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Import a Motorcycle to the USA

Each year, our team of motorcycle importers ship bikes to the USA from Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Asia, and other countries around the world. Our team understands the detailed process of how to import a motorcycle to the USA and handle a variety of bikes of all shapes and sizes. As a premier motorcycle importer in the USA, we can complete an import with door to door service to anywhere in the United States.

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Import a Motorcycle to the USA European Countryside

How to Import Motorcycle to the USA

There are a few steps to take to make sure your motorcycle import goes without issue. The major first step is to check eligibility of your motorcycle import and if you can even bring it into the states.

As a guideline, when looking for an motorcycle import specialist, they should inform you that the it must be:

  1. US specifications (engine) or
  2. 25 years or older or
  3. Imported temporarily, for less than 12 months or
  4. On diplomatic/government orders

In this case the first two are permanent motorcycle imports while the last two are temporary.

Permanently vs Temporarily Importing a Motorcycle into the USA

Examples of the different categories of motorcycle imports include permanent and temporary.

To permanently import a bike into the US, you either have to be a US company, citizen, or hold legal status to work and live in the country. Bikes originally made or built for the USA are easily imported since they already meet US standards. Otherwise, the bike will need to be modified or older than 25 years old to gain permanent entry.

When importing vehicle temporarily, the automobile does not have to conform to US standards. However the vehicle must leave the country within a year. If on government or military orders, the US will allow you to keep your bike for the duration of your stay. You cannot sell or leave your bike in the country and they must leave at its designated time.

The following are all classified as temporary imports:

  • Race
  • Display
  • Repair
  • Leisure
  • Vacation
  • Exhibition
  • Events

How Much Does it Cost To Ship a Motorcycle to the USA

Once you know what type of import you are going to do, the next step is to get a quote. The cost to import a motorcycle depends on many factors that add up to the total price. Factors such as the vehicle specifications, origin/destination, and shipping type all affect the cost to import. As an example, importing a Harley Davidson is going to have a different cost than importing a scooter, everything else the same. For this reason, our auto import representatives create custom quotes for each shipment.

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Shipping Process for Importing your Motorcycle

As you work with one of our representatives, we will guide you on the best way to transport your bike. From your home overseas to your new home in the states, we can handle all steps of the shipment.

We start by transporting your bike to the nearest port. Alternatively you can also drop the bike off yourself to reduce costs. Then as your bike moves out to sea, you will receive a bill of lading and the ETA for arrival. Once the ship arrives, we begin the bike import process in the states. We clear customs for the shipment and alert you once your goods have entered the country. At this point we start to schedule a delivery to your home or you can pick it up depending on what you prefer. Your motorcycle import into the USA will then be complete.

Import a Motorcycle with Schumacher Cargo Logistics

Since 1977, Schumacher Cargo Logistics has offered premier motorcycle import service to the USA from all over the world. With over 40 years of experience we have developed the processes and services to remove the hassle for your international shipment.

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