dear Sirs, I have receipted my car yesterday by SDV, and drives It from Le Havre to Paris. The car is really great and I want to Thank you all of you who have contributed to this nice project. All the best for you and have great holidays. Thanks to all and for all.

Household Goods shipment to The UK – August 2013

I would like to compliment Schumacher Cargo for a wonderful service. My situation was such that I had my household goods moved from the UK to Seattle where they had to go into storage awaiting my final destination. About four years later I was finally able to announce a final destination so my stored goods could be permanently moved. Even after all that time, Schumacher’s honored the original contract to move my goods which had been in storage (with another company) for such a long time. Luis Serrano helped me negotiate the move and he was wonderfully patient with me. I know my job was just a small cog in their machine but it was handled professionally and I was treated with consideration and respect through the entire process. Thank you for all your good work!
Karen L.

Automobile shipment to Hawaii – August 2013

FABULOUS SERVICE!! We recently purchased a car sight unseen in another state and coordinated with Schumacher Cargo Logistics usa for the transport. I received several bids as this entailed a vehicle pick up, a drive across the US, delivery to the west coast and then shipping to an outer island of Hawaii. Pricing was similar, but SCL had all the answers when I had questions; and I had questions! I need to know about the insurance SCL carried as well as their drivers, I needed to know which of the 3 major transpac lines they used and why. When the selling dealership made and error and the vehicle was facing an extra $350 charge, SCL stepped in and took care of the situation to our great satisfaction. I was able to email or call them for shipping updates and expected delivery and they handled my requests professionally, unhesitatingly and in a timely fashion. I have worked in the service sector for 30 years...I know service...and so does Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Professional, competitively priced and friendly. Do yourself a favor and hire the right company for your job, hire Schumacher. Regards,
Capt. & Mrs. W. Dyer

Automobile shipment to Belgium – July 2013

Hello Joey, Thought you would like to know that the camper has arrived safely and is outside the house at the moment. I have attached an article that was written for the Gosslin magazine. You get a mention. Many thanks for your help and will be in contact again when we ship the next one! Best regards,
Hans and Jackie

Household Goods shipment to The UK – July 2013

Let me say that my experience with Mark Neville these past few months was wonderful. He made the entire shipping process simple for me. He was available to me always, and handled every detail with precision. We will most likely be shipping again to our home in Italy, and hope to have Mark guide the process. Thank you,
Vana Farina

Household Goods shipment to The UK – July 2013

Dear Jerry, I would like to thank you for helping me with the shipment of my goods to Australia. They all arrived safely, in excellent condition last week. It was so exciting and such a relief that it all went so smoothly. We have moved back and forth from the States to Australia a few times and I know from experience that it doesn't always go smoothly - so thank you. Before purchasing my new furniture in the States during my last visit home, I had contacted other shipping companies about sending my goods back to Australia. It seemed like it was going to be much too difficult so I nearly gave up - until I called you. You made me feel comfortable and confident in the process. I'm so thankful I found your company. And you especially were particularly patient with me and all of my questions. There are so many potential consumers here in Australia who could benefit from your service. That is why I am going to establish a service that will help others source products from the United States and bring them over here. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and Schumacher again in the near future. Thanks again and kind regards,
Amy Hamilton

Automobile shipment to Australia – July 2013

To Whom It May Concern, The crew were very organized, time efficient and courteous throughout the whole day. The packing was quick and efficient. I was very pleased with the way today went - all crew were respectful and v. pleasant to deal with. Many thanks,
Carole Reid

Household Goods shipment to Australia – May 2013

Sweet MR Joey, I have sent the funds, I'm With Westpac Australia, the rec # is 5868714. you should receive the payment within the next 24 to 48HRs. Thanks again for a very smooth and easy, hassle free shipment/transaction, VERY professional, And 100% satisfied with the top class service that you and your company provide, Absolutely looking forward to doing business with you in the future with my next two cars I've got coming to Australia, Thanks and Appreciate your time and efforts

Automobile shipment to Dubai – May 2013

Hi Christian: My father received his car Ford 2010 XLT from Al-Barrak without any issues. It was a painless process at both ends as you promised. Arif and Frank provided us with exceptional customer service and everything was a breeze! Thank you very much for all that you did Christian. I am so glad I chose you for my shipping needs.

Automobile shipment to The UK – May 2013

Wendy, I know this is just a day job for you, however I want to thank you for your professional service and VERY courteous manner in which you have helped me through this shipping process.I am so excited to get my new Caddy home to 'Daddy'!!! I hope you forward this email on to your supervisor/Manager as I am keen for them to know that you have provided me a GREAT SERVICE and done a fantastic job on my behalf, and at the same time a wonderful ambassador for Schumacher Cargo. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, and I will most certainly use you again should I buy another car in your wonderful country. Thanks again Wendy. Regards

Household Goods shipment to France – May 2013

Dear Mark (Neville), I have received the goods well and in good shape. Thanks. I really appreciated your personal involvement. In addition, your French correspondent, Madame Trapenard, worked really hard, in order to get my personal belonging through French Custom without having to pay any duty or tax. All in all, a very good job. Congratulations! Sincerely,

Household Goods USA IMPORT shipment – June 2013

Dear Mark (Neville), You were wonderful in your prompt replies and useful information. The furniture arrived without a hitch and I would use Schumacher again especially if you are on the other end of the phone! Really, everything went very smoothly when you got involved, not that there were problems prior, but it felt very safe once I began speaking with you. All the best,

Automobile shipment to New Zealand – June 2013

Ivan: You were phenomenally helpful to me about 2 years ago, and I cannot thank you enough. I never sent the gift card or letter of gratitude to you, because life just ran away with my time. But it has been haunting me. You really should be commended for the excellent and personalized help you gave me. Your boss should know the caliber of worker that you are. Please let me know if this reaches you, and if it does, send a mailing address so I can follow up. Sincerely,

Automobile Rally shipment to Bermuda – June 2013

Hi Damien, I will certainly be recommending you among the biking fraternity here in New Zealand. I know a few guys who are talking about shipping their bikes to the States for a tour, then bringing them home again to New Zealand. Mike tells me the title should be with you tomorrow (Wednesday your time) and he is preparing a bill of sale tonight. I have also paid your invoice on line. Guess it is just a waiting game for me now, to get my hands on my new bike. Kind regards,
Kevin O'Carroll

Household Goods shipment to The UK – April 2013

Hi Warren, Thank you ever so much – watching you in action across the various emails has been a treat, am sure some may not be as impressed but you have achieved what I thought was an impossibility so I so appreciate it. I know you will take great care of us from the beginning.

