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How to Know if It’s Worth Shipping Your Car Overseas

Which is better? Shipping your car overseas from the US or buying it there?

Moving can be both a very exciting and yet stressful time in anyone’s life. Moving overseas even more so, and can result in a lot of additional expense.

One of the decisions you may deal with is whether or not you want to bring your car with you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before determining if it’s worth shipping your car overseas.

How Much Value Does Your Car Have Money-Wise and Sentimentally?

When getting ready to move, evaluate the current blue book value on the car both here in the US and the perceived value at destination.

If your vehicle is your current domestic transport, it may be cheaper to ship and pay the duties in the country of destination as opposed to replacing it when you arrive. If that’s the case, which it often is, you can check out our complete overseas car shipping guide.

It’s also important to ask yourself how sentimentally attached you are to your vehicle. Is this a vehicle that you have a lot of memories in? Is this vehicle a specific type of car that you can’t find anywhere else?

Looking at the worth of your car from your perspective is the first thing to do when considering bringing your car abroad. If your car is a classic, or has a family history and you do not want to sell it, there are special reduced tax implications overseas for cars over 25 years of age.

Ask your international shipping service provider for more specific information.

Pros and cons of shipping your car overseas from the US
If you are moving abroad and taking your car overseas with  you, it may be best to do your homework first.

How Much Time Do You Have To Sell Your Vehicle and Purchase A New One?

Realistically, selling and purchasing a new vehicle can take a lot of time and research. During the preparations of moving your home and life from one country to another, do you have the time to sell your own vehicle without sacrificing the sales value?

Once you arrive at your new destination, do you have the local knowledge and resources to go shopping for a new car?

If you are moving for work and need to begin immediately, it may be a good idea to rent a car for a short while until your own arrives, as ocean freight is the most affordable way to ship your car and this can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

Shipping your car can save you a lot of money if your car is in good condition and relatively new. To save you more time and hassle, a professional automobile shipping company can arrange to pick up the vehicle at your home and have it delivered to the port for loading in a 40 foot shared container for shipping.

Do You Have A Place To Store Your Vehicle?

If you choose not to sell your vehicle or ship it, you may need a place to store it. The cost of parking and storing your vehicle may not be cost effective.

The cost of shipping your vehicle overseas can run from $850 to $2,000 and upwards. You can save money in the long run by simply shipping it instead of storing it which over time could cost you thousands of dollars.

If you have a friend or a family member that can care for the car, it may be worth it to leave it at home and buy a new car with the intention of selling it before you leave.

You may also rent a car abroad but it’s not highly suggested since it can be extremely expensive. That one is more common sense, but for some not so common aspects surrounding this topic, checkout our article on common myths.

What Is The Exchange Rate and Price of a Vehicle In Your New Country?

Your car may be a luxury item in the country you’re moving to. Things such as air conditioning, a GPS system, and gas efficiency may all be hard to find when you move abroad.

If you can find these cars, the price may be much higher since they aren’t readily available. points out that in many countries cars are primarily stick shift. If you don’t know how to drive stick or aren’t comfortable with this type of driving you may want to bring your own car which is automatic.

Another thing to take in consideration is the price of the cars in your new country. Are cars extremely expensive? Is the exchange rate a lot higher or lower in your destination country?

How Important Is Being Comfortable In Your Own Vehicle Mean To You?

When considering bringing your vehicle overseas you must ask yourself how much being comfortable in your own vehicle means to you. Chances are you will be driving unfamiliar roads and will be learning an entire new set of road rules.

You may find that by knowing your car and being comfortable in it, it can change your entire moving experience. When a lot of things in your life are changing, having the luxury of your own car can be worth a lot.

If you’re not an expert about cars and are unsure about different driving styles such as stick shift, it may be the best option to bring your own car with you that you know inside and out.

How Long Do You Plan To Stay Overseas? 

Last but not least you will know if it’s worth shipping your car overseas depending on how long you will be gone.

If you plan on moving indefinitely, it may be a great option to bring your car since you won’t have the same opportunity to purchase your specific car overseas. If you only plan on moving abroad for a few months or a few years, you may want to have your vehicle stay with a family member.

If you don’t plan on shipping the vehicle back home, it makes the most sense to ship your car overseas since you’ll save some money and can sell it there in the future.

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