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Moving to Amsterdam from USA

Amsterdam is a world renowned city know for its nightlife, canals, and quality of life. An international move from the USA to Amsterdam is appealing for many due to the friendliness towards expats and the fact that most people in Amsterdam speak English. There is also a large expat community in Amsterdam.

Wether moving to Amsterdam for work or just wanting to try a new way of life, Schumacher Cargo can move your household goods to Amsterdam so you feel right at home.
Schumacher has been moving people to and from Amsterdam since 1977 with over 10,000 satisfied customers per year. We can help you relocate to Amsterdam stress free and keep you well informed of the process.

Continue reading our guide below and learn how to complete your household goods move to Amsterdam.
Moving To Amsterdam From The USA - Schumacher Cargo Logistics

How to Move to Amsterdam from the USA

Steps for International Moving to Amsterdam

  1. Calculate Volume of Goods
  2. Get a Quote
  3. Ship your Goods to Amsterdam
  4. Receive your Goods Overseas

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Amsterdam from the US?

The two main factors that will affect the cost of your move to Amsterdam are the volume of goods you want to move and your location in the US.
When completing an international move it is always a good idea to take a look at your belongings and decide what items you plan to take with you. Once you know you can use our household goods volume calculator. This will get you on your way to a more accurate quote for your specific move to Amsterdam.
Each move is unique and knowing what you are actually moving will allow you complete the process successfully. We can also work with you based on preset amounts such as a 2 bedroom apartment, though we’ll want a more concrete number before the move.

Request a custom quote for your move to Amsterdam through our Online Quote Form.

Shipping Your Household Goods to Amsterdam

International moving services to Amsterdam
If you are bringing household goods via our sole container service as part of your relocation, your effects will have a direct shipment from the US to, the largest port in the Netherlands, Rotterdam.

What Happens When My Household Goods Arrive Overseas in Amsterdam?

Once your container arrives in Rotterdam it will go through customs. From there it will be transported to a fully bonded warehouse by one of our overseas agents.
At the warehouse, your goods will be unloaded and prepared for local delivery to your new home.

Can I pickup my Household goods in Amsterdam?

The distance from the Rotterdam port to Amsterdam is approximately 56.6 miles. This equates to about an hour or so of driving considering the route and things like traffic. So, if you are interested in picking up your household goods as opposed to having them delivered, it will probably take a little extra time.
Most of our clients choose to have their goods professionally delivered to their door.

What to Do After You Move to Amsterdam from The USA

Gaining Residency in Amsterdam as an American

The first thing that you’ll want to do after moving to Amsterdam is apply for a residence permit depending on your status.
The process can take a little bit of time which is why it is important to get it taken care of sooner rather than later at the local administration offices or Gemeente.
There are multiple to choose from but you’ll need to apply at the one in your district. In Amsterdam is a great resource for relocation information.
In Amsterdam
World Trade Center F-Tower
Strawlinskylaan 39
1077 XW Amsterdam
020 254 7999

Public Services

Transportation Around Amsterdam
Although it’s Holland’s most populous city and most frequented by tourists, Amsterdam is only around 85 sq miles in size; making it very feasible to find a local police station, medical facility or public transportation close by to your new household.


For those that have visited before, the main form of getting around the city is by bicycle. It is bike friendly and extremely accessible.
Public transportation is right around the corner as the city is compact yet has over 230 trams in addition to multiple trains, metro lines, buses and even boats to navigate the canals.
From the central station, you can access the majority of the city center and districts using a combination of the services above. Visit Amsterdam’s transport agency schedules and maps.

Medical Facilities

There are multiple public hospitals quite near to one another. The main location near the city center is:
OLVG Hospital
Eerste Oosterparkstraat 279
1091 Ha Amsterdam
+31 020 599 9111

Things to Do and See

  • Dam Square(the city center)
  • National Maritime, Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum
  • Tour the Heineken factory
  • Walk the red light district
  • See the Anne Frank House

This city has so much to offer and it will be useful to know your new home even before the move to Amsterdam. So what are you waiting for?

Start Your Move to Amsterdam with Schumacher Cargo Logistics

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