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Moving to Australia from the USA

International Moving Services to Australia

Australia is a very popular country for international relocations from the USA and it is one of our busiest destinations. For the last four decades, our overseas moving company has provided families and individuals alike, with international moving services, as well as businesses and corporate moves. No matter where you are located within the US or wherever you are moving to in Australia, Schumacher Cargo’s international movers offer pick up from your home and direct services to your door overseas.

Read our guide on how to move to Australia from the USA below and start your shipment today!

How to Move to Australia from the USA

The process for how to move to Australia is quite simple with Schumacher. We’ll advise you on everything that needs to be done for a hassle free experience. With over 40 years of experience in moving to Australia, you can be sure your move is in good hands.

Estimate the Volume of  Goods

When starting a move to Australia, the best place to begin is estimating your amount of goods to ship. With an estimate size, we can better prepare you with the info you need for a successful move. For people who don’t know their move size yet, we also have preset volumes from 10 boxes all the way to a 4+ bedroom home.

Get the Cost for Your Move

The cost to move to Australia depends on many different factors. Details like volume, origin, destination, and services all affect the price. An example is moving from LA to Australia will have a different price than NY to Australia. This is the case even if all other factors are the same. For this reason, our representatives create custom quotes specific to each move.

Fill out our Online Quote Form to get a custom quote for your move to Australia.

Ship the Goods to Australia from the US

Once you finalize a booking with your representative, we will begin your shipment. Using our full service moves, we can come to your home then pack and wrap the goods. We then take the goods to the nearest port and prepare it for shipping in a container. As soon as the container is ready to ship, it will load into the vessel and begin sailing. You will then receive the Bill of Lading and an estimate for when the goods will enter Australia.

Receive the Goods at Your Home Overseas

As your goods enter the country they will undergo customs clearance. When your goods clear, they will be unloaded and prepared to move to your home. You will receive a call to schedule the delivery and book the best available time. Your goods are then taken and delivered to you where you need. All that’s left is to enjoy your goods and the completion of your move to Australia.

Household Goods Shipping and Moving Services

There are multiple steps when moving overseas, whether you are moving household goods to Australia or other types of cargo. Our international removal services to Australia cover everything you need door to door. These services allow our customers to make the big move with as little stress as possible.

International Removals to Australia:

  • Door to door options and flexibility
  • Packing and wrapping your goods
  • Pick up services from your home
  • Customs clearance, paperwork, delivery, and much more!

Shipment Options for Moving to Australia

For those relocating to Australia, our services work great for entire household moves as well as smaller ones for studios, offices or even certain items of furniture.

With our shared container service, you’ll only be charged for the actual volume of cargo that you ship. because we understand that not everyone moving household goods to Australia will need their own individual container.

However, if you need a speedier arrival date or have enough cargo to fill a container, our international moving company also offers sole container services is the more ideal option.

Port Information

Our moving services to Australia utilize different ports depending on the shipment details. They include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth/Fremantle, and Adelaide. When moving to Australia, we will choose the best port to transport your goods to the final destination so you don’t have to worry. No matter what city, we can complete the door to door move.

Popular Australian Moving Destinations

There are hundreds of destinations that our moving services to Australia serve and they include smaller towns as well as the major metropolitan cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and more. In this case, moving to Sydney is just as easy as moving to Brisbane or Fremantle.

In terms of the frequency in which we ship household goods, below is a list of the more common cities involved in an international move from the USA to Australia.

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Darwin
  • Adelaide
Moving to Australia from the USA Sydney Opera House Ocean Panoramic

More Info for Moving to Australia

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