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International moving services to Germany

Household Goods Moving Service to Germany

Because of its business sector and ties with the U.S. military, we move hundreds of household goods shipments to Germany each year for families and individuals.

In Germany, shipping your belongings and importing them through customs, is straightforward yet bureaucratic. The process is detailed and can take a while if things aren’t in order.

You’ll need to make sure you have all the right documentation not only for your effects but also yourself. That’s why it is important to work with an experienced company to avoid any hold-ups.

Those moving household goods to Germany as personal property who wish to take advantage of this must meet the tax and customs relief requirements.

6 Things to Know Before Your Move:

  • There are 16 Federal Provinces. There are five important regions for trade and these are Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Cologne.
  • Foreign person wishing to reside in Germany, must have a valid entry VISA
  • Population of about 83 Million
  • Germans are the worlds 2nd largest consumers of beer (Irish are the first of course!!)
  • Soccer/Football is not just a game in Germany is the National Passion
  • The capital city Berlin, is 9 times bigger than Paris

Getting Your Household Goods to Germany:

There are surprisingly a few options when transporting household goods overseas. One can either use a shared container service or an exclusive container. If you are on a time constraint, we offer clients their own exclusive shipping container container of 20' or 40' at a flat rate.

With a shared container, you only pay for the actual volume you want to ship. If you are worried about leaving your car behind, don't be. We can ship your vehicle to Germany along with your household goods and other personal effects.

12 Major German Cities we ship Household Goods to:

Berlin Bremen Bremerhaven
Cologne Dortmund Dusseldorf
Frankfurt Hanover Heidelberg
Kaiserslautern Munich Stuttgart

Useful German Tax Information for Individual income Tax rates, 2013

Tax Base (EUR)

Rate of tax

Up to 8,130






250,731 and over


  • Corporate Tax is 15% + A Solidarity Tax of 5.5% for merger of 2 Germany's
  • VAT - Value added Tax 19%

Pet Transportation Services to Germany

Pets are part of the family too and you shouldn't have to leave them behind regardless of the extra work when moving. At Schumacher Cargo we can advise you on professional pet care services to transport them safely to your new home. Here are some tips as well:

  • Pets need to have an ISO pet microchip
  • Rabies vaccination certificates are only valid for 12 months
  • All forms & documentation must be in both German and English

For further information on any of above, call and discuss your move with one of our Moving Specialists at: 800 599-0190 // 562 408-6677

Written by Martyn Cohen

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