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Moving to Ukraine from the USA

Moving to Ukraine from America has become more popular as they move into the internet age. With one of the largest internet industries, there is growing opportunities for many Americans to live here. On top of that, they also have one of the lowest costs of living for all European countries. With all the new interest, Schumacher Cargo Logistics is here to help make your move stress free.

Read our guide below on how to move to Ukraine and start your international move today.

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How to Move to Ukraine with Schumacher

Despite the fact that international transport looks hard, moving to Ukraine is actually like any other move once you have the appropriate information. Together with our experience, we can guide you through all the steps to complete your move.

SCL has been moving internationally since 1977 with over 10,000 satisfied customers a year. With our experience, we want to be able to help people complete their relocation stress free while being well informed. To learn how to complete your household goods move, continue our guide below.

Steps to Relocate to Ukraine:

  1. Estimate the Volume of Household Goods
  2. Get a Custom Quote Based on Your Move Details
  3. SCL Picks Up and Packs Your Items
  4. The Items Ship to Ukraine
  5. Receive the Goods Overseas

Estimating Volume

Firstly, you need to estimate the size of your move. We are able to offer customers the best value for their move through consolidated shipping. By sharing space with others, the price is dependent on the actual amount of space you need. If you need an exclusive container, we offer a 20′ that holds up to 1000 cubic feet or a 40′ that holds up to 2000 cubic feet.

How Much Does Moving to Ukraine Cost

The price to move to Ukraine depends on the details of each shipment. Changes in factors like origin/destination and amount of goods all play a part in the cost. For that reason, our representatives create custom quotes for each move.

To get the price for your move to Ukraine, please fill our Online Quote Form. Also, you can call in at 1-562-408-6677 to talk to one of our relocation representatives.

SCL Picks Up Your Items

After starting your shipment, we can pick up your items and bring them to our nearest SCL warehouse. Alternatively, you can deliver them to one of our warehouses instead. When we pick up you move, we pack all your goods as well to ensure their safety during their journey overseas.

SCL Warehouses:

  • California
  • New Jersey/New York
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • Florida

Exporting the Goods to the Ukraine

As soon as the goods are ready to ship, we’ll load them and export them to Ukraine. If you chose a consolidated service, your goods will be gathered with other customers and ship once its full. On the other hand, sole container will ship as soon as the goods are ready to go. As your goods move out to sea, you will receive a bill of lading and the ETA for their arrival into Ukraine.

Completing Your Move to Ukraine

As the ship arrives, our agents in Ukraine begin to clear customs for the container. They will alert you once your goods are cleared in the country. At this point you can pick them up from the warehouse or start to schedule a delivery depending on the service you prefer. Then after receiving your goods, your move to Ukraine is complete.

How Long Does Moving to Ukraine Take

The time it takes to move to Ukraine also depends on similar details to the price. With the same factors that affect price, the time is also affected. Generally a door to door move will be around 8-12 weeks. This large range is dependent on your particulars and you’ll get a better ETA as soon as the ship leaves.

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