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Import a Car from Italy to USA

Italian automobiles are one of the largest industries in Italy today. Not to mention they produce some of the finest cars ever manufactured in the world. To get some of these beautiful Italian cars, people must to import them. In order to import a car from Italy to the US, using an international shipping company becomes essential.

Schumacher Cargo Logistics has over 40 years of experience shipping cars from Italy and the USA. Through this extensive history, we have developed processes and networks to make shipments process smoothly and at the best value. With this in mind, you can be confident in Schumacher handling all your Italian vehicle import needs.

Read our guide on how to import a car from Italy to the USA and fill the Form at the top to start your shipment today!

International car shipping from Italy to USA: Import a Car from Italy

How to Import a Car from Italy

There are a large variety of Italian cars that people want to import. In spite of that, many do not actually know how to import cars from Italy into the US. With our help, you will be able to understand the process and ship a car from Italy to USA in no time at all. 

Eligibility for Car Import from Italy

Firstly, there are requirements that a car needs to meet for importation into the US. Not all Italian cars are eligible for entry because of the restrictions. The conditions are strict, but the import process is easy after they are met. The most popular condition is if the Italian car is a classic. Cars over 25 years old can be imported from Italy without modification because of this classification. The only other common way is if the car is already US specifications. Otherwise, the import has to be checked.

Use our Auto Import Tool to check your vehicle eligibility.

Cost to Ship a Car from Italy to the US

Once you know you can ship your car from Italy, the next step is to get a quote. A variety of factors make up the cost to ship a car from Italy to the US. As a result, the price for every shipment is different. For an example, shipping a car from Italy to LA will be different than to NY even with everything else the same.

Factors that Affect Price to Ship a Car from Italy to the USA:

  • Vehicle Dimensions
  • Origin and Destination
  • Shipping Services

Since shipments vary in price, our representatives create custom quotes for each customer. Fill out our Online Quote Form or call in at 1800 599-0190 to get a quote for the price to import your car from Italy today.

Vehicle Shipping Services from Italy to the US

We offer container and roll on/roll off (RoRo) shipping from Italy to the US. Both are effective for importing a car from Italy, but they offer different protection and cost.

Container Car Shipping from Italy to USA

Container shipping involves loading an enclosed container before shipping. Depending on the size, multiple cars may be loaded in one container. We offer both 20 and 40 foot containers in this case for different size loads.

RoRo Car Shipping from Italy to USA

RoRo involves what the name suggests. In this case, a vehicle is rolled onto the shipping vessel in Italy and is rolled off the in the US. There are only select ports to receive these based on available service. You will also not be able to take insurance on this type of service.

Why Most Customers Choose Container

Most customers choose container shipping as it offers more protection during transit. While it is more expensive, the price is usually worth it when transporting valuable goods like an Italian car. Also many times container shipping to the West Coast is cheaper since RoRo mainly services the East Coast.

Choosing an Import Destination

Schumacher Cargo Logistics has 5 warehouses to receive your Italian import vehicles. Although, we deliver the car anywhere in the US by land once it arrives.

Schumacher Locations:

Lastly, you pick up your car from your chosen warehouse or have it delivered right to your door. The car is now successfully imported from Italy and the shipping process is complete. When submitting a quote, our representative will advise the best options to choose for the whole process.

Additional Resources

To learn more about importing cars from Italy, use the US Customs and Border Protection Page.

For information on exporting a car to Italy, use our resource on Shipping a Car to Italy from USA.

Use our Online Quote Form to begin shipping a car from Italy to USA!

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