Automobile shipment to Australia – March 2013

Hi mate, We received our cars last Friday, I just wanted to say how happy I am with your service at all levels. The cars were in perfect order and the level of protection and the way they were packed was as good as it gets. The two top cars did leak oil but thanks to your methods and double layer of plastic protection above the lower cars they didn't see any paint contamination at all. Let your guys know what they're doing works well. Keep up the great work, I look forward to a long term relationship with you and will continue to recommend others to use your services. On another note I am also extremely happy with Irvines, the company that unpacked for us, I highly recommend them and will request their services for everything we bring in. Best Regards,
G. Everitt

Automobile shipment to Australia – March 2013

Damien, Thanks for all of your help with the transport of our 5th wheeler. It arrived in Melbourne on 5th march, all in one piece, no damage, and very much waited for. We really do appreciate all of your help with this and thank you so much for all the trouble you went to. The unit is now sitting in our driveway, awaiting the alterations required to bring it up to Australian standards; we will then be off touring around Australia (after i finish my diploma of course). So thank you so much for all of your help.
Robyn & Rod Stokes

Brisbane Australia Car Shipping

Hello Wendy, I received the Buick and the Caddilac today and both were great thanks. I have decided to send the the 1948 pontiac to you in California, as i may have a motor and gearbox to to be shipped as well. I will forward the vin and details as I receive them. Have a great day.

VICKY Household Goods Import Shipment from Australia – February 2013

Dear Nik, I hope you are well. I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I recently have been dealing with Luis Serrano regarding my shipment from Australia to Los Angeles. His superb communication skills and attention to detail made the agonizing process of receiving my goods a real pleasure.I just thought it was important that his great customer skills were acknowledged, I'm glad he was my contact. Kind Regards.

VOGIATZOGLOU Household Goods Import shipment – February 2013

Hi Luis, Thank you for following up on this for me. It means the world to me that you are looking out for me. I hope your manager realizes what a great asset you are. Thank you again. Best regards.

VAN VELDHUIZEN Motorbike shipment to Holland – February 2013

Hello Joey, Just to let you know I received the bike (Harley XR1000) this week in good shape. Many thanks for your good services.

LE Household Goods shipment to Abu Dhabi - January 2013

The shipment has arrived on time and all contents are in the same condition as shipped. Thank you for your assistance and it has been a pleasure having your business. I hope you have a good day. Best regards!

GLEIBERMAN Household Goods shipment to Belgium – January 2013

Hi Steve, Everything went great! The packing/moving crew were fantastic; really careful and thorough. They made the whole process seem simple, right at a time when I sure needed a dose of simplicity. And, I truly appreciate your attention and all the help I received from you and Angela, right down to adjusting the invoice to reflect the smaller space used (which is fantastic news for us, thank you!!). I also received a notice about when the stuff will be put on the ship -- thank you for keeping us in the loop. Many thanks again!

CRAWFORD Household Goods shipments from Italy to Florida – December 2012

Dear Alison, Lori, and David, A thousand thanks ("grazie mille") for completion of the shipment of our household goods today. Dentriss, Earl, and Jamal did a terrific job. We are grateful for all of your help. Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

Classic Car Shipping to Australia

Australia Classic Car Shipping Testimonial- Schumacher Cargo Logistics
Hi Wendy, The cars arrived Christmas eve. What a great present. Both safe and undamaged. Thanks for your help. Warm wishes and happy Xmas,

PITCHER Household Goods Shipments to India - December 2012

Now that we are in receipt of our shipment from the US (it arrived around noon on Tuesday), I would like to thank you both for all the efforts you made on our behalf - and, especially, for the patient way in which you both handled my many requests for information and updates, etc. I really appreciate your personal cooperation and prompt responses during this period. It has been a pleasure working with you both and with those in your companies who helped out, too. Should we ever need such services again, I will certainly contact you.

BROWN Household Goods shipment to Switzerland – December 2012

Alison, Angela, Fabian, Indra, Jerry, Karin, Sibylle, and Ulrike, Our things arrived yesterday morning, as while we are obviously just starting to go through them, so far so good. We wanted to thank you all for your help and support along the way, and to compliment each and every one of you on your professionalism, diligence and ability to work together on our behalf. While I cannot include them in this email, if you would, Jerry please pass along to the 2 guys who make the pick up in Little Rock, and Sibylle, to your 4 guys who unloaded in Zug these same thoughts. We wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday season. Thanks to all of you ours will be. Kindest regards.

WARE Import Household Goods shipment from France – November 2012

Hi Martin, We just finished getting everything into storage. Once again everything came in good condition. The driver from Boston was great and we even got him onto the earlier ferry. Thank you once again for great service and professionalism. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Warm regards.

JACOBS Household Goods shipment to Australia - November 2012

Katheryne, I would just like to thank you for the attention you gave my goods and the trouble you went to in order to see they reached their final destination. The goods arrived without damage or bruising to the cartons/packaging. You are an exemplary example of what is good about a company. Somebody who has initiative and a genuine interest in serving your/their clients This is a rare attribute now days and one I hope that is recognized by your company or least should be. My thanks again - your effort is fully appreciated. Greg, thank you. Your assistance went beyond what was expected.

Shipment to London

Dear all, I just wanted to say "thanks" to you all for my recent shipping of goods from New York to London. Bob, from the moment my mother and I had telephone conversations with from the UK, and then subsequently meeting you in New York, we found you very courteous and professional and always had time for me if I had any questions, always responding to my phone calls. Your operatives who packed up my goods also did a great job. Angela, I appreciate your constant email contact updating me and patience with me with my various questions re forms to complete!! Daniela, the storage at the port etc in the UK and subsequent delivery to my storage unit also went very smoothly. With the short time frame I had in New York, the team at Schumacher Cargo Logistics eleviated many of my concerns. Although I was a small shipment for you, you were committed to ensure things went smoothly. The service I received was friendly, efficient and professional. Thanks again and I would recommend your firm to any individual, shipping overseas. Regards,

DELOBEL Multiple Car Shipment to Belgium

Hello Wendy, End good all good, container arrived safely late this PM, we unloaded the cars and we were very pleased the way the 4 cars were installed inside the container, really profession work, please tell Arpad and his crew in New Jersey "VERY WELL DONE". Thanks again for the good work. Kind regards,
Mr. Delobel

CHERRY Household Goods shipment to the UK – November 2012

Hi Steve, It all went very smoothly at this end... Please thank your crew again from us. They were very courteous, polite, and quick... My wife and I immediately felt that we were in good hands, and any worries we had were alleviated by the professionalism of your team.If the guys you use in the UK are half as good then things should be a breeze at the other end. Thanks again for all your help.

