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Moving Your Household Goods to France

International moving services to France

Relocating from the U.S. to France with Your Personal Effects

When relocating to France from the U.S., there are two major steps: making travel arrangements and then selecting an international moving company to ship your personal effects.

Depending on what and how much you want to move with, there will be different options for moving your household goods.

Our company's moving service to France uses either one of two base ports: La Havre or Marseille.

It's a popular destination and both ports have regular departures from our shipping locations in the U.S.

You can choose to use a door to port, port to port or door to port service. Ask one of our moving specialists which suits you best.

The amount of time it will take to ship your goods from the U.S. to your new home in France will also depend on which service you select and what you're shipping.

There is also the question of taxes and duties on your personal effects. Generally, as long as the goods aren't new and are for personal use, then you will be able to import them duty free and clear French customs.

To view the rules for importing certain goods, visit our shipping regulations page for France. Lists do change however, so make sure to check with the French embassy if you are unsure about particular household goods or cargo.

3 Different Service Options to Choose from

  1. Shared Container Service: You only pay for actual volume you’re shipping to France
  2. Exclusive Use Containers:  You pay one flat rate and you can fill the containers to the brim (20' or 40' Containers)
  3. Car, motorcycle and boat shipping services

12 Major Cities we ship to:

If your city is not one of the ones listed below, don't worry. We can make anything work. Just call us for a quote and tell us to which French city you're moving.

Bordeaux Le Havre Lille
Lyon Marseille Montpellier
Nice Nantes Paris
Rennes Reims Toulouse

Moving Your Pet to France With You

Of course you don’t want to leave your best friends behind! You can move your pet to France with you, but you must follow certain laws. Here are some of the main rules:

  1. Birds have a 30-day pre-export quarantine or a 30 day quarantine after import.
  2. You will need to purchase appropriate size cage. IATA Regulated.
  3. Valid Veterinary Certificate (details of vaccinations)

French Facts to Know Before You Move.

  1. Paris is France's largest city and also the capital, but other famous cities in France are Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Rennes, Lille, Marseille and Bordeaux. The name for the world-famous wine, Bordeaux, comes from this city but Bordeaux has many wine regions.
  2. Currency used is EURO
  3. Corporate Tax is currently 33.00%
  4. Taxable income in France a progressive Tax rates up to 40%
  5. The standard rate for the VAT is 19.6%
  6. Population of about 64 million and is ranked 21st in the world

For further information on any of above, call and discuss your move with one of our Moving Specialists at: 800 599-0190 // 562 408-6677

Written by Martyn Cohen

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