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Living in Saudi Arabia Vs the USA: Pros and Cons

There are many reasons for living in Saudi Arabia as an American. In general, the expats living in Saudi Arabia are professionals that benefit from its growing economy. This means there are many pros to living and working in the Saudi Arabia. Though not all aspects of life will be the same or better than in the states. Differences in culture and lifestyle can also lead to some cons overseas. 

Check out our article on the pros and cons for differences living in the Saudi Arabia compared to the USA below!

living in saudi arabia pros and cons

Disclaimer for Living in Saudi Arabia: Pros and Cons 

It is best to start by addressing that there are differences in living all throughout Saudi Arabia. Living in Dammam, will be different than living in Riyadh, or Jeddah. For this reason, the differences between Saudi Arabia and USA are broad and may not apply to every area in the country.

Pros of Living in Saudi Arabia

Earnings are Tax Free

Expats in living in Saudi Arabia are likely there for business purposes. One of the greatest pros that expats find is that their salaries are tax free meaning they get to effectively make 30-40% more than their American counterparts. Contact your employer because if you meet certain criteria, you may not even have to pay US taxes as well.

New Culture to Experience

Saudi Arabia is unlike any place in the USA, so you are bound to have a different experience. Many will find the different culture to be new and interesting compared to the lives they have in the states. Many expats say they enjoyed the culture in Saudi Arabia and that they would definitely come back to visit when they move back to the USA.

Cons of Living in Saudi Arabia

Intense Summers

One of the hardest things to get used to is the intense summer heat. If you are from a cooler area in the USA, adapting to the hot summers in the KSA may take some time. It’s not crazy for temperatures to get over 110 degrees, so definitely get some suntan!

Adapting to New Culture

As with every other country, adapting to the local culture takes some work. If you don’t adapt to the culture there, you may find yourself having a hard time interacting with the community. Definitely take some time to learn because in the worst case you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Start Living in Saudi Arabia Using Schumacher

With the pros and cons of living in Saudi Arabia, there are solid reasons to move here. Even though there are some differences compared to the US, nowhere is perfect. Saudi Arabia has had a large influx in Americans living there for good reason.

If you are moving or thinking about moving, we at Schumacher Cargo Logistics can help you out. With over 40 years of experience, SCL is a premier moving company. From cars to full households, we can ship your goods door to door from the US to anywhere in the country. There are definitely more differences between the KSA and the US, but we’ll let you experience the rest there.

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