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Shipping Motorcycle to Australia

International shipping to Australia.

Schumacher Cargo Logistics transports hundreds of motorcycles each year to Australia from all parts of the U.S so it doesn’t matter where you are located.

Our pickup services can reach you from any one of our five warehouse locations and there are a few different options for shipping a motorcycle to Australia. Each one has its benefits and each method suits different types of shipments better.

Methods for Shipping Motorcycles

The three methods that we use to transport motorcycles are container services, roll on roll off and airfreight.

As a general guideline, if you are shipping multiple motorcycles to Australia, containers are ideal. They’re also better if you are taking additional items and moving household goods.

*Our company offers consolidated motorcycle shipping. This is cost effective so instead of paying for an entire container, you can ship your bike to Australia at a much cheaper rate.

Transporting motorcycles to Australia with the roll on roll off service is more practical and cost effective for individual bikes.

Airfreight services for motorcycles are the fastest way to get a bike to Australia but they are also the most costly. Motorcycle shipping with airfreight also requires special crating.

Schumacher Quality

Regardless of the method used, Schumacher’s professionals handle every bike like it was our own. No one competes with our customer service and handling.

Customers receive updates and photos of their motorcycles at each stage up until they are delivered to their destination in Australia.

Importing the Motorcycle into Australia

Motorcycles are handled the same way as car and other vehicle imports when it comes to the import process.

Your motorcycle will need a vehicle import approval prior to being shipped overseas to Australia.

After receiving the approval, individuals need to submit an import declaration.

In the cases where it applies, you’ll need to pay the standard duty and goods and service tax to get your motorcycle into Australia.

The goods and service tax on motorcycles is 10% of the motorcycle’s value and the standard duty is 5%.

Lastly, after arriving you with your motorcycle you will need to have the bike inspected by the DAFF. Make sure to arrange this inspection prior to arriving.

The good news is that our motorcycle transport service to Australia takes care of all the necessary paperwork and preparations. The only things you’ll be responsible for are the customs and duty charges.

Written by Damien Shields

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