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Moving Household Goods to Belgium from the U.S.

Moving to Belgium? Use Schumacher Cargo for Smooth Sailing.

Are you relocating from the United States to Belgium? You've come to the right place.

Whether you're moving household goods to Belgium from the U.S. for the first time or moving back to Belgium, shipping your household goods and other belongings is a key part of the process.

Last year alone we moved hundreds of household goods shipments to Belgium and it's home to one of the busiest ports not only in Europe but also the world.

Antwerp is our port of entry and because it's such strategic port, we have vessels leaving every other week.

From Antwerp, you'll either have the option to pick up your goods after being unloaded by our agents or you can request a port to door service.

Our international moving services for Belgium cater to all sizes of shipments: whether you're moving an entire container worth of household goods or a single bedroom worth in a shared container.

We have five different shipping and moving services we offer for people moving to the beautiful country of Belgium:

  1. Shared container service. You pay for the actual volume you want to ship to Belgium
  2. Sole use container (20' or 40' containers). Single flat rate
  3. Car shipping to Belgium - You don’t have to leave your car behind!
  4. Motorcycle shipping from the U.S. to Belgium
  5. Boat and yacht transportation - get your boat there safe and sound.

The 6 Major Belgian Cities We Ship To:

Antwerp Charleroi Brussels
Gent Burgge Namur

Don't see where you need to go? Don't worry because we can ship to nearly every corner of Belgium! Call us for a quote.

Six Important Notes About Moving to Belgium

  1. You must register with the local Belgian Consulate here in the USA
  2. Foreigners wishing to reside in Belgium must have a valid VISA
  3. In northern Belgium, Dutch is the primary language spoken, but Flemish is also spoken
  4. In southern Belgium, French is the primary language
  5. Corporate income tax is 33%
  6. Value Added Tax (VAT) is 21%

Useful Belgium tax Information

The rates in Belgium are 21%, 12%, 6% and 0%. Some notes:

  • 21% is the standard rate
  • 12% applies to items like tires, certain fuels, social housing and a few others
  • 6% is applied to agricultural services, transportation, hotels, services supplied by institutions for social promotion, burial services
  • Newspapers do not have taxes

Who is Tax Exempt in Belgium?

The turnover tax law provides an extensive list of goods and services that are exempt. As an example, the following are exempt from Belgium VAT:

  • Services provided by the medical and certain paramedical professions
  • Services provided by certain sports establishments
  • Services provided by hospitals and similar establishments
  • Services provided by notaries
  • Insurance operations
  • Betting, lotteries and other chance and money games

Moving With a Pet to Belgium

  1. Pet needs to have an ISO pet microchip and be vaccinated against rabies and more
  2. You will need to purchase appropriate size cage. IATA Regulated
  3. Belgium Form EU998 must be completed by Veterinarian
  4. Read more about moving your pet to Belgium

Written by Martyn Cohen

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