RAMOS MOTORCYCLE shipment from The UK – November 2012

Hi Warren and Giles, Just to inform that last Thursday morning I went to Schumacher's warehouse in Houston to collect my bike. I found it in perfect shape. Joy was very nice and efficient. Rode the bike back to Mexico City and now she is sitting in her place at my garage. It was great to work with you guys, and I will more than happy recommend your services to anyone in the future. Again, thanks for the service. Regards.

PASZTOR Household Goods shipment to Switzerland - November 2012

Dear Steve, I hope by now you have recovered from the effects of the Superstorm - both at home and in the office. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, and the whole team for having managed to pack our household at a very difficult time in New York's history. Not only you managed to get it done, but it was done very efficiently, and with a smile. Thank you! Many thanks again for all your efforts.

Quintero Household Goods shipment to the UK – October 2012

Angela, We got all our stuff removed yesterday. I wanted to thank you, and I also wanted to let you know that I was very happy and impressed by your team. Lots of work to do and still they were very professional and also very nice. I will send you a revised spreadsheet for the valued inventory, discriminating between air and ocean. Thank you.

ROTH Household Goods shipment to Germany - October 2012

Dear Greg, Thank you once again for your great support making my move back to Germany so easy! I also would like to mentioned that the Schumacher moving team was very friendly, well prepared and worked highly professional. I can say that this was my best move ever and if I have to move again in the future my first choice would be Schumacher Logistics. I am back in Germany since 8 hours and getting slowly adjusted to 24.8°F. :-/ Have a nice day in California. Kind Regards.

INFIELD Household Goods shipment to S. Africa –October 2012

Hi Bob, As per our telcom earlier today. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and Schumacher Cargo Logistics for the friendly and professional manner in which my shipping was handled. The two employees Roman and Paul that arrived to pack and transport my goods were fantastic representatives for your company, they were both very polite and helpful and respected my furniture and personal items as if it were their own. It would be appreciated if Management would thank them on my behalf. Regards.

LANDE Household Goods shipment to Hawaii – September 2012

Dear Bob, Just wanted to tell you what a great crew you sent to us! Those four guys were totally professional, worked fast and non-stop, and took such good care of our belongings, wrapping each piece individually. They even customized some boxes for the weirdly shaped items and they packed our delicate things better than I could have. They were also polite and helped us in very caring ways, recognizing it was a stressful time for us. Nickolai was the team leader and he had great control of his workers' tasks. Thank you! Thank you!I can only hope that the other end goes as well! Sincerely.
Hi Wendy, Just a short email to inform you that the bike was delivered at my home in Coppet, so even better than anticipated, on 27th September 2012 in a perfect state. I would like to thank you and all your colleagues for the outstanding service you have provided. I have spoken to the buyer of my other bike about your services and how great you had been. It happens that the buyer, Mr. L.H., knew your company very well already for having shipped cars with your help. He is sending you his best regards. There is no doubt that I will use Schumacher's services in the future if the need arises. With kind regards,

ATS GROUP/KIRKS - HOUSEHOLD GOODS shipment to Abu Dhabi – September 2012

Hi Steve, thank you for this information. I had the pleasure of interacting directly with some members of your company this week. The group of 5 men who arrived on Wed morning to pack up and again on Thurs to load us into the 40ft container were the best I have seen in over 15 moves during my 21 years of military service. They were well organized and acted as a true team. They had an excellent service attitude which was manifested in their willingness to deliver on all of our requests, making this a relatively painless relocation. All our belongings were packed with extreme care and concern for excellence. Please pass on my appreciation to them and their executive management.

HALL Household Goods shipment to Australia – September 2012

Hello Steve, I wanted to let you know that I received my goods 2 weeks ago, and all is well. The quarantine charge was what I expected and I'm pleased to report that I didn't incur a single breakage of my fragile glassware or damage to the even more fragile sculptures. Many thanks for your guidance, responsiveness and professionalism along the way. I can wholeheartedly recommend your company and indeed have already done so. Regards from Sydney

VESKI Household Goods shipment to Estonia – September 2012

Hello Steve, The purpose of this email is to send you a sincere (though very belated) THANK YOU for all your efforts in helping us to move. Everything worked out great and all our belongings made it to Estonia in one piece. If you ever get a phone call from someone moving to Estonia, feel free to give them my email address and I would recommend your company highly. Thank you again.

SOLECKA Household Goods shipments to Poland – September 2012

Hi Alex & Robert. I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I appreciate all the work your crew has done at my place. It was really impressive to deal with such kind, professional, modest and helpful people. No question remained unanswered and no minute was wasted. Through the whole packing time these guys managed to stay calm, laid down and very friendly. On top of this, all the job was completed in a record time and I can't emphasize enough how happy I was to get to work with such great group of people. Last but not least, may I ask for their names and the contact information so I could send my thank you note to each of them? Can I use the work address below from your signature label? Thank you.

BLACKBURN HOUSEHOLD GOODS shipment to New Zealand – September 2012

Hi Greg, I wanted to recap you and tell how much I appreciated the service from Santa Cruz, California to Tauranga, New Zealand. It was really difficult to select a shipping company. I could not get anyone to recommend anyone, so I went on the hunch that Schumacher Cargo would be able to do the job well after much online research. It is such a worrying experience moving an entire family across the globe. Turns out the container shipping that your company provided was the easier part of the move! I was very relieved when the Schumacher trucks pulled up outside (not a third party) and the guys did an outstanding job of packing my household items, including a very valuable picture that was crated and the art floor lamp that very fragile and very valuable to me sentimentally. The guys didn't take more than 6 hours total and your packing supplies where top rate. The ship came into Tauranga in 5 weeks, so quick. The shipper here gave me storage options as I wasn't ready and all that was handled well. Then as promised by you, the load arrived here was unpacked and put where I wanted everything in my new house. There was no damage or missing items. The shipper told me I could unpack all the boxes and paper at my own speed and set them aside in the garage and they would return to take those away for me. I couldn't ask for any better service. I am absolutely thrilled, thank you very much. I highly recommend Schumacher Cargo Logistics to anyone shopping around confused like I was.

