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Shipping Motorcycle to New Zealand

International shipping to New Zealand.

For anyone considering shipping a motorcycle to New Zealand or any other type of vehicle, Schumacher has been helping individuals with the transport and import process for more than 30 years.

Whether you need to ship your Harley to Auckland or an F1 superbike to Taupo Raceway, our professionals and agents will make it a great experience.

Motorcycle Shipping from Anywhere in the U.S

Our motorcycle services to include door to door as well as door to port options. Depending on where you’re located in the U.S, you may be able to drop the bike off yourself.

For those that would prefer it be transported to one of our departure locations, we can arrange a pickup from any town or city.

Most of the motorcycles bound for New Zealand leave from our west coast location in Los Angeles, as the time on the water is shorter than for bikes leaving from New York or our other warehouses.

Ways to Ship Motorcycles to New Zealand

There are three services that can be used to ship a motorcycle. They include roll on roll off services, air freight and container services.

Shipping a motorcycle with roll on roll off to New Zealand is an option if you’re just transporting a single bike with no other goods and airfreight is very expensive but can have your motorcycle there in around a week.

We recommend using the container method, in particular using a consolidated container. The rates for motorcycles using this method are much lower.

Importing a Motorcycle to New Zealand

Schumacher Cargo’s utilizes three ports including Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Our agents there will assist you upon arriving with whatever you need.

They’ll handle the customs documentation and import requirements and arrange to transport your motorbike if you had another final destination in mind.

Make sure to also check with the road requirements prior to having your motorcycle imported to. This avoids additional modification fees and quarantine after arriving.

Duties and Taxes on Motorcycles

Depending on whether you are relocating from the U.S to New Zealand or just bringing your bike over temporarily, you may or may not be liable to pay the goods and service tax.

Tourists who are shipping a motorcycle to New Zealand have up to a year in the country before they are subject to taxes and other fees.

Those that are moving there can also be exempt if they can prove they’ve been living elsewhere for more than 21 months, owned the bike for more than a year and the motorcycle meets the road requirements.

There are a few others but the criteria are specific to each case. Fortunately, there is no duty on motorcycles imported to New Zealand.

Written by Damien Shields

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