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Car Shipping to Hong Kong

Ship your Car to Hong Kong

Our goal is to make the complicated situation of relocating overseas with a vehicle as convenient for you as possible. Shipping a car to Hong Kong with Schumacher is both easy and the best value for your shipment. Our ability to store vehicles at our warehouses and use our loading crews combined with our vast network of ocean freight contracts all work in our customer’s favor. 

international car shipping to hong kong

How to Ship a Car to Hong Kong with Schumacher

We offer:

  • Pick up services with an open or enclosed carrier
  • Sole use container services go to Hong Kong & other ports in China
  • Direct service as well as transshipment service options
  • Dedicated and experienced members at our warehouse location in Hong Kong
  • Marine insurance coverage with multiple deduction options

Major Cities in Hong Kong:

  • Kowloon
  • Yung Shue Wan
  • Sok Kwu Wan

* Services are also available to other cities in Hong Kong.

How Much Does Shipping a Car to Hong Kong Cost

The cost to ship a car to Hong Kong depends on factors particular to your shipment. For instance the size and origin both affect the overall cost. As an example, shipping a car to Hong Kong from California will have a different price than from New York. Our representatives create custom quotes for each shipment in order to make the most accurate quote for your cars journey.

To get your quote, fill out our Online Form or call in at 562-408-6677

Importing and Registering Vehicles in Hong Kong

When importing and registering a vehicle in Hong Kong, there are essentially three government departments you will be dealing with. They are the Customs and Excise Department, Environmental Protection Department and the Transport Department.

The next steps briefly outline the required procedural process.

Step 1: Must meet the exhaust and noise emissions standard

  • Anyone considering shipping their automobile to Hong Kong will need proof and documentation that your vehicle is up to standards with its emissions either from a testing laboratory, similar to performing a smog test, or from the auto manufacturer.

Step 2 : Importation

  • Cars imported into Hong Kong do not require a customs tax but it is mandatory to declare a full and accurate list of the vehicle and its contents within 14 days. Next you must submit an import return form within 30 days to avoid fines or jail time.

Step 3 : Taking a Vehicle Examination

  • To get your vehicle inspected, you need to visit the To Kwa Wan Vehicle Examination Center. Show up with the original certificate of exemption regarding the emissions. After passing, there will be an exam fee and then you will be issued a certificate of road worthiness

Step 4 : Vehicle Registration and Licensing

  • First, submit a finished application form with the requested documents to the Hong Kong Licensing Office of Transport Department. After your documents are verified, you then will need to pay for the initial registration tax and fee.
  • This amount is based upon the value of the vehicle times the applicable tax rate. There is also a license fee and levy for Traffic Accident Victim Assistance Fund for.

Visit Hong Kong’s website for more information on importation and registration guidelines.

For further information on any of above service options, please call and discuss your shipping needs with one of our Car Shipping Specialists at: US Tel: 800 599-0190 // 562 408-6677

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