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Moving to Finland from USA

A large amount of people have been moving to Finland from the US in recent years. Some of the desire for this move can be attributed to Finland receiving the title, “The happiest country in the world.”  This title was given to them by the UN who ranks happiness based on many factors. With a booming economy and beautiful Nordic scenery around every corner, it’s no wonder why people want to live in Finland. Relocating internationally can be a complicated and confusing for any individual, but working with a good full service relocation company can help you complete every step of the move.

Moving household goods to Finland from the United States requires proactive time management and organization in order to have a streamlined experience. By working with an international relocation company, you can be assured that your move will be in safe hands while you take the time to plan the rest of your new life in Finland. This leaves you more time to focus on the other aspects of your future overseas.

Schumacher Cargo Logistics is dedicated to providing the best international move possible. With over 40 years of experience in moving to Finland, we can make that happen for you.

Read our guide on how to move to Finland from the US below and start your international relocation today!

Moving to Finland Northern Lights Near Icey Town

How to Move to Finland from the US

Volume of Goods to Ship to Finland

The process to move to Finland from the US starts with an evaluation of the goods you want to take overseas. There are some goods that don’t make sense to bring such as major electrical appliances. This is because Finland uses a different outlet from the US entirely. However, smaller electronic goods can be used if you have a power converter or transformer. Other things to consider are the differences in the weather and if you would also like to bring your vehicle as well. You can adjust your shipment size to whatever suits your moving needs. We have had practice handling every size of shipment from a small single bedroom all the way to full 4+ bedroom houses with a car.

Use our Moving Calculator to help create an estimate inventory and size of your move.

Get Your Cost for Moving to Finland from the US

Once you have finished the approximation of the household goods that you are shipping to Finland, begin a quote with our Online Quote Form or call in to get an estimate cost for your move. A relocation specialist will contact you after they have completed your custom quote. Then you will be able to discuss the other specifics of your move with them. Some of the specifics they help with is adjusting volume if necessary or creating a timeline to get your goods to their destination. The actual cost to move to Finland will depend on a variety of factors. Individual details such as the amount of goods and service chosen all affect price.

Types of Services for Moving to Finland

Schumacher offers different pickup and drop-off services in order to suit your particular move. This is both in regards to distance and convenience.

  • Door to Door

Household goods are picked up from your home in the US and moved to your home in Finland.

  • Door to Port

Household goods are picked up from your home in the US and you receive them in one of the major port cities such as Helsinki or Kotka.

  • Port to Door

You bring your household goods to one of our warehouses and then are moved to your home in Finland.

  • Port to Port

You bring your household goods to one of our major receiving warehouses and you receive them in one of the major port cities such as Helsinki or Kotka

Shipping Categories

Schumacher offers different ways to ship which affect both the time frame and costs of the shipment:

  • Shared Container Service

With a shared container service, your move is consolidated with other customers also moving to Finland. These are shipped once the container is at full capacity.

  • Exclusive 20 or 40 Foot Container Service

With an exclusive container service, you have full access to your own 20 or 40 foot container. This ships on the next available vessel and is quicker than shared.

  • Air Freight Service

With air freight service, your goods are loaded onto a plane and delivered in record time. Though this service is more expensive and used mostly for goods that absolutely need to be at their destination quickly.

Most Popular Services

Though each service has pros and cons, the most popular service for moving household goods to Finland is door to door service in a shared container. This service creates the least hassle for you as we take care of every aspect. It also keeps costs lower by sharing the container space with others moving to Finland. A limiting factor is a shared container will not ship until the container consolidation is complete. With proper planning, you can offset that wait time by shipping early or leaving for the country once your goods have been shipped.

If you need your to arrive on a strict timeline, an exclusive container is a good option. The exclusive container makes much more sense when there is a lot to move. You will pay for the full capacity of the container in order to ship by yourself. Air freight is even faster, but the price makes this service mostly for rare and exotic items.

Why Move to Finland

There are many great reasons to live in Finland, and here are some interesting facts about the country:

  • The UN ranks Finland the happiest country in the world
  • They rank first on the UN Education Index
  • Saunas are an integral part of Finnish culture with over 2 million in operation
  • People in Finland consume the most coffee in the world per capita
  • Internet access is a natural legal right for its inhabitants
  • Finnish is the native language, though many also speak Swedish
  • Phone manufacture, Nokia, started and operates in Finland
  • The Aurora Borealis appears in Finland during Autumn and Spring

Popular Destinations to Relocate to in Finland

There are many destinations to choose from when relocating to Finland. We can facilitate a door to door move for whichever city in Finland you select.

Here are some of the more popular cities to live in Finland:

Living in Helsinki

The capital city of Finland, Helsinki, is a vibrant, modern city that offers a high quality of life. It is known for its cultural events, nightlife, and excellent public transportation system. Helsinki also has a strong economy and job market.

Living in Turku

Turku is the oldest city in Finland, with a rich history and a charming, medieval city center. It is located on the southwest coast of Finland and is known for its beautiful archipelago. Turku has a strong cultural scene and is home to several universities.

Living in Tampere

Tampere is located in central Finland and is the third-largest city in the country. It has a lively city center, excellent restaurants and cafes, and a strong arts and culture scene. Tampere is also known for its beautiful lakes and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Living in Oulu

Oulu is located in northern Finland and is known for its high-tech industry and innovative startups. It is a university town with a young, dynamic population. Oulu also offers plenty of outdoor activities, including skiing, snowboarding, and hiking.

Living in Vaasa

Vaasa is a coastal city located in western Finland. It is a bilingual city with both Finnish and Swedish-speaking populations. Vaasa is known for its strong economy, excellent schools, and beautiful archipelago.

Most American expats will be moving to Helsinki. This is because it is both the country’s capital and also the most populated city in Finland. About 10% of the population in Helsinki is expats, though Americans living in Finland make up a small percentage of that. The other cities are great for retirement living, but if you are going to work or study in Finland your destination will most likely end up being Helsinki. Expats in Finland will need to make the effort to learn Finnish.  A majority of the population can only speak that language with no English experience.

Immigrating to Finland from USA

One of the most important parts of the move is making sure you can legally immigrate to Finland from the United States. Without obtaining a permit, it is only possible to live in Finland for up to 90 days. You must obtain a residence permit to stay longer than that amount of time. Immigrating to Finland is impossible without getting these permits, so it is integral that this is completed before you begin to move. If you are in Finland to work or study, these permits can be obtained, but do have specific requirements to be eligible.

If you are returning to Finland or have a Finnish nuclear family, obtaining this residence permit is a much more streamlined process. All the paperwork still needs completion, but the government is likely to issue you your permit faster if you fit in these categories. This is a lengthy process and it is smart to consult with a professional to complete this both accurately and quickly. Once you have your residence permit, you are ready to start on your new life in Finland.

Visit the Finnish Immigration Service Website for guides on how to immigrate to Finland from USA based on your particular immigration status. There you can find all the documents and paperwork in order to legally become an American expat in Finland.

For further information on how to move to Finland or other international shipping questions, please call and discuss with one of our moving specialists at 562-408-6677 or toll-free at 800-599-0190.

For additional questions about shipping household goods to Finland and to get a free moving quote, contact us today.

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