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Shipping Car to Italy from USA

Transporting your car to Italy is slightly more complicated, whether you’re moving to Rome, Milan or another city. As usual, you must go through the motions and processes before you can import your car, register the vehicle and drive it in the country legally.

Car Transport to Italy: EU vs Non-EU

When shipping your car to Italy from an EU member nation, there are few barriers from customs. No customs duties or VAT are applied for used vehicles older than six months.

The main task is to have the vehicle registered in Italy and obtain Italian license plates. However, in order to register your car one must first apply for and obtain residency regardless of EU status.

If you are importing a car from outside the EU, you will be required to pay an import duty and VAT if you have not owned the car for more than one year depending on the duration of the stay. In general, used cars have a higher import tax than new cars but the 22% value added tax is standard for most vehicles.

Choosing our Car Shipping Services

We offer:

  1. Pick Up services by; Open or Enclosed Carrier
  2. Our own warehouses
  3. Our own loading crews
  4. Our own ocean freight contracts
  5. Sole use container services go to all Italian ports.
  6. Direct Service as well as transshipment service options available
  7. Dedicated and experienced automobile handling professionals at warehouse locations at the port of Genoa
  8. Marine Insurance coverage with multiple deduction options

Shipping Options: Roll-on Roll-off vs. Freight Container

There are benefits to both methods but a few general points should make your decision easier when deciding which option to go with.
  1. Ro-Ro is generally more ideal for larger vehicles. It’s an easy process and usually cheaper than shipping an individual car with a container.

    However, if you use this method you must make sure that there is nothing inside the vehicle other than a spare and jack.

  1. Shipping by freight is ideal for anyone shipping a smaller vehicle or multiple vehicles. It’s also a very viable option and with this method you can use the extra space in the container to ship your household goods overseas.

    If you know the dimensions of the vehicle you want to ship, you can compare those numbers with the range of shipping container sizes.

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Written by Damien Shields

For further information on any of above service options, please call and discuss your shipping needs with one of our Car Shipping Specialists at: US Tel: 800 599-0190 // 562 408-6677

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