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Attention: The following information should be used as a general guideline. Requirements for each country can change frequently so make sure to contact the proper authorities before you travel to Hong Kong with a pet.

Hong Kong Pet Travel and Relocation

Before importing pets to Hong Kong or entering the country, you must receive a special permit in advance. The application process usually takes five days upon receipt of your application and the fee.

The fee will have to be paid in order for the application to be considered and it is about $55 for your first pet and $13 for any additional ones.

Proper Identification

You pet will have to be implanted with an ID microchip. You have two options on what you can do here. You can either have an ISO compatible microchip or an AVID microchip implanted.

Both will be sufficient for your pet to enter Hong Kong. However, your dog has to be registered using the AVID 9 digit chip.

In in scenario that your dog has an ISO chip, you’ll have to pay to have the new AVID chip implanted upon arrival. It’s just easier to have this done from the very beginning.

Cats also must be equipped with a microchip before they are transported to Hong Kong. Either type will suffice.

Vaccinations for Your Pet

All dogs and cats need to have been vaccinated for rabies before being allowed into Hong Kong. After you have this done, your vet should issue you a rabies certificate.

For your pet to be eligible for importation into Hong Kong, this certificate must have your dog or cat’s microchip number and the date that the inoculation was performed.

In addition to rabies, your pet must be vaccinated for additional diseases that are specific to their species. (Parvovirus and distemper for dogs and cat flu and enteritis for cats)

Important Certificates

  • Vet Health Certificate (7001)-must be from a USDA recognized vet and be issued within 10 days of your pet’s departing flight.

  • HK Health Certificate (VC9R)-it’s specific for Hong Kong and must accompany form 7001

If you have had all the required steps taken care of i.e microchip, rabies certificate, vaccination record and the two certificates from above, you’ll have to get a stamp of approval from the USDA.

After you’ve got endorsement from the USDA, you can then start applying for the special permit enabling you to import your pet into Hong Kong.

Should your pet meet all the safety and animal health requirement terms for importation from the U.S, then there will not be a quarantine period for your pet after it arrives in Hong Kong.

Written by Damien Shields

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