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Who hasn’t dreamed at some point of what it might be like to “accidentally” miss their flight home from France and just spend the rest of their days strolling around the City of Light while eating baguettes and brushing up on their high school French? I mean, I don’t blame you if you’ve considered it. Paris continues to be high on travelers’ bucket lists year after year, and for good reason. But Paris isn’t all
Because the Czech Republic is a modernized country with high living standards and an enhanced economy, thousands of people immigrate there yearly. If you are considering moving to this beautifully hilly country – the 7th safest country in the world – you should know a few things first. With the following information, you’ll be ready to pack your bags in no time! The Cost of Living in Czechia Did you know the cost of living
Congrats! I can say definitively that you have picked a great new home. New Zealand is one of those countries that will astound you in ways you didn’t even know were possible. If outdoor sports and activities are your cup of tea then you will feel right at home in this land of extreme adventures. If soaking up natural beauty and culture is what floats your boat, then you will be a happy sailor. Whether
Are you considering moving to Germany soon? Germany is truly a unique yet exhilarating place to live, known for over 300 styles of bread, breathtaking castles and cathedrals, thrilling festivals, Christmas traditions, and more. Check out this helpful guide, which includes information about Germany’s cost of living, the ins and outs of moving, and what to expect once you arrive. This knowledge should leave you confident and excited about your upcoming move! The Cost of
There are many reasons for living in Saudi Arabia as an American. In general, the expats living in Saudi Arabia are professionals that benefit from its growing economy. This means there are many pros to living and working in the Saudi Arabia. Though not all aspects of life will be the same or better than in the states. Differences in culture and lifestyle can also lead to some cons overseas.  Check out our article on
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