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Moving to Taiwan from the US

Taiwan has grown to be a country that never sleeps, through its industry of 24/7 shops and world-famous night markets. When you live in Taiwan, you can buy anything at any time of day. From groceries to electronics, their 24-hour culture is unbeatable. These conveniences, along with a low cost of living, have made moving to Taiwan from the USA an attractive option for American expats. This new popularity has made Taiwan a high-demand destination, and Schumacher Cargo Logistics offers the best international shipping service to facilitate your move.

Relocating to Taiwan from the US can be unnerving to first time expats, so moving needs to be done with appropriate preparation and organization. Our job as a full-service international shipping company is to make your move go as smoothly as possible. With 40 years of experience, you can be assured that your property is handled with care and precision. While you focus on setting up your new life in Taiwan, we handle all the stress and logistics of wrapping up your life here in the US and moving it to your new home.

Read our guide below on how to move to Taiwan and start your international relocation today.
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How to Ship to Taiwan

There are many stages to moving overseas to Taiwan, whether you are moving household goods or other types of cargo, such as vehicles. With so many people thinking about coming here, we compiled a guide on how we help move people to Taiwan. Once you begin working with Schumacher, we will walk you through the whole process in regards to your particular move.

Taiwan Moving Services

To simplify your move and straightforward as possible, we offer full moving services:

  • Door to door options
  • Packing and wrapping
  • Pick up from anywhere in the US
  • Delivery directly to your home in Taiwan
  • 24/7 online tracking
  • Customs clearance, paperwork, and much more

Shipping Your Car and Household Goods to Taiwan

Our international moving service to Taiwan caters to any type and size of shipment. Whether you are shipping a small room of household goods or an entire container, we can provide the right service for you. We’ll work with you to make sure you have the right shipping service for your move.

  • Shared container service where you only pay for the volume you ship
  • Exclusive use container where you pay one flat rate for your own 20′ or 40′ container
  • Automobile shipping services including your household goods

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Taiwan?

To start your move to Taiwan, we provide custom quotes for each shipment. This is because many factors influence the price such as volume, origin, and destination. For this reason our representatives create custom quotes for every move to Taiwan. With this we can make sure we get you the most accurate info to suit your individual needs.

Fill out our Online Quote Form to get the price for your particular move. You can than ask any questions when working with your representative.

How Long Does Moving to Taiwan Take?

Once you agree to your quote, we can begin picking up your goods. With our door to door service, there is no hassle as we take care of the moving process from your home to the next.

As an estimate time to move to Taiwan, when we have your goods from the West Coast it generally takes around 6-8 weeks while on the East Coast it may take 7-9. These are just estimates, and have taken shorter and longer periods of time. We work to deliver your goods as fast as possible, but many factors do influence the time so we do not guarantee delivery dates. Once your goods on on the water, your representative will be able to provide a more accurate timeline.

More About Taiwan

Moving To Taiwan Panaoramic Building Skyline Taipei

Major Cities and Port Destinations in Taiwan

When moving to Taiwan from America, most people choose to live in Taipei or the cities below. We can also handle moves to anywhere in the country with the same skill so there is no issue if you don’t live in these cities.

  • Taipei
  • New Taipei
  • Kaohsiung
  • Taichung
  • Tainan
  • Taoyuan
  • Hsinchu

Facts About Taiwan

  • It would only take eight hours to drive around the whole country
  • There are no garbage cans outside; instead trucks cycle around to collect
  • In Taiwan, people use umbrellas to block the sun as well as the rain
  • Parks are used as gathering places to exercise and practice Tai Chi
  • Taiwan has the highest density of 7-11’s, with one on almost every block

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