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Moving Tips

Give yourself enough time.

It all starts with planning and organizing. If you are moving in the summer be aware this is the "peak" of the moving season. Allow at least 4 weeks prior notice for all bookings, if possible.

Use the right boxes

Schumacher Cargo Logistics only uses new sturdy, reinforced cartons. Although the boxes you can obtain from your neighborhood supermarket or liquor store may be free, they are not nearly as strong or padded like new boxes. They are more susceptible to causing damage to your valuables in transit.

Be sure to point out to our packing crew the boxes in which you’ve packed fragile items, especially if those items are valuable.
Schumacher Cargo Logistics team leader will advise you on whether those valuables need to be repacked in sturdier, more appropriate boxes.

Facilitate the transit

The heavier the item, the smaller the box it should occupy. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t lift the carton easily, it’s too heavy. Label all boxes so you can find everything you need the first night in your new home.

Pack your phone book since you may need to call old neighbors or businesses from your new home.

Placing an open box of baking soda inside your refrigerator will help to absorb excess moisture during moving. The boxes that you will need first should be loaded last. This might include toys, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, blankets, pillows, and sheets.

Work hand in hand with our packing crew

Read the inventory form carefully, and ask our team leader to explain anything you don’t understand. Make a note of your shipment’s registration number, and keep your Bill of Lading handy.

It is your responsibility to see that all of your goods are loaded, so remain on the premises until loading is completed. To insure that nothing gets left behind always do a final inspection of the premises. Do not sign any releases without completing this inspection

Move-in Day

Be sure you’re there when the delivery crew arrives. Plan to stay around while they unload in case they have any questions. If you cannot be there personally, be sure to authorize an adult to be your representative to accept delivery. Inform the destination agent of your chosen representative’s name. Your representative will be asked to not any change in the condition of your goods noted on the inventory at time of loading.

Consult your ship card or contact us for complete information, including schedules and ports.

Written by Damien Shields

Schumacher Cargo Logistics utilizes insured, secured and bonded facilities. We provide warehousing, packing, crating, trucking and loading services out of our own warehouses here in the USA - Los Angeles, Houston, Savannah, Miami, New York, and New Jersey. All other worldwide destinations are covered by our affiliated organization member companies.