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Shipping Motorcycle to UK

Ship a Motorcycle to England, Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales

For anyone considering shipping a motorcycle to the UK, there are few different options available regarding the overseas transportation.

We have over 40 years of experience in international motorcycle transport including crating, container shipping and the more difficult steps of customs clearance and documentation.

Fortunately, we offer different services with multiple options whether you’re moving to the UK with a motorcycle or importing it for a temporary period of time.

Our UK Motorcycle Transport Services Include:

  • Inland transportation
  • Full dock receipt and detailed inspection
  • Optional Crating
  • Paperwork and customs documentation (listed in later section)
  • 24/7 online tracking

And with more than 10,000 bikes shipped, including Harley Davidsons, street bikes and scooters, we’re happy to say that we can help you ship any type of motorbike to the UK. Additionally, Schumacher Cargo has five offices across the USA so we offer competitive rates no matter where you’re located.

Read our page on how to ship a bike to the UK from the USA and start your international shipment today!

Shipping your motorcycle to the UK

Motorcycle Transport to UK

The process itself is straightforward regardless of whether you’re transporting the bike to England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

We can pick up your bike from anywhere in the USA, or alternatively you can drop it off at any of our warehouses. In most cases, the motorcycles we ship will enter through Felixstowe or Southampton port. Once there, you’ll have the option to ride away into the sunset, or have the bike delivered to your door.

Different Ways to Ship a Motorcycle to UK

The two most common ways of shipping motorcycles to the UK are via container or roll-on roll-off shipping service.

Container Bike Shipping to the UK

In our experience, the best way to transport a motorcycle across the pond is using a container service, which is what we specialize in. When shipping bikes to the UK, we offer shared container service, so you only pay for how much space your bike takes. This is great value for bikes, espec It also adds more protection than the RoRo method. For even more protection, we also offer our own motorcycle crating service and provide additional motorcycle shipping tips.

RoRo Bike Shipping to the UK

RoRo is also an option, though is only really used when close to very specific ports. Generally the cost for RoRo bikes is more than shared container and less protected. Though if you are near the port of Baltimore this may be a cheaper service since it won’t need transport to NY.

Importing a Motorbike from USA to UK

Once the container reaches the port in Felixstowe or Southampton, the motorcycle will need port clearance. Our Schumacher UK office will make customs clearance a breeze. Importing a used motorcycle from the USA to the UK will be just as easy as a new one with our services on both sides of the pond.

For this, you need a copy of the title, certificate of conformity and proper identification among other items.

Once this has been completed you can arrange for further transport of your motorcycle if needed.

Luckily, the United Kingdom’s government website has a lot of information on importing a motorcycle into the UK.

What is The Cost to Ship a Motorcycle from USA to UK

Rates will vary depending on whether or not your bike is shipping from the east or west coast, whether it’s a Fatboy or a streetbike, if you want crating and which shipping method you choose. As an example shipping a HD to the UK from California will have a different price than from New York even with everything else the same. For this reason our representatives create quotes for each particular bike shipment.

If you have additional questions regarding how much it will cost to ship a motorbike to the UK, simply fill in our quick quote form and enter your details to get a fully customized international motorcycle shipping rate!

How Long Does Shipping a Motorcycle from USA to UK Take

The amount of time it takes for motorcycle shipments to the UK varies depending on departure in the USA, consolidation, and pickup/delivery. Shipping motorcycles to the UK from our office in New Jersey takes around 14 days on the water as opposed to 30 when departing from our west coast office in Los Angeles. This does not include the other factors, which vary more greatly.

For those shipping a motorcycle to Northern Ireland, we recommend using Dublin as the point of entry.

There are no direct container ports that we service for those that want to ship a motorcycle to Scotland, bikes will first be received at our warehouse in England. If you’d like to arrange for inland transport to your door from Suffolk, we can orchestrate that as well.

Start Shipping a Bike to the UK With Schumacher

Since 1977, Schumacher Cargo Logistics offers the premier international bike shipping to UK from anywhere in the USA. With over 40 years of experience we have developed the processes and services to remove the hassle from your shipment overseas.

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