BECK Automobile shipment to Australia – September 2012

Hi Joey, By the way, very impressed with how efficient you have been. Info is sent to me by email as soon as its available. Car only just left and got the bill of lading copy this morning, and heard by Freightnet in the afternoon. A1 service. Thanks.

Finland Embassy Household Goods shipment to Lusaka - August 2012

Dear Alison and Angela, I received the shipment already August 17, everything went very smoothly and nicely. So far we have not noticed anything to declare. I thank you for the excellent and very professional service, it was a pleasure to work with you! I will recommend your services to my colleagues in Washington, D.C. Best regards,
Marja Head of Administration - Embassy of Finland

Boat shipment to Australia - August 2012

Hi Joey, You little beauty, it's going to arrive in the nick of time. I am very grateful for all your efforts Joey, I know my deals are never the most straight forward. Regards,

Import shipment from Italy - August 2012

Dear Mr. Baker. I recently used your company to ship a marble table top and base from Naples, Italy to New York, which I purchased during a vacation to Italy. I had not arranged any sort of shipments in the past, so I was not knowledgeable about this work. I choose your company after an internet search of various cargo lines.I am writing to compliment two of your employees- Filip Michelet and Rebekah Taylor- on the fine work they did. Filip was my initial contact and patiently guided me through the steps of arranging for the shipment- he extended himself on several occasions to give me background information on how to go about doing what needed to be done to expedite the process. Rebekah handled the delivery end of the process and she too took the time needed to explain what was happening at each step along the way. Let me also add that the delivery crew was polite, competent and considerate in the actual delivery to my home. They all serve to strengthen your firm and are clearly an asset to you. Please thank them for their much appreciated efforts.

Automobile shipment to Australia - August 2012

Hi Joey, Thanks for confirming , yes I did receive the photos, I saw them just after dropped you the note. I sent Willie a note to say thanks and copied you. I want to say thank you particularly you, and the rest of the Schumacher team. You have been great to deal with returning my emails at all times, phone calls and answer my question with the information I have required. Thank you again, and it has been a pleasure doing business with you and Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Talk again soon. Cheers,

Household Goods shipment to the UK – August 2012

Greg, Just wanted to say thank you for the service I got from Schumacher for my relocation from Seattle to London. Your guys arrived on time packed and logged everything meticulously and the goods arrived in perfect order in the UK in the time frame outlined. Having relocated 4 times in the last 4years, would gladly recommend Schumacher to friends and relatives looking for a professional service to enable peace of mind through what can be a a very stressful time. Regards,

Household Goods shipment to New Zealand – July 2012

Hi Greg, Your team did an outstanding job with the packing and getting the load out of house. I am so very thrilled so far and I am very much relaxed and excited about my move. My peace of mind is priceless at this point in the journey. Thanks,

Automobile shipment to Norway - June 2012

Good evening Schumacher's, I just wanted to send a huge thank to all of you for a great job on expediting and doing whatever it took to make my customer happy. He just sent me a picture of the tires as they were installed on the car a few days ago, so he can still enjoy them while it's Corvette weather in Norway. Thank you guys, always a pleasure working with everybody at Schumacher.

USA Import Household Goods shipment - June 2012

Dear Luis and Rebekah, My shipment duly arrived here yesterday on the North Shore of Long Island. I want to thank you both for doing an excellent job in getting the 12 boxes to me so quickly and efficiently. I also appreciate the regular communications. I will definitely recommend Schumacher Cargo. Sincerely,

USA Import Household Goods shipment - June 2012

Hello Luis and Ruth, Your guys just delivered out 23 boxes to the house here in Raleigh NC. Everything went very well, truly professional. I want to thank you both again for all your help on making this big move go so well. I will be filling out the feedback email tonight when I get home. Thank you again,
Allison & Michael

USA AUTO BROKERS Automobile shipment to Norway – June 2012

Dear Hugo, I am so happy everything worked out. It has been an absolute pleasure working with your wonderful company! Joey has made this so easy!! Thank you, Joey!, Warm regards,
Sally USA Auto Brokers

Household Goods shipment to Switzerland - June 2012

Hi Steve, Just a note to confirm that the team wrapped and shipped our belongings from Princeton yesterday. They showed up on time and worked right through to completion about 1440hrs - good job and they were very helpful and friendly. They also took the box (clearly marked) for the Mission in NYC. We're waiting for our cab to Newark and then we're gone! Thanks for all your help and support in the various moves - Schumacher continues to impress. Best regards,

Household Goods shipment to the UK - June 2012

Hello! I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for everything, been a busy week unpacking. Extremely impressed with the service that I received State side and of course here in the UK. Have a great rest of the week.

Trailer shipment to the UK - May 2012

Hi Bart, just a quick one to let you know that the trailer arrived here ok, please pass on to your crew our best wishes and thanks for a job well done and making the shipment sooooo easy, hopefully we shall be using your excellent services in the future ,many thanks once again to you and all the girls and boys who made this happen. Best regards,

Automobile shioment to the Netherlamds - May 2012

Hi joey. Thanks for the information. If my business adventure is a success i will need to import another car from the states and i have been more than happy with your service. Will definitely use you again. Job really well done. Many thanks.

Automobile shipment to France - May 2012

Hello Evelyn, Thank you at Schumacher – very professional, perfect ! Took us just two hours flat out :) to unload safely. Regards,

Household Goods shipment to Germany - May 2012

Dear Steve & Angela, I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your team for the excellent help with my move to Hamburg! You were super professional from the beginning and both teams in New York and Hamburg that came on-site were so friendly and efficient. Thank you so much for making this a smooth and positive experience. Kind regards,

Household Goods & Art shipment to Hungary - April 2012

Dear Mr. Baker, I wanted to send you an email with our appreciation, and with many-many thanks considering Mr. Andres Vajna's Malibu, and international move. As you have probably heard, Mr. Vajna became the head of the Hungarian film industry, he has been holding this prestigious government positions for a year by now. He has established his fame by producing numerous Hollywood blockbusters in the past. Because of his new responsibilities he's decided to ship the majority of his art, and personal belongings to Hungary. We were looking for a respectable and reliable shipper we could trust, and count on. Mr. Miklos Perehazy, and through him Mr. Martyn Cohen are the people we've ended up hiring to do this sensitive, and important job. I would like to congratulate you for having such exceptional and professional people working for/with you. The crews were working amazingly well, like a well-oiled machine. On time, quietly, safely, and at the same time precisely, fast, and very hard wroking. It was a pleasure to observe their work on both moving days. I would also like to thank you for trying to help us out when it seemed that we had no place to deliver our office items. Your generous offer was a welcome gesture after so many unfortunate issues. At the end everything work out fine, and we did not have to take you upon your kind offer. Thank you very, very much again! Best regards,
Anna - Executive Assistant to Andy Vajna

Automobile shipment to Australia - March 2012

Joey and Evelyn have both been extremely helpful and attentive to my enquiries. I would highly recomend Schumacher's for anyone wanting to import vehicles.

