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International car shipping to Belgium

Shipping your car, automobile, and vehicle to Belgium.

If you are relocating to Belgium and considering shipping your car with you, many of the EU regulations have to be met along with other individual Belgian laws and requirements.

Import duties for Belgium are similar in that they have an import duty on the value of the vehicle as well as a VAT. The most common rate for Belgium is 21%, however there are other applicable Belgian rates for imported motorcycles and larger vehicles.

There is also a 30% refundable tax for any tourists, both EU members and US, which is required to be paid after clearing customs. Situations where this tax might be enforced:

  • You are moving to France, Germany, the Netherlands etc. via Belgium

  • You just want to visit for a pre-determined period less than the cut off length

Refunds are made after one of two scenarios: The car has been registered within the EU or it has been shipped back to its origin country.

Important Documents to Present Belgian Customs

  • Valid ID or Passport
  • Original title of the vehicle
  • Dock receipt

Shipping a Car to Belgium and Declaring Exemption

First you will need to fill out the application for exemption.

For that you will need:

  • Proof that VAT or sales tax has been paid on the vehicle
  • Proof of residence in foreign country with intent to reside in Belgium
  • Documents of possession of the car for more than 6 months
  • Title certificate, insurance policy

You must submit documents to customs with the declaration

Vital Steps When Registering Your Car

  1. Obtain a certificate stating all required modifications have been made on vehicle
  2. Recurring mechanical inspection (usually every six months)
  3. Acquire Insurance
  4. Gaining Registration

Items Your Car Must Have Inside at all Times

  1. Sealed fire extinguisher.
    1. No older than 5 years
    2. Capacity must correspond to size of vehicle
  2. Triangular danger signal
  3. A first aid kit
  4. Grey card(registration) and insurance certificate

Written by Damien Shields

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