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Top 5 Countries With Long Term Work Visas For Digital Nomads
The life of a digital nomad can be quite appealing to many. The idea of a working vacation sounds nice. Especially as COVID-19 has forced more Americans to work from home. Employers have also realized that working from home does not mean that productivity is compromised. Some employers are expected to continue to allow employees to work remotely. And why not? This would definitely save money on office space. Digital Nomad Life is an Option
There are many tours, historical sites, museums, night life and restaurants to see while visiting Copenhagen. This list of the top 10 best things to do in Copenhagen is a great place to start when planning a trip. 1. Tivoli Gardens This amusement park and garden fist opened in 1843. It is located in the center of Copenhagen. This park is said to have been inspiration for Walt Disney when creating Disney World. Tivoli Gardens
The US News and World Report released their 2020 Best Countries for Raising Kids list. They comprise this list each year (since 2016) based on a “survey of global perception”. The rankings are based on the following for each country: human rights, family friendly, gender equality, happiness, income equality, safety, public education, and health care systems. Here are the Top 5 Best Places in the World to Raise a Family in 2020. Denmark Sweden Norway
Classic Car Values
One of the more difficult tasks for a classic car collector is to put a value on their beloved cars. Many variables have an impact on the price of classic, antique, exotic, and vintage cars. The price of a vehicle with the same make, model, and year can be very different. Factors That Can Determine the Value of a Classic Car Condition Original Parts Modification Documentation Market Demand Inventory How the car is being sold
Retromobile 2020 is the start of the decade’s major classic car shows. This is the show’s 44th anniversary and will take place Feb 5th-9th 2020. Since 1976, Retromobile has displayed some of the most amazing cars and vehicles in the world. From auctions, shows, and exhibits, we’ll be uploading these classic cars below and to our Facebook and Instagram pages. We’ll be around the show floor and see some of our favorite coverage of Retromobile
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