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Moving to Israel from the USA

Moving to Israel has gained traction for Americans making Aliyah in Israel. In this context, “Making Aliyah” is the return to Israel and is what thousands of Americans have been doing in recent decades. Some people believe moving to Israel will be difficult, but with the right help you can move your entire home with no hassle at all.

With over four decades of experience, Schumacher Cargo Logistics has completed thousands of moves to Israel. We have streamlined the moving process, helping us deliver our customers the best value for their shipment.

Read our Israel moving guide below and start your international move today!

Moving to Israel: Jerusalem Skyline

How to Move to Israel from the USA

Guide for International Moving to Israel

  1. Calculate Volume of Goods
  2. Get a Quote
  3. Ship your Goods to Israel
  4. Receive your Goods Overseas

Check the Amount of Goods to Ship

Before starting your move to Israel, create an estimate for the volume you want to ship. Once you know the size of your move, you will have a better understanding of the accommodations needed. Each move is unique and knowing what you are actually moving will allow you to get through the process more quickly. 

How Much Does Moving to Israel Cost

Once you have a estimate for the size of your move, the next step is to complete a quote request. Each particular move will have a different price due to factors such as volume or origin. For this reason our representatives create custom quotes for every move to make sure you get the most accurate information. To illustrate the difference, the price to move to Jerusalem may be different than the price to move to Tel Aviv even for the same goods.

Request a quote using the banner at the top of the page or our Online Quote Form.

Export Your Goods to Israel

Our door to door moving service makes it easy to export goods to Israel. We pick up the goods from anywhere in the US then pack and load them into a container. They will then ship once the container is ready to go. You will receive a Bill of Lading and message as the ship leaves which includes an ETA for the arrival into Israel.

Complete the Move Overseas

When arriving in Israel, your goods enter the custom clearance process. The main ports for importing goods in Israel are Ashdod and Haifa. For shipping household goods to Israel, we offer door to door services meaning you can choose anywhere in the country for us to deliver. Once they clear, they will be unloaded and a representative will contact you regarding the next steps. Your delivery will be scheduled as transit is secured and delivered to your door. After receiving your goods, all that’s left is to enjoy your time as an expat in Israel.

Israel Relocation Information

American Expats Moving to Israel

For many American expats emigrating to Israel is a long term goal. To people relocating there, Aliyah to Israel is a more than just a move because of the culture behind it. Some relocate here because they get a job opportunity, but that is somewhat less common. There are now established expat communities all over the country, so people moving there can acclimate more easily.

Making Aliyah

Making Aliyah is the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to Israel. Diaspora in this case is any land that the Jewish people have emigrated to. Moving to Israel from America is one of the biggest Aliyah countries as it has the largest Jewish population. The Law of Return allows Jewish people and their children the right to move to Israel with residency and citizenship in Israel on arrival.

Language in Israel

One of the main difficulties for American expats in Israel is the language barrier. Hebrew is the primary language, so it is best to have a good understanding before moving. While there are many expats in Israel who speak English, operating with locals will mostly require Hebrew.

Fun and Interesting Israel Facts

  • Israel is about the size of New Jersey
  • There is one of the largest tech and start-up industries in the world
  • Kosher versions of fast food chains can be found here
  • The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth
  • Almost all homes use solar energy as the main power source

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