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Schumacher Cargo’s Gallery features images of the vehicle loading process, company events, over-sized cargo, special projects, and more. See here!

Automobile Loading

Automobile Loading Contains 4 Albums

See how cars are loaded into ocean containers at Shumacher Cargo Logistics. Multiple cars fit safely in a 40\' shipping container and 20\'.

Boat Transportation

Boat Transportation Contains 3 Albums

Boat and yacht shipping preparation by Schumacher. See the different ways boats are transported: flat rack, container and roll on-roll off services.

Helicopter Shipping

Helicopter Shipping Contains 1 Album

The different steps involved with shipping a helicopter internationally. See how it\'s prepared and broken down.

Household Goods Packing

Household Goods Packing Contains 1 Album

Packaging your household goods and furniture for an international move. Learn the right way to wrap and box your items.

Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping Contains 3 Albums

Our process of shipping motorcycles in containers. We load multiple motorcycles inside 20\' and 40\' containers and crate bikes.

Premium Loading Process

Premium Loading Process Contains 1 Album

SCL premium loading process for high-end cars and classic vehicles. Includes special liner inside the container for added protection.

RV Shipping

RV Shipping Contains 1 Album

View the shipping and handling process for RVs on a 40\' flat rack container. Ship your RV securely with the professionals at Schumacher.

SCL Events

SCL Events Contains 24 Albums

Check out our Schumacher Cargo Logistics company events!

Special Projects

Special Projects Contains 5 Albums

Special vehicles recently transported by Schumacher Cargo including a Gumpert Apollo and Cougar Police Units.

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