Household Goods shipment to Australia - March 2012

Hi Steve and Angela, I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with our shipment from New York to Melbourne, Australia. We have found your service both here in Melbourne and in New York to be exceptionally professional, prompt, reliable and our goods were delivered in excellent condition!  Thank you for assisting in making our moving process less stressful, it has been a pleasure using your services. Regards,

Automobile Shipment to France

Bonjour Jenny, You might not remember me but you helped me to ship my 1931 Ford hot rod from Marietta/Atlanta  to Fos-sur-Mer / France in 2008. Since then, I suggested Schumacher Cargo Logistics to my readers in an editorial (I'm the editor of KUSTOM Magazine) and I recommended it to some of my friends. So you helped Thibault Sophys, Dante Aubin, Julien Raschella and probably a few more to import their hot rods as well. I'm currently buying a 1956 Plymouth from an American seller and would need to ship the car to Marseilles/ Fos-sur-Mer. The car is located in Bakersfield, CA. Could you possibly send me a quote for the fastest shipping available please. Thanks & best regards from France,

Automobile shipment to Germany - March 2012

Hi Katherine, the vw bus arrived! It was great doing business with you. With best wishes from Germany and a big smile from my son.
Prof. Axel

Shipment to Italy - March 2012

Hi Alison. We telephoned Giusy Norcerino at Alpha International to thank her, and we want to thank you too for a job well done.  The delivery was made this morning, on time and with no surprises.  The Alpha International crew was professional and friendly, and all went well. You gave us a sense of confidence from the beginning that Schumacher could get the job done and we are very pleased with the entire process.  Thank you!
David and Anne

Shipment to the UK - February 2012

Hi Martyn and Arturo, I just wanted to write and thank you.  All of my goods were delivered this week and everything arrived safe and sound, so I'm very happy. Every box looked the same as if I had just packed it, which is pretty impressive considering it went halfway around the world.   You were each very helpful and responsive to my needs and questions and in ironing out any issues during the process, and I'm very pleased with the service.  All best,

Household Goods shipment to Denmark - February 2012

Dear Greg Speed  (and the rest of the team at SCL, in particular Martyn, Katheryne, & Pamela) I just wanted to give you and your company some very positive feedback. I have been so pleased with the way SCL has handled my move from the US to Denmark. Trying to find a company for my move was like entering a jungle - I didn't know who was giving a fair price and who was trying to hide fees in the complicated matter of shipping belongings from one end of the world to the other. From the first conversations with you, I felt reassured that I had found a company which was honest and which gave me a very good price - even was willing to match another quote that I had received. The pick-up crew in Santa Monica was professional and helpful and very thorough and kind - even took their time to help us pack some bigger, bulkier items. The crew from Hamburg which delivered my shipment was very professional, too - they were fast, thorough, and friendly. And the best thing of all: My shipment was delivered without a scratch, and important and costly items like keyboard, amplifier, speakers and computer equipment arrived in fine working order. I give SCL the highest rating, and I hope that other people who needs help with their international move will have the luck to find Schumacher Cargo Logistics! Sincerely,
Hanne, Ordrup, Denmark

Automobile shipment to Turkey - February 2012

Filip, Thank you for the upcoming schedule...We have wired the monies to Wells Fargo. Please let me know if you need a copy of our bank's confirmation (have it here)...Will keep you posted on next 3 cars.. It has really been a pleasure working with you (as well as enlightening!!). Your guidance has been immeasurable? (is that a word?) Think I'm getting the hang of this ...(Hey I'm 58..my resume is already full..) With Thanks..

Household Goods shipment to New Zealand - February 2012

Hello Angels, Thank you to both Steve and yourself for your excellent service and attention to all matters concerning my move. I found the entire experience of working with Schumacher easy and painless, and would like to thank you for that. (I will complete the online customer survey in early April, to be able to provide a complete response, however in the meanwhile I can confirm that I have found all the services provided to be at the ÒexcellentÓ level). Kind Regards,

Motorcycle shipment to Switzerland - January 2012

Hello Alison, last Friday I received my bike. Everything is pretty fine. I just want to thank you for your patience. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Thank you very much and have a great time!

Automobile shipment to Australia - January 2012

Hi Katherine, Thank you Schumacher Cargo for your amazing service in delivering my 68 Camaro safely to Melbourne, Australia. Being the first car I have imported, thank you for being patient and understanding in answering and assisting with any questions I had along the way. I would recommend Schumacher (and already have) to anyone looking to ship goods globally. They were up front with all the costs involved and were very competitive in comparison to other shipping companies. The whole process was stress free and the car was shipped promptly. They truly do stand up to their motto of ÔHonesty, Integrity and Value for MoneyÕ. I will definitely use your services in the near future, Regards.

Household Goods shipment to New Zealand - January 2012

Hi Greg, Just wanted to offer you our sincere thanks for how Schumacher handled our move from USA to New Zealand. We have just been informed that Customs have been satisfied and the MAF have inspected and found nothing to concern them, so we are simply waiting on the trucking compnay to call us with their schedule for the delivery to our home we have rented in Mangawhai Heads. Hopefully that will be done on Monday. We have already recommended your company to another kiwi who plans to ship a large truck back this year. Great job exceptionally well done and without a single hassle. THANK YOU!!!!
Colin & Maureen

ALLWAYS TRANSPORT Automobile & Household Goods to Holland - January 2012

Good morning team, I just spoke with booking agent overhere in Holland, Eduard Strang Removals who placed actual booking with me for shipment for client Rosenbrand. (HHG + car) Collected from Saint helena, CA. They asked me to compliment you on this entire move ! Car was braced perfect and houshold goods packed very profesionally etc., etc. So thanks for another job well done !! Rgds,

Automobile shipment to Switzerland - December 2011

Dear Alison, Thank you so much for all of your assistance through this process. The car was delivered today at 11:10 AM in perfect condition. We are very pleased with the level of service we received at every step along the way and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best regards to you both,

Automobile Shipment to Australia - November 2011

Hi Wendy, Just a short e-mail to let you know that I picked our car up in Brisbane this morning and it had arrived all OK, I would like to thank you and all at Schumacher for the fantastic service you provided and for going the extra mile for me when it looked like the 2nd set of wheels were going to be lost in San Francisco somewhere!. I will be very pleased to recommend your company and your service to anyone who will listen and will no doubt by using Schumacher in the future. Thank you once again, have a safe and enjoyable festive season and best wishes for 2012. Kind Regards,

Household Goods shipment from the UK to the USA - November 2011

Hello Ivan, I wanted to say how great you all were. The crew were really patient and professional and very giving and helpful. And you as well, having to troubleshoot it all, thank you. Again, big props to all....!

