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Moving to the UK, England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland

International moving services to the UK from the US.

International Moving to the UK

Like any international relocation, moving to the UK from the U.S. and shipping your household goods takes time and proper planning.

You must consider your living situation, time frames, importing costs of the personal effects and any regional taxes on specialty items.

If you already know where you'll be living, then you've most likely noticed that the amount of space is much less in homes and apartments in the UK compared to in the U.S.

So shipping your sofa from home or dining room table may not be the best decision. Measure everything and consider all points of entry at your new home.

Also, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all use 220v outlets for electrical appliances. Your major electrical appliances won't need to travel.

This means that most people relocating from the U.S. will likely need a transformer or converter. These are just a few of the things to consider when moving household goods to the UK.

Shipping and Moving Services to the UK for Household Goods

As an international moving company, we understand that the UK is a very large market with many options for international moving companies.

Choosing the best one isn't always easy. However, we've been shipping cargo to destinations across the United Kingdom for over 37 years and we have our own facility in Needham Market, which is only 30 minutes away from our port of entry.

Felixstowe Port in England

In addition, Schumacher also operates from 5 U.S. departure locations.

Los Angeles, Houston, Savannah, Miami and New York: This gives clients many options and great rates from across the country.

More often than not, the best groupage rates for those moving household goods to the UK will be from New York and clients elect to ship from there due to the quicker sail time as well.

Some of the different types of services for shipping your personal effects are listed below.

Moving your Household Goods to the UK.

3 Different Moving Service Options:

Useful Individual UK Income Tax:

Get to know the tax laws in your new home. Taxable income includes:

  • Earnings from employment
  • Earnings from self-employment
  • Most pensions income (State, company and personal pensions)
  • Interest on most savings
  • Income from shares (dividends)
  • Rental income
  • Income paid to you from a trust

Non-taxable income

There are certain types of income that don't require paying any taxes on. These include certain benefits, income from tax exempt accounts, Working Tax Credit (WTC) and premium bond wins. These income sources are ignored altogether when working out how much income tax you'll have to pay at the end of the year.

Moving a Pet to the UK?

Know these three facts about moving your cat, dog or other animal to the UK:

  • Animal Passport must have TIMES & DATES clearly noted of all entries
  • All pets must be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies & also tapeworm
  • Animals can only travel to The UK 21 days after vaccinations are admitted

Interesting Facts About the United Kindgom

  • There are 409 escalators in the London subway!
  • On average an Englishman drinks twenty times more tea than an American per year
  • Big Ben is not a clock, it is actually the name of the thirteen ton bell
  • French was the official language of England from 1066 to 1362
  • It is still perfectly legal to kill any Scotsman who enters the city of York if he happens to be carrying a bow and arrow. No wonder they want to split from the UK!
  • Foreign person wishing to reside in The UK must have a valid entry VISA
  • Population of about 63.23 Million
  • VAT Rate for 2013 is 20%

At Schumacher Cargo, we make international moving easy. We make sure your items arrive in the UK safe and sound. Let us move you across the pond.

For further information on moving to the United Kingdom, call and discuss your move with one of our Moving Specialists at: 800 599-0190 // 562 408-6677

Written by Damien Shields

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