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The Most Popular German Classic Cars in the US

Classic German cars everyone loves…

The most popular German classic cars in the US include BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen. You could be a car dealer, an antique car collector or simply a car enthusiast looking to internationally ship your prized possessions to Germany. If you’d like to learn further, visit out Germany car shipping section.

Classic German cars are common to find and yet so unique that they are prized possessions for the owner. Some of these German classics include:

  • Mercedes Benz Gullwing
  1. 155 mph top speed
  2. Unique door design created for a stiff frame and a strong chassis
  3. Simply exotic and a beast when it comes to racing
  • VW Karmann Ghia
  1.  Less expensive sports model
  2. Big back bench and a small front trunk
  3.  Low center of gravity
  4.  Convertible
  • Mercedes Benz 600 SWB Limousine
  1. 6.3 liter V8 engine
  2. Self-leveling suspension and pneumatic doors
  3. Famous with celebrities
  • Mercedes Benz 450 SE/SEL
  1. 4.5 liter V8 engine
  2.  Long wheelbase

Other honorable names would be the Porsche 356 Cabriolet, Mercedes Benz 300 SL, Porsche 911 and the Trabant. The RUF CTR yellowbird has a 200MPH top speed beating Ferrari. The Mercedes Benz 560 SEL boasts of a powerful 6.9 liter engine. Volkswagen Beetle is also a famous classic.

Auto shipping to Germany from the US involves complex operations and handling procedures. One should not rely on inexperienced providers. Also gaining information and knowledge about the process helps you prepare for the move in a better and much safer way. So let’s review some of the initial aspects of auto shipping:

  • Car Shipping Methods
  1. Inquire about how your car would be transported.
  2. Some of the most popular shipping methods are: Roll on/Roll off and Container shipping, container shipping being the safest and most reliable way.
  • Documentation, Fees and Customs
  1.  Remember to inquire about all sorts of documentation required for the auto shipping.
  2. Also note down the additional fees, customs and duties which will add up to your overall quote.
  3.  Inquire about all the latest rules and regulations since they keep changing from time to time.
  • Port of Departure and Port of Arrival
  1. This is a crucial piece of information, since you would want to know which is the closest port to your current location as well as your final destination
  2. Also note that prices might vary depending upon which port you select.

With these basic pointers in mind let’s deep dive further down to enlist important vectors involving auto shipping from US to Germany:

  • Documentation
  1. Original title of the vehicle.
  2. In-case you have a lien on the vehicle, arrange for an original notarized letter from the bank authorizing the overseas shipment.
  3. You will also need notarized copies of the title from the lien holder
  4.  Remember to hold on to a copy of how your transport will be done, the port details and other pertaining information available from the moving service company.
  5.  Ask your shipping expert for more details as each shipment can be different depending on your status and your situation.
  • Customs Rules and Regulations
  1. You may need to prove ownership of the vehicle for 6 months or more, provide current ID for customs clearance, registration.
  2. The container the cars are loaded in might be randomly inspected at the port of departure or the port of arrival, so please check with your sales person to what is and is not allowed ship with your vehicle.
  • Preparing the Vehicle
  1. Keep the gas tank at only about less than a quarter level
  2. Make duplicate keys just in-case you or the movers loose one of the set
  3. Empty the vehicle and do not leave any valuable items inside
  4. Review all the existing damage, dents, scratches and signs of wear and tear before handling over the car to the moving services company
  5. Remember to inspect the car again for any damages upon arrival
  6. Disable the alarm and if needed protect the battery and radiator

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The following is some brief information of other aspects involving overseas auto shipping to Germany.

Major German Cities:

Berlin, Bonn, Bremerhaven, Cologne, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Lubeck, Munich, Nuremberg

Taxes that may be applicable to your import – this depends on your individual status:

  • Import duties (10% on the purchase price + shipment costs + shipment insurance)
  • Value Added Tax (15% on the purchase price + shipment costs + import duties)

If you are an owner of a classic German car then you might also end up paying additional fees. Review the above information and inquire with us for further details. .

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