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Shipping to Hong Kong from the USA

Hong Kong has become one of the most popular destinations for relocation due to the economic viability and business opportunities. It is also one of the most expensive cities to live in as an expat. That aside, shipping to Hong Kong from the USA is thriving as it’s the biggest cosmopolitan city in the region.

The location in Southeast China on the Pearl River Delta makes Hong Kong a strategic point for all types of shipping and international trade into the South. It’s actually the world’s 3rd busiest port in terms of total containers serviced. The different sized containers can carry anything from commercial goods to vehicles.

Since 1997, Hong Kong has been recognized as a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. This is a major reason for its autonomy and is particularly important for those shipping goods internationally as it relates to moving and relocation. Both the economic and political systems differ from mainland China as well which affect trade and the accompanying customs duties on imported items.

With more than 5,000 shipments, we have a lot of experience handling international cargo to all the major cities. Victoria harbor is known for its deep waters, allowing for roll-on roll-off vessels to transport your vehicles to Hong Kong as an alternative to shipping them via container.

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How to Ship to Hong Kong with Schumacher

If you need assistance shipping your entire household to Hong Kong, or just a few personal effects, we’ll get your items there safely and at a great rate. Each year, we transport many different types of cargo from the east and west coasts.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Household Moves
  • Motorcycles and Automobiles
  • Boats/Yachts and other Watercrafts
  • Cargo and Other Freight

Where Are You Shipping From in the US

Our international shipping services include multiple warehouse locations across the US. We’ll first arrange to have your cargo picked up and taken to one of them and then loaded for its HK destination. So whether you need to get your effects to Hong Kong from the Midwest, East or West Coasts, or the South, Schumacher will make it easy.

How Much Does Shipping to Hong Kong Cost

International rates depend on a few different factors. These costs include the type of items as well as location. Your costs may include a combination of sea travel and land transport or could be only port to port. The routes will also vary depending on whether your shipment is leaving from the east or west coast. These are all pieces of information that our experts will need in order to get you the best rate.

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How Long Does Shipping to Hong Kong Take

The time it takes to ship to Hong Kong also depends on your personal details. Sea transport has a general time frame of 3-5 weeks, but the other factors can add to this. For example the port to port times do not include the time it takes to transport to the port in the US or the time for customs clearance on both sides.

Interesting Facts About Hong Kong

  • It is 7,238.97 miles from Los Angeles to Kowloon.
  • Hong Kong is a city, and island and also an administrative district.
  • Hong Kong has a free market economy and there are no quotas or dumping laws

More Hong Kong Shipping Info

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