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Australian Phrases and Slang

Posted on December 5, 2012

Learn Aussie Slang from Down under! As an international moving company (we move people everywhere from the U.S. to Australia, the United Kingdom and beyond), we make and receive many phone calls a day and we hear the various slang terms all the different nationalities have for common everyday exchanges. From “G’DAY”, to “Top of the morning”, to the good old USA standard “Have a nice day”, they all mean the same thing but come
Relieve the stress of your move and enjoy your new place and the holidays! If you are moving to another country around the holidays, then you probably have more stress to deal with than usual- packing, preparing for your move, the moving process and then celebrating the holidays. This is best accomplished with the help with of a professional international moving company. How do you handle moving overseas during the holidays in the easiest manner

Your international moving checklist

Posted on October 23, 2012

Preparing to move overseas? Follow these guidelines! Relocating to another country can be a tedious, time-consuming task without organization which is why international moving checklists are truly useful. It is important to have a full understanding of all the requirements and to prepare in advance in order to ensure a successful move overseas. These are steps that  your international mover can help you  with to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, below is an international moving

Motorcycle Shipping Tips

Posted on October 8, 2012

Category: Motorcycle Shipping
Motorcycle Shipping Tips and Preparation Guide Have you recently purchased your dream motorcycle and need to ship it overseas? Or are you moving to another country and want to ship your motorcycle to your new location? Below are some preparation tips for shipping your motorcycle overseas in a safe manner as well as the recommended loading procedures. Motorcycle Shipping Methods: First, determine how you want to ship your motorcycle. What method suits your needs most? Airfreight
Is solar energy the new way of creating energy for boats and ships? I was recently in San Francisco and found out an amazing story about the very brave and enigmatic sailor Kenichi Horie. In 1962 at the age of 23 he became the first person to… make a solo crossing of the pacific ocean in a 19 foot man-powered boat called the Mermaid. Image-Courtesy of He left Nishinomiya Japan on May 12, and

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