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Moving to Argentina from USA

Moving to Argentina from the USA has become popular in American for many different reasons. It is one of the most diverse places in South America and the 8th largest country in the world. Argentina offers a very modern experience, while also having a lower cost of living compared to the states. With all the new interest, Schumacher Cargo Logistics is here to help make your move stress free.

Read our guide below on how to move to Argentina from the USA and start your relocation today!

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How to Move to Argentina with Schumacher

Schumacher Cargo Logistics has over 40 years of experience moving to and from Argentina and the USA. We have locations across the USA making the process of moving both convenient and affordable because we’re able to offer clients a wide selection of moving services. See the steps below for how you can move to Argentina with SCL.

Steps for International Moving to Argentina

  1. Calculate Volume of Goods
  2. Get a Custom Quote for the Move
  3. Schumacher Packs and Moves the Goods to Our US Warehouses
  4. Ship your Household Goods to Argentina
  5. Receive your Goods Overseas

Estimate the Volume of your Move

Checking the size of your move is a great place to start on an international move. Each move is unique, so knowing what you are actually moving will allow you complete the process successfully. Even just a general estimate can help to give you a better understanding such as a 1 bedroom apt or 3 bedroom house.

Get a Quote For the Cost of Moving to Argentina

One of the most popular questions is how much does relocating to Argentina cost. Once you have a estimate for the size of your move, the next step is to complete a quote request. Every move has different prices due to factors such as volume or origin. For this reason, our representatives create custom quotes to make sure you get the most accurate information. To illustrate the difference, the price for moving to Argentina from LA may be different than NY even for the same goods. 

Request a custom quote through our Online Quote Form

Transporting the Goods to Our US Warehouse

Our door to door moving service makes it easy to export goods to Argentina. We pick up the goods from anywhere in the US then pack and load them. After they enter our warehouse and prepare to go out to sea. They will then ship once the container is ready to go. You will receive a Bill of Lading and message as the ship leaves which includes an ETA for the arrival in Argentina.

Shipping Household Goods to Argentina

For the actual shipping of household goods to Argentina, we over a variety of services to fit your move. Whether you prioritize speed or value, we can guide you on the appropriate service to choose. 

Consolidated Container Service

A consolidated move to Argentina is when your goods ship alongside other customers in the same container. This service offers the best value as you only pay for the space you use in the container. On the other hand, consolidations add time to the overall move so you may use another service if speed is what matters. This is because the container cannot ship until full, so you may be the first in the container to Argentina or the last one before it’s ready to ship.

Full Container Service

As opposed to consolidations, full container service is when you ship your own personal container. We offer both 20 and 40 foot containers that hold around 1000 and 2000 cubic feet respectively. If you are close to those amounts, a full container is definitely the right choice. The price is efficient, while also not having to wait for anyone else to ship.

Air Freight

Air freight moving is the fastest possible way to ship. Your items are loaded onto a plane and are flown right to the nearest airport to the destination. With this your international move can be finished as fast as one to two weeks. This is generally only used if cost is no issue as it is the most expensive option.

How Long Does Shipping To Argentina Take

There are also variables that affect the overall amount of time your move will take. Generally a shipment takes about 8-10 weeks once the goods are on the water. This does not account for shipping situations like consolidation time if you choose that service. The actual time to move the goods to your door in Argentina has many factors involved that it is best to wait and see the ETA given once your boat sails. As international movers, we do everything that we can to deliver as soon as possible but these should serve as a guide as they are estimates and transit can change.

Completing the Move to Argentina

The main port for importing goods in Argentina is the Port of Buenos Aires. For shipping household goods to Argentina, we offer door to door services meaning you can choose for us to deliver anywhere in the country once they arrive at the port. With this, there is no worry where your new home is located as your goods can be brought directly to your new home.

When arriving, your goods enter the custom clearance process. As they clear, they unload into the warehouse and representatives will contact you regarding the next steps. Your delivery will then be scheduled as transit is secured and delivered to your door. After receiving your goods, all that’s left is to enjoy your time as an expat in Argentina.

Understanding the Immigration Process

Embarking on a journey to relocate from the USA to Argentina requires a clear understanding of the immigration process. Whether you’re moving for work, retirement, or other reasons, obtaining the necessary visas and permits is crucial. Argentina offers various visa options, including work visas, student visas, and residency permits. It’s essential to research the specific requirements and eligibility criteria based on your circumstances. Contacting your local Argentina embassy way before your move will help make sure your relocation is set for success.

Embracing the Cultural Experience

One of the most enriching aspects of moving to Argentina is immersing yourself in its vibrant culture. From savoring traditional Argentine cuisine to embracing the passion of tango music and dance, there’s no shortage of cultural experiences to enjoy. Take the time to explore the distinct customs, traditions, and celebrations that make Argentina unique.


Moving to Argentina from the USA offers a wealth of opportunities for adventure, cultural immersion, and personal growth. By understanding the immigration process, embracing the local culture, and taking proactive steps to navigate practical considerations, expatriates can enjoy a fulfilling and enriching experience in their new Argentine home.

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