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Moving to the USA: How to Move to America

Moving to the USA looks like a daunting task whether or not you have done it before or move abroad all the time. With our guide on how to move to America, we hope to clarify how the process works and make your journey as straightforward as possible.

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Top Reasons to Move to the USA

There are many different reasons to move to the USA, but here are a few we hear the most.

  1. Great job opportunities in almost every field
  2. Top universities all over the country
  3. Access to many different cultures and cuisine
  4. Travel opportunities to different climates and biomes
  5. Universal use of English which many people moving to America already know

What to Consider Before Moving to America

There are many things to consider before moving to America, which is why it seems confusing at first. Here are a few of the things that show up the most when people have questions about what they may need to move to the states.

Types of Visas to Live in America

When emigrating to America, there are many different forms of documentation that allows them to stay in the country. Here are a few of the visas that people usually get when trying to relocate to the USA for a longer period of time.

Green Card:

The Green Card is one of the most popular types of visas to get for foreigners to live in America. Green Cards can only be obtained after arrival in the USA, so you’ll have to have an immigrant visa at first to even obtain this one. It allows for permanent residency and will allow you to work and live anywhere in the USA.

H-1B Visa:

H-1B visas are one of the most popular visas and will allow high level workers to work and live in the US for up to 6 years.

L1 and L2 Visa:

L1 visas allow people to transfer to the USA from another business location overseas for up to 7 years. L2 visas allow the spouse or children of a L1 holder to stay with them in the USA.

EB Visas:

There are many different EB visas and each are employment based immigration visas. Each has different requirements and need to be looked through to see if you qualify for the specific one.

J-1 Visa:

J-1 Visas are usually given to people that are working or studying in an exchange program. These are sponsored by the program and are nonimmigrant visas.

There are many other visas to come to the US, and for more immigration information take a look at US Citizen and Immigration Services

Healthcare After Moving to the US

Many people who move to the USA were covered by their country, but when living here they are no longer covered. In this case it is important to acquire healthcare in order to be covered if any health issues arise. Employers sometimes cover the healthcare, but this does not always happen.

Understanding the Differences Between Laws

When moving to the USA, many expats don’t realize that the local, state, and federal laws can all be very different. What might be legal in one state or county may be different in another one, so be careful to look up the laws particular to the areas you plan on living in.

Important Documents for Immigrating to the USA

Here are a few of the most important documents to bring with you to the States:

  • Valid Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Bank Documents
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Medical records 
  • All certificates, diplomas, etc.

Removals to the USA

When moving, you may also want your household goods with you shipped to the USA. Our team can help you through the entire relocation process taking you from start to finish. Once you start with us, we can walk you through the documentation and what you’ll need to do during the process. We take your goods from your home to wherever you need in America. If your car is eligible we can also import your vehicle into the USA as well.

Moving to the USA: Country Guides

Below are some of our other guides on how to move to the US from different countries:

Moving to the USA from Germany

Moving to the USA from the UK

Start Your Move to the USA with Schumacher

With this guide, we hope we helped you get additional clarity on how to move to the USA from abroad. 

If you are moving or thinking about moving to America, we at Schumacher Cargo Logistics can ship your goods. With over 40 years of experience, SCL is a premier moving company. From cars to full households, we can ship your goods door to door from your home overseas to your new home in the US. 

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