Household Goods shipment from the Netherlands to the USA - November 2011

Rebekah, Ruth & Luis - Thank you very much for your support and service to get my furniture from the Netherlands to the US. I appreciate your responsiveness, kind and clear communication and messages. The folks today that delivered it to my home today were evenly great to work with as well. I know this was not a big job, but if and when I move next I will certainly hope to be able to involve Schumacher again. Again, thanks very much,

Household Goods shipment to the UK - November 2011

Dear Martyn, Thank you ever so much for all of your help with my move! You made a very stressful situation so much easier. Rarely have I dealt with someone so professional and courteous. Every single email answered-within minutes! I am happy to say my goods arrived in perfect condition. Everything went very smoothly on both ends. Thanks also to Angela & Pamela and the guys at the loading dock. Everyone were so professional & helpful. As I am so pleased with the service, I have recommended Schumacher to several of my friends. Warm regards,

Classic Boat Company - Boat shipment to the UK - November 2011

Cheers and thanks for all your help Bart. I might just tell you that in the beginning I emailed 8 shippers along with you. You were the only one to respond within 24 hours, with little fuss. Of the other 7, 4 didn't reply and of the other three, none replied within the week and when they did wanted me to repeat the information I had already given them. 2 didnÕt reply for 10 days. Good Job! If asked I will not hesitate but to mention you guys! - Best,

shipment to the UK - November 2011

I want you to know how well your whole team have done .I would recommend you to anyone and everyone .The best service, Greg has gone above and beyond . Thank you again , and i haven't even looked at the invoice yet!

Household Goods shipment from Germany to the USA - October 2011

Dear ITO-Team and dear SCHUMACHER-Team. Thank you very much! Everything worked perfectly fine. Nothing and nobody got harmed. We are very happy to have our furniture in our new home. You all did a good job! Thanks,

Automobile shipment Import into the USA - October 2011

Allison & Alison, Well, I gave the car to my business partner this morning and he cried and couldnÕt even talk he was so taken back. It was priceless. He loves it and I am very grateful for all your help. It will be a great memory of his parents for him Thanks,

Automobile shipments to Switzerland - October 2011

Hello Warren, how you doing'? i will let you know, that i'm very very lucky to work with Schumacher Logistics!! Steve and Jennifer do a very very good job!! Have a great day and good business!!

Household Goods shipment from the UK to the USA - October 2011

Dear Lisa, My goods arrived a few weeks ago, delivered by a high professional and helpful crew from Schumacher Logistics. I wanted to thank you for all your help and for the high quality of the service, both from Anglo Pacific and from Schumacher Logistics in the US. I will definitely be using your services when I return to the US. Thank you again With best wishes.

Household Goods shipment to Australia - October 2011

Hi Greg, I just wanted to let you know that our stuff arrived in Melbourne right on time and they delivered it to our new house this past Monday. Everything arrived in perfect condition!!! We were extremely pleased with your company!! Your team of guys that came to our house to pack everything were fantastic and very professional. The team that unpacked our stuff were also extremely professional!! I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your team for making what was a very stressful time for us, a very positive experience. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any future business!!! Thanks again Greg! Best regards,
Denise and Jason

Automobile shipment to Australia - October 2011

Hi Wendy, The Mustang has finally arrived and itÕs in excellent shape, your shipping Company has done a very good job. Again, very happy with the job you all did. The car is in great shape and I thank you for that. You kept me informed as to what was happening, great communications and IÕm thankful for that also. The car has travelled a distance of 13,853 kilometers from where you guys picked it up and it arrived here without a scratch. Good job. - Cheers,

Automobile shipment to France - September 2011

Hello Aloson, I send this message just to say to you "many thanks" for your working, the Speed, and excellent service. If I buy another car i call you for the transport, thank you,

Household Goods shipment to the UK - September 2011

Hi Greg, I want to send you a big thank you for all your help in shipping my household goods from San Francisco to London. The goods arrived this weekend and was in great condition. Prior to ordering my shipment through Schumacher, I did quite a bit of research on shipping providers, and must say that I was a bit worried about my goods considering the many horror stories I read online, and the rather tarnished reputation of the industry in general. You guys have been of great help and service, and I have been every happy with your service and help during ordering, at pickup, and the great condition of the goods received. A particular big thanks to you Greg. Thanks again! Best,

Automobile shipment to Italy - September 2011

It is with great pleasure that I would like to inform Schumacher Cargo that the shipment sent to me by my son from Miami to Genova Italy, consisting of my personal items including an automobile and a trailer, was handled by your agent and representative, in Genova, in an extremely professional and helpful manner. ProMed, and specifically Alessandro Villa, not only assisted most efficiently in having all necessary documents presented to Italian customs to achieve a smooth and non problematic release of my personal effects, but also kept this customer constantly and accurately informed, in a most courteous fashion, as to the progress of the operation. I could not have expected anything more and consequently it is for these reasons that I feel impelled to make your company aware. I wish to thank you for securing such a professional, efficient and pleasant agent to handle your customers overseas deliveries. Gratefully,

Automobile shipment to the Netherlands - September 2011

Hi Arpad, Thanks for the pictures, i did not receive them in a other mail. Me happy now ;-) So youÕre part is clear now and I would like to say many many thanks to you for everything and your patients. Hope I will need you again in the future if I buy a other car in the states. You never know. And if people ask me for a good address in the states I will recommend you. Thanks,

Housegoods Shipment to New Zealand - August 2011

Hi, Schumacher team, Just want to say thank you and we are very happy with your work. The shipment came as neat as we shipped. Thanks again.

