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Moving to Utrecht

International moving services to Utrechtm

Making the Move with Household Goods

Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands and if you’re relocating here, you’ll most likely be bringing belongings and other personal effects with you from the US.

Schumacher Cargo’s locations in the US include Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Savannah and Miami.

When moving household goods to Utrecht, chances are that your individual contianer shipment with enter Holland via the port of Rotterdam and then be directed to your residence for final delivery.

From the port, our agents will be happy to help with any special requests. If you already have a vehicle or are considering renting a moving van, clients always have the option to pick up their belongings from the clearing warehouse.

In most cases, it will take around 45 min to get to the port. The distance is roughly 56 km/ 35 mi using the A20 or A12 motorways but the general process takes longer and it’s much easier and convenient to have the goods delivered to your door.

Where in Utrecht are You Relocating?

The entire city is only 38.4 sq miles(99.3 km2) but has 10 recognized districts or “city quarters”. Regardless of which part of the city your residence is located, we’ll be able to move your shipment to the front door.

  • Binnenstad
  • Oost
  • Leidsche Rijn
  • West
  • Overvecht
  • Zuid
  • Noordoost
  • Zuidwest
  • Noordwest
  • Vleuten-De Meern

There are of course other towns on the outskirts and suburban areas that we can deliver to as well.

Local Authorities and Public Services

Registering in Utrecht is a multi-step process depending on your status and the reason for your relocation.

The first step will be applying for the Dutch residency permit through the IND. Sometimes, this can be done before you even arrive, so it’s worth it to start the application ahead of time.

In the case of those moving to Utrecht from the US, after you’ve obtained the natural residence permit you then need to register at the local municipality office.

The main office at the town hall:

Civil Registry Office

Arthur van Schendelstraat 500

3511 MH Utrecht, Netherlands

0031 30 286 000

Public Transport

Fortunately, the entire city is easily accessible by foot but there are plenty of ways to make your way around. Like many Dutch cities, bicycling is the most used.

From the central rail station, there are local trolleys, buses, taxis and intercity trams as well as rental services.

The city easily accessible via rail from the port of Rotterdam. Those moving to Utrecht will most likely be flying into Schiphol, Holland’s main international airport, which also has a direct service to Utrecht’s central station.

Interesting Facts

The city is home to Utrecht University, which is the Netherland’s largest university, and also has a few other highly regarded educational institutions.

It is also home to the tallest climbable church in all of the Netherlands which stands around 367 feet in height.

The more astonishing fact is that since a storm in the 1670s, the main corridor between the tower and main section was destroyed and tell this day the two are still separated.

Utrecht is also the historical center of Holland and although it has been passed up by Amsterdam in terms of the country’s cultural hubspot and international tourism, it still remains one of the Netherland’s most traditional cities.

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Written by Martyn Cohen

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