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Shipping your car to Germany takes quite a bit of preparation. Making sure you have all the documentation for the vehicle and permits to present to customs when your vehicle arrives at its destination port is the first part. The second part involves proper registration of the vehicle in Germany.

Important Vehicle Facts for German Customs

Expect customs to be very thorough, so be prepared to show every last form of documentation when transporting your goods over to Germany.

The standard import duty on vehicles is around 10% with a 19% VAT, or value added tax. For someone considering shipping a motorcycle or quad to Germany, that duty ranges from 6 to 8 percent.

This number does change slightly depending on what the current tax rate for the make, model, year, etc. of your car.

In addition, Germany adheres strongly to its emissions and exhaust regulations and this factor can increase how much you have to pay for the import duty.

FAQs when Shipping Your Car to Germany

  1. Is there a way to avoid paying the import duties?
    • Returning German citizens can be exempt if: they have been abroad for more than 12 months and they have owned the car for 6 months prior to shipping it to Germany.
    • For non German and EU residents, a stay less than 12 months, you will be taxed 30% of the value of the vehicle but this money refunded after your car has been exported back home.
  2. What modifications will need to be done to meet regulations before driving?
    • Common with US Cars-Emissions, blinkers, and lighting colors
  3. Should I register my car if I am just visiting as a tourist?
    • If your stay lasts less than 12 months and you are not declaring residency, you just need valid license and registration from your home country.

Because of Germany’s location, it is also important to do research on the regulations of some of the neighboring countries. It is particularly important if you plan on commuting across borders instead of settling down in France or Italy for example.

Written by Damien Shields

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