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Car Shipping to Turkey

Shipping a car to Turkey can be confusing without the right help. In line with the custom regulations of Turkey, the only way a foreigner can ship their car to the country and import it is if they are moving to Turkey for work, retirement, or education.

Should you fall into one of these categories, the next step would be to obtain an alien vehicles temporary entry card. Also referred to as a blue card, this will allow you to ship your car to Turkey permanently. The only place that you can get this special entry card is from the Turkish Touring and Automobile Union.

Once you find out you have authorization to import your car into Turkey, SCL can handle your shipment. With over 40 years of international shipping experience, we have shipped thousands of cars to and from Turkey. To begin your shipment, fill out the quote request at the top of the page and read our guide below.

international car shipping to Turkey

How to Ship a Car to Turkey With Schumacher

The process for how to ship a car is straightforward with the right information. We’ll work with you on the steps to take your vehicle shipment to Turkey from start to finish.

Obtaining Temporary Entry for Your Vehicle

To obtain the entry card, you need to first pay a fee and present the following documents:

  • Residence permit (for work, education or retirement purposes)
    • Your work permit (if you are a foreigner working in Turkey)
    • Foreign retirees need a document indicating the amount of their retirement pension
    • For students, a certificate from their school
  • Passport and a photocopy
  • Valid driving license and photocopy
  • Proof of ownership (registration documents, purchase invoice)
  • Proof of insurance valid in Turkey

After the temporary entry card is issued for the imported vehicle, you must take it to the customs office to pay the fee. In addition, if you are registering the vehicle you have to go to the Turkish Traffic Department Directorate in the specific province that you received residence. The Turkey blue card also has other benefits beyond the import approval so it is worth it to look into. 

How Much Does Car Shipping to Turkey Cost

A good place to begin your international car shipment is to figure out the price. How much the cost is to ship a car to Turkey depends on different factors such as the vehicle details, origin, and destination. For example, a shipment from California will have a very different price than departing from New York. Since there is this variation, our representatives create custom quotes for each shipment.

For the cost to ship your car, fill out our Online Quote Form.

Customs Tax on Cars Shipped to Turkey

The customs fee for cars depends on the vehicle’s engine size and age. Whether you are obtaining temporary status or applying for a residence permit also affects the taxes. To get an accurate number it is best to contact your local consulate for the tax you may have to pay.

Important Deadlines for Auto Shipping to Turkey

For those adhering to the temporary entry card status, the foreign plated vehicle can only be used in Turkey for a duration of 6 months in a 12 month period. Once the time is up, the car must leave Turkey for a minimum of 6 months before the process can be repeated. The maximum amount of time this can be done is two. Under certain circumstance, those with a retirement visa can bring their car into Turkey for up to one year before the vehicle must leave.

Additional Car Shipping to Turkey Information

To start shipping your car to Turkey, fill out our online quote form at the top of the page. After you complete the form, our representatives begin working with the details of your vehicle shipment. They will gather all relevant information and send you your quote once they are done. You can then discuss all the particular details with them and get your shipment on its way to Turkey.

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