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23 Baddest Chopper Blogs

Motorcycle enthusiasts have a passion for their vehicles, their community of riders, and a need to share their finds, concepts, mods and adventures.

As we over here at Schumacher Cargo consider ourselves among those champions of the chopper–shipping thousands of these beloved machines to every corner of the globe–we decided it was high time to award the best, brightest, and baddest of these biker blogs.

2013 Baddest Chopper Blog Award

Here Are the 23 Baddest Chopper Blogs:

1. Bike EXIF

They cover all things motorcycle: be it a custom job, a cafe racer or a classic bikes. The site is operated out of New Zealand by Chris Hunter, whose additional passion for photography means you’re in for some gorgeous pics. Their long tenure in the industry definitely gives them a place as one of the baddest chopper blogs we know.

2. Knuckleduster

Grail Mortillaro operates this site, giving visitors an inside look at his DIY bike. It’s so close and complete you feel like you’re right in the garage with him.

3. The Kneeslider

Kneeslider covers all things motorcycle, from the latest designs to DIY projects. Kneeslider also has a motorcycle parts listing section so you can improve your chopper with other members.

4. Cyril Huze Blog

Featuring elegant photos of gorgeous bikes, breaking news or police busted for drag racing, Cyril Huze is definitely one of the best bike blogs out there. As of 2018 they’re no longer posting, but we like to remember it as one of our favorite chopper blogs.

5. The Vintagent

The best blog around for vintage motorcycles.  A digital museum for some of the oldest, toughest, and gorgeous of these early pioneers. This chopper blog is one of the best for appreciating the art of all things motorcycle.

6. Tilted Horizons

Run by a year-round rider looking to offer his readers travel stories, book reviews, pictures, videos and all things relevant to the world of motorcycles. As of 2016 Tilted Horizons has stopped publishing, but we look forward to one day hearing stories of his chopper journey again.

7. Twisting Asphalt

covers sports cars and bikes but the fact that it’s operated by a professional motorcycle documentarian means you can check out high-quality pics and videos of some of the baddest choppers out there.

8. Motorcyclist At Large

Gives a more personal experience of one man’s passion with motorcycles, sharing lengthy-but-worthy reads for the committed rider.

9. Rippin Kitten

Gives us a female take on motorcycle madness. Liz Frazier covers all aspects of the culture, from gear, to clothing, to product reviews, to steam-powered bikes and beyond. She shows us that having the baddest choppers can be for every gender.

10. Cling On For Dear Life

This blog is dedicated solely to covering CB 750 Cafe Racers. Chocked full of gorgeous photos from old models to new–and a few motorcycle “Cling On Girl” models as well.

11. Unleash Your Adventure

Recently unveiling their new website, is a blog for motorcycle travel. Here you can find out what it’s like to bike across Thailand and other exotic locales.

12. XS650Chopper

XS650 Chopper is a builder’s blog. Readers from all over submit pics and stories of their amazing builds and rehabs of cult-favorite Yamaha XS650 bikes.

13.  Faster and Faster

Bikes, babes and business, “Faster and Faster” covers the latest bikes, trade show appearances and news from around the world.

14. Return of the Cafe Racers

Dedicated to all things relevant to the sporty bike gaining in popularity across the world. Great photos, great design, great blog.

15. Bikes in the Fast Lane

While the layout can seem a little cluttered, this is a great blog for catching up on all the latest in motorcycle news, including which countries have recently banned motorcycles.

16. Saul T Nutz Racing Blog

Covers the motorcycle racing scene in the salt flats of Bonneville.

17. Fuzzy Galore

Another great chopper blog for our female riders out there. For ten years, this “Girlie Motorcycle Blog,” as creator Rachel/”Fuzzy” puts it, covers road trips, fun stops, tales from the road and other items related to her love of motorcycles.

18. Helmet Hair

Named after the all common side-effect of a good ride, keeps readers apprised to the latest chopper news, such as the first man to reach 200mph speeds with a 125cc bike.

19. Bandit Rider

Provides a great personal riding blog from New Zealand riders Mark and Andrew. They give their experiences on everything from wearing contacts while riding to the details of a long ride.

20. Honda Motorcycles Blog

Covers, as you probably guessed, Honda motorcycles. This site has great pics, videos, and maintenance tips for your Honda bike.

21. Web Bike World

WBW is your stop for motorcycle, gear, and apparel reviews.

22. Motorcycles In Thailand

Our fellow riders in Thailand have been keeping us up to speed on the hottest bikes coming out next year. Check out their coverage on the 2014 BMW R1200GS.

23. Harley Davidson Blog

Of course, no list is complete without a blog dedicated to the most recognizable and bad choppers ever on the streets. The Harley Davidson Blog has everything Harley: from travel tips to books to celebs to news and the latest tech talk.

Further Reading

While there are countless motorcycle blogs out there, these are the ones we’ve deemed the baddest. If your favorite chopper blog isn’t on there, leave a comment and we’ll check it out for next year’s awards.

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