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Moving to Scotland from the USA

Moving to Scotland from the US has become more popular for many Americans. American expats find that after they move to Scotland that they don’t want to come back to the states. Some people believe that moving to Scotland looks difficult, but with the right help you can move your entire home with no hassle at all. 

With over four decades of experience, Schumacher Cargo Logistics has completed thousands of moves to Scotland. We have streamlined the moving process, helping us deliver our customers the best value for their shipment.

Read our Scotland moving guide below and start your international move today!

Moving to Scotland GBR River City

How to Move to Scotland from the USA

With so many people thinking about coming here, we compiled a guide on how to move to Scotland. Using this guide will make your move straightforward from start to finish.

Steps for International Moving to Scotland

  1. Calculate Volume of Goods
  2. Get a Quote
  3. Ship your Goods to Scotland
  4. Receive your Goods Overseas

Volume to Ship to Scotland

Before starting your move to Scotland, create an estimate for the volume you want to ship. Once you know the size of your move, you will have a better understanding of the necessary services. Each move is unique and knowing what you are actually moving will allow you complete the process successfully. We can also work with you based on preset amounts such as a 2 bedroom apartment, though we’ll want a more concrete number before the move.

How Much Does Moving to Scotland from the US Cost

Once you have a estimate for the size of your move, the next step is to complete a quote request. Each particular move will have a different price due to factors such as volume or origin. For this reason our representatives create custom quotes for every move to make sure you get the most accurate information. To illustrate the difference, the price for moving to Scotland from LA will be different than from NY even for the same goods.

Request a custom quote for your move to Scotland through our Online Quote Form

Export Your Goods to Scotland

Our door to door moving service makes it easy to export goods to Scotland. We pick up the goods from anywhere in the US then pack and load them into a container. They will then ship once the container is ready to go. You will receive a Bill of Lading and message as the ship leaves which includes an ETA for the arrival.

How Long Does it Take to Ship to Scotland

There are many variables that affect the overall amount of time your move will take. Generally from your door to the port in Scotland, it takes about 6-8 weeks from the East Coast. The actual time to move the goods to your door in Scotland has so many factors that we rather your representative give you an estimate once they have all your move details.

As premier international movers, we do everything possible to meet estimates but these should serve as a guide rather than exact times.

Popular Destinations When Moving to Scotland

There are many different cities in Scotland to move to from the USA. No matter where you chose to move, Schumacher can get your goods all the way to your new home.


Americans have many reasons to move to Glasgow, especially over the last few years. It has the highest population in the country and is also the highest contributor to the country’s economy. There are opportunities everywhere for Americans from work, school, to travel, it’s no wonder most are moving here.


Edinburgh is one of the most popular places for American expats to move to in Scotland as it is a city portrayed in media often. 
When you think Scotland, the Edinburgh Castle is a picture that comes to mind. Traveling around the city is easy once you’re there and can reach everything with relative ease.


Smaller than the other two cities, Aberdeen still offers a lot for the American expat. It has so much historical architecture, you’re bound to live in something that has a long past. The energy sector plays a huge role in this city and many Americans move here when they work in the industry.

Complete the Move Overseas

The main port for importing goods consolidated goods in Scotland is Southampton, England. When shipping your own container the port is Grangemouth, Scotland. For shipping household goods to Scotland, we offer door to door services meaning you can choose for us to deliver anywhere in the country.

When arriving, your goods enter the custom clearance process. Once they clear, they will be unloaded and a representative will contact you regarding the next step. Your delivery will be scheduled as transit is secured and then delivered to your door. After receiving your goods, all that’s left is to enjoy your time as an expat in Scotland.

Moving Services to Scotland

When moving to Scotland from the US, there are a few different services to ship your household goods. Each service has its own benefit, and when you start working with us we’ll recommend the best choice to fit your needs.

Consolidated Container Moving to Scotland

Consolidated moves are the most popular way of moving to Scotland. This is because it offers the most value for the goods you are shipping. Consolidations involve taking multiple customer’s goods to fill a container together. In this case, you only pay for the space you use and not for the full container by yourself.

Full Container Moving to Scotland

We offer full 20 and 40 foot containers to move to Scotland as well. These containers hold around 1000 and 2000 cubic feet respectively. If your volume is close to these values, it is better to get your own full container. It will still be value for the space as you use all of it and your goods will also arrive more quickly since it skips the consolidation period.

Air Freight Moves to Scotland

Air freight moves are more uncommon as they are more expensive than the other two options. Though this is also the fastest way to move to Scotland. For the most part, air freight is only used when speed is the only factor and price is not an issue.

Top Tips When Moving to Scotland

1. Bring All Major Documents With You

One of the most important tips always shared when moving to Scotland is to bring all major documents. If you don’t have your documents with you, it is possible that there will be delays on your working or housing. At that point, someone you know will have to retrieve and send it to you in Scotland, leaving you weeks behind sometimes.

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Documentation
  • University Degree
  • Visa
  • Work Permits/Study Documents
  • Skill Certifications
  • Drivers License

2. Look Into What Benefits You’re Eligible For

When expats move overseas, they don’t always have their benefits thoroughly looked into. One of the biggest benefits for expats to look into is their healthcare. There are a few different ways to go about this as you may or may not be eligible for the National Health Service (NHS). If you are eligible, this is a great healthcare that will cover everything. If not, you will probably want to get international health insurance. The benefit of this is it will cover more than just your time in Scotland.

3. Get Acclimated to the Scottish Accent

Some expats move to Scotland without ever experiencing true Scottish accents. In this case, their only exposure is through movies and TV which are dramatized versions. Different areas of Scotland even have slightly different accents, so it’s worthwhile to start listening before you get there. 

Fun and Interesting Scotland Facts

  • Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn
  • Golf was said to be invented here
  • There is the most redheads per capita

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