Household Goods shipment to the UK - August 2011

Hi Greg; All went extremely well with the pickup and loading, and I just wanted to take a minute to say how totally happy I am with the service and care that the guys showed through the entire process. All three of them were just great, and they made things pervasively easier for me through the chaos of an intercontinental move. In fact, everything thusfar has been as easy as it could be, and I've not yet had this kind of moving experience in any form. Thank you, and I shall certainly offer hearty recommendations of SCL to anyone who should ping me for a great source.

Automobile shipment to France - August 2011

Wendy. I just wanted to drop you few lines to let you know that my car has arrived. I would like to thank you and your team for your help and great service I also wanted to commend Greg Bissonet for his excellent work. Greg has been amazing in taking care of me. Greg went the extra mile by picking me up at the railway station, driving me to the French Customs house and waited for me to get an auto insurance and then driving miles away to warehouse to get the car. All done with a smile. Greg delivered an amazing service, you usually dont get in this part of the world where customer is mostly regarded as a cash machine. Thanks to all for an excellent job Regards,

Automobile Shipment to the Netherlands - August 2011

Hoi Joey, Alle auto`s zijn vanmiddag afgehaald. Het is perfect verlopen precies zoals afgesproken. Mijn complimenten. Als het mogelijk is, zou je me kunnen berichten wanneer de auto`s verscheept worden. Alvast bedankt en nog een fijne avond. Groeten,

Household Goods shipment to Finland - August 2011

Dear Mark, We just arrived back in New York this week, following our trip to Finland to ship our automobile and household goods. We wanted you to know that the move went very well. Our goods and the auto arrived in great shape, and your agent in Helsinki did an excellent job on the unpacking. All in all it was a very professional move from start to finish - one of the very best we have had in a dozen international moves over the last twenty years. We will definitely consider Shumacher Cargo Logistics for our future moves, and are pleased to refer other colleagues for their shipping needs. Best regards,

Automobile shipment to the Netherlands - August 2011

Hi Joey, This is to let you know that we have received our cars and can now drive them on the Dutch roads. Eeverything went very smoothly, including the clearing of custom formalities. The only thing that took a bit longer was getting the cars approved and licensed. But no complaints. Thanks for your help in getting this all arranged and delvered and rest assured that the next time I have to move from the States back to Europe you'll be the first person I'll call. Best regards,

Household Goods shipment to the UK - August 2011

Dear Greg, i wanted to write to say thank you and to say how very impressed my family and I were with your services. From the moment I met you to the moment our furniture was delivered to my door in England I found all the people involved to be consummate professionals. It was just the easiest move I have ever done, and I've done a few. The cost was by far the best and the service was just amazing. Your crew in LA were on time, helpful, tidy and very courteous, but more than that, they did a superb job in packing everything. Everything was packed liked it was precious cargo. The removal company in the UK were also fantastic, they arrived in time and were very thorough. a fantastic job. Thank you for all your help and guidance, it made our move back to England so easy. Kind regards,

Household Goods shipment to Germany - July 2011

Hello Mike and Kateryne, My shipment arrived today in Berlin in perfect condition. I just wanted to say Thank You for getting my things here safely and on time. I am impressed with the efficiency, prompt service, and courteous customer treatment Schumacher has to offer. Mike, I'll fax you a strong letter of recommendation on NYU stationary next week. If you prefer a printed copy I am happy to mail you one. I'll definitely hire you again and I'll tell my friends what a pleasure it is to work with you. All Best from Berlin,

Automobile shipment to the UK - July 2011

Hi Alison, Just thought I would send you a message to know that my vehicle arrived safely today. Thank you for all your help, I will definitely be using Schumacher Cargo again. Best regards,

Shipment to Australia - July 2011

Hi Bart, Could not fault the level of service provided by Bart and his team. 5 Stars! A pleasure to deal with from day one until delivery. I would definitely use Schumacher again,

Household Goods shipment to Holland - July 2011

Hi Martyn, This is to let you know that everything arrived in perfect shape. The moving folks in Austin did a super job getting everything securely packed and the service extended by Edo Smits of Allways in getting the stuff through customs and to my front door went beyond the call of duty. Considering all the things that can go wrong, the probabilities of it all going without a hitch are infinitesimal, for which our thanks. Take care and thanks again,

Automobile shipment to Australia - July 2011

Hi Wendy - Tony here i finally pick up the 68 mustang today 07-07-2011 very happy with it, it was very clean from the shipping and drove it home from the depot very nice car to drive i also have a few photos of it here in melbourne Australia at my house thank you again for all your help getting my mustang to australia i am just wait for the 69 scj mustang out of new york to get here now its about 5-6 weeks away hope all go's well with it thanks again.

Boat shipment to Australia - June 2011

Hi Cale - I have dealt with 2 companies getting the boat here so if interested in shipping boats for your customers here are the contact details. Schumacher Cargo Logistics based in the US organized the entire freight to Fremantle ex San Francisco. They handled the wrapping in plastic, making the cradle, delivery to port, sailing to freo and off loading at port plus transit insurance. A good one stop shop and presume they can handle anywhere in the US. I recommend them they have been good to work with. Contact Person with Schumacher is Bart. Regards,

Household Goods shipment to the UK - June 2011

Hi All, Container came and everything was unloaded safely (in the rain!) Thank you all for brilliant and timely service. Regards,

Automobile shipment to Australia - June 2011

Joey,i just want to say thanks again for your response time which blows me away. Pleasure doing business with you. Regards,

Household Goods shipment to Italy - May 2011

Hello all, Just wanted to thank all of you very much for all your assistance, patience, and professionalism from start to finish on my move from Houston, Texas, to Siracusa, Italy. Both the movers on the Schumacher Cargo Texas end and Alpha-International in Napoli got everything here intact. Also, my thanks to Giusy Nocerino in Napoli for helping me out so much with the Customs end in Italy, and my special thanks to Messrs. Martyn Cohen in California and Jerry Putnam in Houston for promptly answering all my inquiries, which were numerous, and getting this thing as promised .It is really refreshing to know that in this day and age there are still good companies with good people working for them. YouÕve a good team. Thanks again. Sincerely,

Consulate General of Switzerland (NY) - May 2011

Hi Steve, All deliveries (to Mrs. Nadine Olivieri Lozano, to the residence of Ambassador Seger and to the residence of Ambassador Barras) went very well and everyone was very pleased. It has been a pleasure working with Schumacher both on the NJ and on the CA side. Everyone was very professional, courteous and efficient! Best Regards,
Christiane Administrative Assistant

