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Moving Household Goods to Italy from U.S.

Ratings for Italy

International Moving Services to Italy

As an international moving company with over 35 years experience moving household goods to Italy, we understand that there are plenty of options and that clients want a reliable service at a competitive rate.

We not only have very competitive groupage rates for personal effects and other household items but we operate out of 5 U.S. locations: Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Savannah and New Jersey.

Making domestic pick-up or self-delivery of your belongings convenient: whether you're moving to Italy from California or New York.

Exporting, Importing and Customs Info

Our services cover all aspects of the export process including customs and port clearance. Upon arrival of your belongings, there are additional processes and destination fees for import.

In most cases, Italy allows a one time duty free import of goods as part of your relocation as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • Items have been owned for at least a year
  • You've lived in the shipment’s country of origin more than 12 months
  • Applying for residence or attaining dual italian citizenship

Whether you decide to clear your household goods through italian customs yourself or use the services provided by our overseas agents, you will need proper documentation.

When shipping your belongings to Italy, you'll need copies of your passport, a detailed inventory list (which you can get from you international shipper), proof of citizenship (if it applies), proof of residence, and more.

If you do not qualify for the duty free import mentioned above, then you'll have to pay the standard duties and VAT in Italy. Duties range from 5-20% while VAT is 22% but they vary depending on your status and your cargo.

Schumacher Cargo's moving specialists can help you gather everything that you'll need.

Shipment Info
The italian base ports we use are Genoa and La Spezia. However, those moving household goods to Italy have the options to also use other European ports.

We offer door to door service with final delivery to any address in Italy, even moving boxes and furniture within the house.

Moving Your Household Goods and Personal Belongings to Italy

Interesting Facts to Know Prior to the Move to Italy

  • I know this may sound cheesy, but pizza was invented in Naples around the 1860s.
  • Italy has 16 regions and 4 autonomous regions.
  • Italy is about the same size as Arizona
  • Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Fiat all hail from Italy
  • Foreign person wishing to reside in Italy, must have a valid entry VISA
  • Population of about 60 Million
  • VAT for 2013 is set at 22%

3 Different Ways to Ship With Us

10 Major Cities in Italy we ship Household Goods to:

Rome La Spezia Milan
Venice Naples Trieste
Turin Florence Genoa

Personal Income Tax Resources:

Taxation of an individual's income in Italy is progressive.

For 2013 the tax rate for an individual is between 23%-43%. There are however additional taxes to consider such as Italy's regional tax and municipal tax of 1-2% and .1-.8% respectively.

The standard corporate income tax in Italy for 2013 is 27.5%. In addition, a local tax is imposed at a rate of 3.9% usually, bringing the effective tax rate to 31.4%. With all these tax variables, you may be considering a move to Switzerland or Austria!

After you have moved to Italy, you'll be liable for tax on your income as an employee and on income as a self-employed person if the second case applies. Also, for those with Italian residency, you will also be taxed on the income you earned overseas.

Certain payments are deductible from taxable income as detailed below.

Italy individual income tax rates 2013

Tax (%)

Tax Base (EUR)


0 - 15,000








75,001 and over

3 Tips on Pet Transportation Services to Italy

  • Dogs also be vaccinated against hepatitis, distemper and kennel cough
  • Cats must be protected against feline gastro-enteritis and typhus.
  • All certificates must be in both Italian & English as well as completed EC998

For further information on any of above, call and discuss your move with one of our Moving Specialists at: 800 599-0190 // 562 408-6677

Written by Martyn Cohen


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