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Schumacher Cargo Logistics, ships over 5,000 motorbikes per year throughout the world to the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and 50 more destinations worldwide. Bottom line... we ship motorcycles.

Whether you need to transport a motorcycle overseas via container service, ro-ro or airfreight, we make sure your bike is taken care of and handled with the utmost attention to detail.

It all starts with our customized pick up services that take into account your location, budget and overall requirements. Upon entry of vehicles into one of our 5 USA motorcycle shipping locations a full and complete dock receipt is issued, pictures are taken and you'll be emailed copies for your records.

International Motorcycle Shipping Services

  • Cross Country Transporting
  • ATV / Quad / Dirtbike
  • International Motorcycle Shipping
  • Motorcycle Imports
  • Motorcycle Crating

Shipping Motorcycles Overseas: Container and Air

Motorcycle Loading and Handling

Did you know that faulty equipment and improper securing are the leading cause of damage during transit?

Securing vehicles is one of the most important steps of international motorcycle shipping, which is why our warehouse crews are professionally trained and we only use state of the art equipment.

container motorcycle loading

Furthermore, when shipping a motorcycle via container, all of our loading is done in house and not by a Broker!

We only use certified wood and within the containers, the motorcycles are strapped down and secured using the "block and brace" method.

Depending on how many motorcycles are being shipped and the size of the container, bikes may also be double stacked, resulting in a lower cost per vehicle.

Motorcycle Shipping via Air Freight

Besides ocean transport, our air freight division offers services for both importing and exporting motorcycles from the USA.

When using either a container or RoRo service, most carriers make it optional to have your motorcycle crated. However, when using any air freight service, all bikes must be crated using certified heat treated and stamped wood.

There are additional documents that are needed with the most important being the SLI form. Also, the cost of shipping motorcycles with air freight is based on cubic volume due to the demand for space and weight limits on most airliners.

If you need the expedited transport for your harley or ninja, air freight is an option and works well with short time frames but the tradeoff to this is a higher overall cost.

Schumacher Cargo. Confidence in Transport.

With our transport safety records exceeding the industry's standards, you'll have peace of mind with us knowing that your bike is in safe hands. Whether you are moving a harley davidson, ATV, quad or dirt bike, you will be comfortable knowing that our international motorcycle shipping company will take care of all aspects of your shipment.

If you would like to see first hand how racing motorcycles or vintage bikes are crated, loaded or secured, visit our gallery section!

Written by Damien Shields

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