Shipment to the UK - April 2011

It is not often you find a company that is as interested in providing a service of this quality, or employees who are prepared to go to the lengths that Mr Ian Jefferys has gone to for me regarding the import of ONE buell motorcycle . many thanks to Ian and his colleges at Schumacher cargo. best regards,

Shipment to the UK - April 2011

Dear Martyn, Our shipment has arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for your services. I am very pleased with the entire shipment and will make sure that my scholars colleagues visiting in Berkeley will consider your company when planning their relocation. Best regards,

Shipment to Spain - March 2011

Hello! I collected my Corvette on Friday 03 25 2011.she arrived in perfect condition.Special thanks to Wendy for her help during the entire process .Thanks again Best Regards,

Shipment to Belgium - March 2011

Jennifer, Yes thank you, Kimny got a hold of me on Monday and explained that they are waiting on more cars. I'm just checking in. I'm satisfied so far with the service, well I should say very happy, I am suggesting you guys to a friend who want to bring his car from Miami to Belgium also.Cenotti,

Shipment to New Zealand - March 2011

Dear Greg and Angela, The container arrived at the door yesterday and everything was just as we last saw it. Zero breakage or damage. Steph and I just wanted to thank you for your effort and attention to our move. Any international move- even for the 2nd time- can be a bit stressful, but you made it easy for us. Greg, we really do appreciate your approach. A company is only as good as it's people, and you did a very good of job making Schumacher look good. You were always lightning quick in responding to our numerous questions, you offered some great suggestions and everything you promised was delivered. And Angela, the same goes for you. Thank you especially for coordinating the actual shipment and looking after all our many little concerns once we signed up. Your response time was excellent, you kept us informed, and again, I really do appreciate the method you used to answer our email questions! We couldn't have asked for better treatment Wishing you best of success,
Jeff & Steph

Shipment to Australia - March 2011

Dear Mark, I wanted to say thank you to you and your company. It was a great experience I had meeting Nikkolai and the team that came on Thursday, the 3rd of March to pack up my belongings, my home and shipped it back to Australia. From the moment I met Nikkolai and from the time he introduced himself and his team to me, I knew I was in good hands. They went about their professional duties with diligence, attention to detail and fluidity. I've travelled all over the world and in the last 25 years, had at least 4 moves. This I would say is the most successful I've had the privileged witnessed. Thank you again! Best regards,

Shipment to the Netherlands - February 2011

Hello Joey, Yesterday I collected the Corvette & motorcycle in Roosendaal. They arrived in perfect condition and I want to thank Schumacher for their excellent service. Also thank you for all your help during the entire process. Greetings,

Shipment imorted into the USA - February 2011

Luis, Your delivery crew did a good job today and after a huge drive down from NY. They were in and out of our home within about 15 minutes and without rushing. Delivered 21 pieces and brought in an ancient wooden cabinet and positioned it just right for us and then unwrapped it. It was all well done and they were extremely helpful. So far, all is in great shape as we unpack the rest ourselves. Thanks for your great work overall with my belongings, you and your crew where exceptional. Cheers!

Shipment the UK - February 2011

We were very pleased with your company and for sure would recommend yall. When we move back to the states you better believe we will be talking to yall. Thank you so much. You answered all our emails and kept us up to date.... we are so thankful for your company and how you took great care of us. Thanks,

Shipment to the UK - February 2011

Hello Damien, was very happy with the service that I received from Wendy and hope that everything will go as well U.K. side. So far I would be very happy to use you again and recomend you to anyone contemplatig an import too the U.K. from the U.S. Regards,

Shipment to Israel - February 2011

Hi Alex & Mark Thank you very much for your help. In my capacity as a Consul and Commissioner We have been traveling overseas since 1977, we used 8 shipping companies and I want to tell you that YOU ARE THE BEST!. You went beyond contracts and official agreements and made sure that everything is done in a very professional way .Your personal involvement made the difference between you and the other shipping companies .Me and my wife enjoyed very much working with you Best regards,

Shipment to the UK - January 2011

Dear Greg and Natlee, I just wanted to let you know that our shipment arrived at the storage unit yesterday and was unpacked by the Anglo Pacific team. The unpackers did a fabulous job and put everything where we wanted it. They were helpful, careful with our belongings and obliging in every way. On a more general note, we have been very happy with the process from start to finish. Good communication and patience when answering our endless questions was much appreciated. We have no hesitation in recommending you to other people we know who need to send belongings overseas. Many thanks,
Roger & Mary

Shipment to The UK - January 2011

Dear Mr. Smit. Firstly thank you to you and Schmacher for the safe and painless delivery of my motorcar and personal effects within to the United Kingdom. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and you made the process very simple. Best wishes for a prosperous New Year.

Shipment to The Netherlands - January 2011

Hi Martin, My car has safely arrived at home. Thanks to you and your great team. I'd like to thank you all and I hope to be your client again soon. Thanks again.

Shipment to Dubia - December 2011

Just a quick word to let you know that my car has arrived to Dubai. I just wanted to thank you very much for your help and efforts. I will be sure to use Schumacher Cargo Logistics the next time I am shipping a car from the USA. Keep on the good work. Salutations, Regards,

Shipment to The Netherlands - December 2010

Hello everybody, With this mail I would like to thank everybody for shipping the bike of America to the Netherlands. Everything went fine, the help and answers about mails where correct and very fast. Joey you started with mailing me and it was a surprise you wrote the mail back in Dutch J. For everybody a nice Christmas and Happy New Year!

NC2 Global LLC shipments - December 2010

Evelyn & Pamela. Just wanted to go on record to say a big ÒThank YouÓ to both of you for helping us out with the Letter of Credit mess. I know it had to have been a challenge, sometimes we look for the most difficult way of doing things!!!!!!!!!! But you ladies are awesome Ð I would have lost my cool about 25 emails ago. I look forward to continuing to work with the awesome people at Schumacher! Best regards,

Shipment to The UK - December 2010

Martyn, Just a quick note to let you know that everything arrived once again in great condition. The guys from England were very nice. They got here at 7:30am and were off by 9:00am. That was even leaving time for tea and pastry. Thanks again for all of your help. We of course will keep you in mind should anyone ask for an international moving company. Have a great holiday and all the best in the new year.
Marge Ware & Gene Wiskowski

Shipment to The UK - December 2010

Hi Ian and Alison, Just a quick note to say thanks to all at Schumacher for safely transporting the 1954 Chevy truck from Kansas to Thamesport and taking care of everything. It arrived yesterday evening in sub zero temperatures but it looks great. I will happily recommend your services in future. Kind regards,