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The Top International Motorcycle Events

Popular overseas motorcycle events in Europe, Australia, New Zealand

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast who loves nothing more than riding your bike on the open road and feeling the wind on your face, you may be attending or tempted to attend some of the international motorcycle events offered surrounding the legend that is the motorcycle.

Whether you live to ride and enjoy traveling internationally with your bike or simply want to visit and see some motorcycles while abroad, these international motorcycle events will keep you on your toes. From Europe to Australia, there are many events waiting for you to participate in and as long as you follow some of our tips, you’ll be well on your way.

European Motorcycle Events 

Thundersprint is an annual motorcycle rally where some of the biggest names come to race. Held in Northwich, Cheshire, England, the event offers one of the best tracks in the world, the Anglesey Circuit.

Every May, Thundersprint brings large crowds from all over to see the likes of Jim Redman, the six times World Champion and James Ellison.

Another top motorcycling event in Europe is the Elefantentreffen, or Elephant Rally, which takes place every winter between Thurmansbang and Solla, Germany. The event has had over 10,000 participants and many come to ride in the rally.

Running over twenty years, the event is named after the Zundapp motorcycle which was also known as the “green elephant.” Snow is always expected and rally participants come dressed for it. The Iron Ore Rally is held in Egremont, Cumbria, United Kingdom and happens usually in August.

New Zealand Motorcycle Events 

Kiwis love motorcycles and especially love motorcycle events. The world famous “Brass Monkey”  Motorcycle Rally is held at Oturehua, Central Otago, New Zealand. Going over thirty years, the event is known for its freezing conditions and also its massive bonfire that heats up rally goers.

The Brass Monkey is held by the Otago Motorcycle Club. A brass monkey was the term used for cannons on ships in olden times, and the cannon balls would freeze together in very cold conditions… hence the term ”to freeze the balls off a brass monkey”.

The weather at this event is considered cold enough, the site actually holds the record for being the coldest and hottest location in all of New Zealand. Celebrating the Queen’s birthday, the event is held every year on the first weekend of June.

Another cold motorcycle event in New Zealand is the Cold Kiwi which is put on by the Ruapehu Motorcycle Club. This event happens near Waiouru.

Since 1972, this event has happened numerous times a year and admission includes camping for two nights and some great live bands. Although the event happens at different times, the biggest rally is held around September.

Australian Motorcycle Events

If you plan on visiting Down Under, don’t miss the Australian Motorcycle Exposition. Held both in Sydney and Brisbane, the event draws thousands of people.

Sydney features over a hundred exhibitors including Harley Davidson Australia and Yamaha Motor Australia. The motorcycle event is held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center and is really easily accessible from the international airport.

In addition to seeing bikes, you can participate in competitions or purchase a new bike to bring back to the States. There’s things for everyone, including performances by the FMX Showtime crew which will be doing stunts in the Action Arena.

If you’re set on participating in a rally in Australia, the Snowy Ride is your event. Held in November in the Alpine region of New South Wales, this rally is held to raise funds for childhood cancer.

In honor of Steven Walter, a nineteen year old who lost his battle to cancer, the event has already raised more than three million dollars. In addition to riding, you can participate in the annual raffle to win Honda bikes.

Those that don’t want to sit on the sidelines and would rather bring their own ride should definitely check out our loading best practices.

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