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Moving to a New Country: Pros and Cons

There are many reasons for moving to a new country as an American. In total, there are millions of US expats all over the world. From working to retirement, there have been enough pros to convince people to make the move. Though not all aspects of life will be the same or better than in the states. Differences in culture and lifestyle can also lead to some cons overseas. This is why it is important to look at the big picture before you leave or you may get an unexpected surprise.

Check out our article on the pros and cons for the differences when moving to a new country!

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Disclaimer for Moving to a New Country: Pros and Cons 

When thinking about the pros and cons of moving to new countries, it is important to realize that they are all very different. For this reason, the article is broad to encompass the more general pros and cons. These don’t represent all countries, but do give a good understanding of what to expect.

Pros and Cons to Working Overseas as an Expat

Pros to Working Overseas: Better Opportunity and Needs Abroad

Generally when taking work abroad, Americans are given better offers. This is because the foreign company has to go through more effort to hire from the US. These companies usually go above and beyond to provide major benefits to those moving for them. Benefits can include things like traveling stipends or relocation packages. Most countries also have more balanced work cultures than the US, so there can also be improved work/life time.

Cons to Working Overseas: Paying US Income Tax Overseas

Unfortunately this is the case for any new country you may move to. No matter where you choose to travel overseas, you will still owe the US government income tax if you earn money. This isn’t a problem if you work without making any money or renounce your US citizenship, but those are not normal solutions. Though there are a lot of countries that won’t tax you locally, which can offset this negative a bit.

For more information on how taxes work when getting paid overseas, check the IRS page

Pros and Cons to New Cultures When Living Abroad

Pros to New Cultures: Experiences You Can Only Have Overseas

Throughout the world there are experiences you can only have in countries overseas. Many people travel to live in cultures they are unfamiliar with. By integrating into a new culture fully, it is possible to gain a better understanding of the world and appreciate the differences from the USA. Moving to a new country is different to just visiting as you have time to really meet people and live the local way of life.

Cons to New Cultures: Difficulty Assimilating

Expats occasionally move to new countries without the right preparations. Some countries present such a different situation that it can isolate the unprepared. People tend to forget not everyone in rest of the world speaks English or lives like Americans. This can leave expats feeling disconnected from the new country and left to spend time with fellow expats only.

If this situation happens to you, we have some tips on how to adapt to new cultures

Pros and Cons to Product Choices Overseas

Pros to Product Choices: Access to Local Products

America is one of the biggest importers of goods overseas. This allows Americans to access products around the world in one location. However, these import products don’t give the full experience of what is produced locally overseas. By living directly where the product comes from, you can have the freshest and most authentic version.

Cons to Product Choices: Less Access to Global Products

Americans are very fortunate that they can enjoy a variety of products from all over the world. Many other countries do not get as much variation and focus mostly on local products to sell. So while you get a more authentic experience, you do lose out on many things you are used to. For instance, many expats tell us that ketchup and peanut butter are entirely different or not even present in their new countries. Definitely bring some of your favorite American products with you before you get homesick abroad!

Other Pros and Cons for Moving to a New Country

There are many pros and cons of living in foreign countries as an American. There are over 50 million US expats living throughout the world.

Check out our articles below on the pros and cons for differences living in specific foreign countries.

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With the pros and cons of living in a new country, there are definitely reasons to try somewhere abroad. Even though there are some downsides, nowhere is perfect. There are so many American expats starting lives in new countries for a reason!

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