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Container Shipping to Kuwait from US

Shipping to Kuwait from the USA takes a lot of preparation and can turn into a complicated process for an individual that’s unfamiliar with the procedures and regulations of the country. It’s vital that you work with a shipping company that is experienced to avoid any additional charges or detention upon arrival with your cargo.

Fortunately, we have shipped thousands of vehicles, personal effects, and other goods to Kuwait since we first started in 1977.

Read our guide on how to ship to Kuwait from USA below and start shipping with SCL today! If you are ready to start your shipment to Kuwait, use our Online Form and a Schumacher representative will begin working with you.

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How to Ship to Kuwait with Schumacher

What Are You Shipping?

Much of the steps involved will depend on what goods you need to ship to Kuwait. We have a lot of experience shipping all types of cargo including:

  • Household goods
  • Cars and Motorcycles
  • Trucks and machinery
  • Motorhomes and RVs
  • Equipment
  • Specialty goods

How Much Does Shipping to Kuwait Cost?

A good place to begin your international car shipment is to figure out the price. The shipping cost to Kuwait depends on different factors such as the goods to ship, origin, and destination. For example, a shipment from California will have a very different price than departing from New York. Since there is this variation, our representatives create custom quotes for each shipment.

For the cost for your shipment to Kuwait, fill out our Online Quote Form.

How Long Does Shipping to Kuwait Take?

Once you are ready to ship, Schumacher can handle the rest. We can take your shipment from anywhere in the US right to your door in Kuwait.

The amount of time it takes to ship cargo to Kuwait varies by method, shipment size, departure ports, etc.

When the containers are ready to ship, the timelines average out more evenly. As the container is ready to ship, your goods will be on the water between 5 and 7 weeks. However this number is an estimate as unexpected changes can occur.

Transportation Services to Kuwait

Whatever it is that you’re looking to ship, we offer comprehensive services that cover everything on the export side.

Our shipping services to Kuwait include picking up your vehicle or household goods here in the US, clearing customs, full dock receipt, and inspection with tracking information available to you.

Container Shipping to Kuwait

Shared container shipping to Kuwait is the main way people ship for the best value. With this service, customers share a container, which means they only pay for the space they use.

An exclusive 20 or 40 foot container can be used as well. This is common if you have enough goods on your own to fill it up as the space can’t be shared. Another benefit of using an exclusive container is you have more control over the time for the shipment as you don’t need to wait for goods from other customers.

Alternate Methods of Transport:

In addition to the more common methods of transporting cargo, such as container shipments and roll-on roll-off, air freight is also an option we offer to clients.

Although air freight is much more expensive than the other shipments types, it’s not only the fastest but Kuwait in particular doesn’t impose a duty on some types of personal effects shipped by air.

However, all household goods and vehicles you ship to Kuwait are subject to a duty or tax of 5%. The five percent is assessed based on the cost of the goods, plus insurance and freight.

Documents Needed

Having the right documentation is always a must and even more so in this case because every single shipment that arrives is open to inspection.

  1. Passport and residence permit
  2. Visa
  3. Bill of lading
  4. Detailed inventory both in English and Arabic
  5. Power of attorney

Our team members and agents that handle customs in the U.S and Kuwait have years of experience and they’ll inform you on everything that’s needed in addition to the most common listed above.

Shipping Destinations and Ports

Port of Entry: Kuwait City
Major Cities and Popular Destinations:  Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, Safat, Kuwait City, Farwaniya, Jahra, Salmiyah

For every shipment, we look at the specifics and we’ll always suggest the best options and departure locations to give you the most competitive rates.

However, all of our containers departing from in the US, use our port of entry in Kuwait City. The exact route used will vary but our shipping services to Kuwait utilize this port. This makes shipping to Kuwait City the most popular option for all services.

In general, we try to have the goods leave from one of our east coast locations for those shipping to Kuwait and other parts of the Middle East, but this is something that you can discuss with your sales contact.

As touched on earlier, there will be destination fees levied at 5% CIF and these fees are not included in our quotes because of the exchange rate factor.

Important Information for Imports to Kuwait

Kuwait is strict when it comes to importing personal effects and many of the things which are prohibited for individuals to bring might not cross your mind.

Goods like books, pictures, magazines, movies and music can all be confiscated in addition to being subject to censorship.

Other than the obvious items, things such as alcohol, products of Israel, most communication equipment, pork products and gambling equipment are not allowed.

Additionally, the following shipping requirements apply:

  1. You must be present in order for your goods and personal effect to clear customs
  2. All household goods are subject to customs duties, new or used
  3. If you’re shipping by air, we’ll need all the necessary documents for the destination agents two days in advance. For ocean shipments, it’s a week

More Kuwait Info

If you are ready to ship to Kuwait, fill our online quote form for a shipping rate.

For additional information on any of the above, give us a call at (562) 408-6677.

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