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Shipping A Car To Japan from the USA

Shipping a car to Japan?

Many American expats have started to ship cars to Japan for a few different reasons. From taking an American muscle car with your relocation or a military POV, the appeal for exporting a car has grown.

Schumacher Cargo Logistics is the premier international vehicle shipping company with over 40 years of experience. We make the shipping process easy and provide the best value in the industry.

Read our guide below on how to ship a car to Japan and start your shipment today!

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How to Ship a Car to Japan

  1. Get the Price to Ship a Car
  2. Begin the Exporting the Car to Japan
  3. Finish the Car Import in Japan

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Japan

The price to ship a car to Japan depends on multiple factors specific to your particular shipment. Your particular price will depend on the car, origin, and destination. Beyond cars, we also ship motorcycles, vans, boats, and pretty much any motor vehicle to Japan. For this reason, our representative create custom quotes specific to each shipment.

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Export Process for Shipping a Car to Japan

Once you decide to ship, we begin the export process for your vehicle to Japan. On this side the export process is quite simple. We’ll guide you on any documentation needed for your particular port and vehicle. Then we’ll arrange for the pick up and transport to the port. Alternatively, you can also take the vehicle to the port warehouse yourself to save on the domestic portion of the shipment. As the car moves out to sea, you will be sent the Bill of Lading a recieve an ETA for the arrival of your car in Japan.

Completing the Import Process

When your car arrives in Japan, it begins the importation process overseas. You will get notification that the vehicle has arrived and started customs clearance. Next the car is then moved and unloaded into the port warehouse. Then the car can be delivered right to your door or picked up from the port. Your car shipment to Japan is now complete and you can enjoy your American vehicle abroad.

To import a car into Japan, a few criteria have to be met. The are some different requirements compared to most of the world, such as requiring a parking space to register the vehicle. Another interesting fact is that it is actually legal to drive your left-hand drive car in Japan. With all of Japan’s odd vehicle import rules, we recommend contacting your local Japanese consulate before shipping.

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Shipping A Car To Japan from the USA Shipping A Car To Japan from the USA Shipping A Car To Japan from the USA Shipping A Car To Japan from the USA Shipping A Car To Japan from the USA Shipping A Car To Japan from the USA Shipping A Car To Japan from the USA Shipping A Car To Japan from the USA

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