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Import of 2nd POV: For Military Personnel and DOD Civilians Returning Back to USA

Military service members and Department of Defense civilians with permanent-change-of-station orders are entitled to ship one privately-owned vehicle at government expense from overseas locations.

However, many people nowadays have two vehicles and want to return home with both. If so, you will be paying for it out of your own pocket.

As soon as you are certain that you will be shipping your second POV, please fill out our Online Quote Form or contact Filip Michelet at Schumacher Cargo Logistics.

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Importing a 2nd POV

We will provide you with a free rate quotation. A PCS move can be costly. Knowing the cost of shipping a second POV, months before you move, allows planning a budget accordingly. In this case, we can adjust your shipment to fit your needs in the military.

The price is all-inclusive and includes inland transportation costs to a port (if required), foreign and U.S. port charges, export customs clearance fees, and import customs fees/government taxes.

Documentation and POV Inspection

Make sure to have proper documentation in your possession. Documentation normally needed to ship a POV from overseas includes: PCS orders, vehicle registration/title, military or DOD identification.

Cleaning the Vehicle for DoA

Ensure the vehicle is clean. All vehicles must meet U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection requirements prior to shipping – this is the law.

Specifically, vehicles must be free of dirt, soil, plant life, animal life and other organic hazards. This means the exterior, interior, engine, engine compartment and radiator.

The entire interior of the POV must be vacuumed, including the trunk area, and all personal effects must be removed from the vehicle, even air fresheners.

EPA and DOT Requirements

Ensure your vehicle has no more than a quarter tank of fuel at time of shipment. Check your stickers. The POV must be a U.S.-spec vehicle and have both the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation stickers affixed.

The EPA stickers should be clearly visible in the engine area. In this case there should be a white sticker with the word “catalyst” at the bottom.

The DOT sticker should be clearly visible in the door jamb area. It is usually white with the vehicle identification number and the month and year of manufacturer listed at the bottom.

If your vehicle is missing either of these stickers, you must prove the vehicle was registered stateside, or provide a letter from the manufacturer to verify the vehicle is U.S. manufactured and complies with U.S. requirements.

European-spec vehicles must ship through a stateside certified independent commercial importer. A list is available from the EPA.

This, however, can be an expensive process because the vehicle must also conform to EPA and DOT safety requirements and would be subject to conversion to US specification at an EPA accredited Conversion Station. This process is not only costly but could take 3-6 months to complete.

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