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Moving Household Goods to Holland from USA

Moving to the Netherlands with Schumacher Cargo Logistics

Moving to the Netherlands from the USA and bringing your goods with you? As an international moving company with more than 40 years moving household goods to Holland, we know what goes into each and every move. It’s important to understand the different steps and even though our service covers everything exporting your belongings from the US, you should know what to expect upon arrival.

Read our guide below and learn how to move to the Netherlands from the USA!

Moving to the Netherlands Amsterdam Canal Panoramic Holland

How to Move to the Netherlands from the USA

Moving to the Netherlands from America is a straightforward process when working with the right company. In our guide below, we’ll explain our services and answer questions regarding your move.

When moving to Holland, begin considering all of the details particular to your shipment. A few of the things you should have in mind are the amount of goods, origin, and destination city. With this info we can start working with you on completing your relocation.

Different Shipping Options for Moving to the Netherlands

When moving to the Netherlands there are a few different services we offer to accommodate all needs.

  • Shared container service. You’re only charged for the volume you want to ship
  • Exclusive use container 20′ or 40′
  • Air freight shipping
  • Automobile shipping services

How Much Does Moving to the Netherlands Cost?

The cost for moving to the Netherlands from the USA is variable depending on the situation. Factors that affect the price are amount to move, origin/destination, and service selected. For example, a move to the Netherlands from LA would have a different price than a move from NY with everything the same. With this in mind, our international move representatives create custom quotes for all inquiries. They will calculate the best rates and ways of transit, so you receive the best value for your move details.

To get a custom quote for your move, fill out our Online Quote Form today!

How Long Does Moving to the Netherlands Take?

There are plenty of variables that affect the overall amount of time your move will take. In most cases, sail times, meaning time on the water from the east coast to Holland will be around three weeks. From the west coast it is usually four weeks to all base ports. Generally from door to door, moving to the Netherlands takes about 6-8 weeks, but there are shipments that are shorter or longer.

As premier international movers, we do everything that we can to meet estimates but these should serve more as a guide than exact times.

Important Steps for Those Moving Goods to Netherlands from US

Familiarize yourself with dutch customs regulations and requirements. If you’re moving household goods to Holland, generally those items intended for personal use can be imported tax free. Otherwise, you can expect a VAT of 21%. Once you begin working with us, we will assist you with documentation and guidance to make the import process in the Netherlands as smooth as possible.

Basic conditions:

  • must be declaring residency
  • lived outside EU for at least 12 months
  • have owned and used goods more than 6 months

You’ll have to fill out an application for the exemption permit ahead of time. Make sure the household goods you’d like to import duty free are on two signed lists. Send it to:

Tax and Customs Administration/Customs

  • PO Box 3070
    6401 DN Heerlen
    The Netherlands

Major Cities for Moving to Holland:

The most popular cities to move to in Holland are below:

Amsterdam Rotterdam Dordrecht
The Hague Maastricht Utrecht

If you live in a city other than these, our door to door moves can still accommodate you. We can complete moves to Amsterdam with the same ease as a move to Breda.

Useful Dutch Personal TAX Income Information

The 2021 Dutch personal income tax rate is max. 51.75%.

Income (EUR)

Tax Rate





33,364 -68,507


68,507 and over



Things to Know When Relocating to Holland

  • There are over 16 million bicycles in Holland
  • There are over 1000 Museums, the highest density in the world
  • The highest point in Holland stands at 323 Meters high, it is called ” The Mountain”
  • Currency used is the Euro
  • Port Rotterdam is the world’s 2nd busiest port (1st is Singapore if you were wondering)
  • Population of almost 17 Million

3 Tips on Pet Transportation Services to Holland

  • Pets need an identification microchip, and a vaccination against rabies.
  • Dogs must be registered with the local municipality in the town you will be living
  • If your pet belongs to an officially protected species, you will need a “cites” permit

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