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Working in New Zealand

Which New Zealand Jobs are in Demand for Immigrants?

Once you select your international moving company to help you with your relocation to New Zealand, next you may want to learn all about what the “land of the Kiwi” has to offer in employment opportunities.

Researching the New Zealand job market is a good idea because it can help you figure out what jobs are available for immigrants, how to improve your chances for getting the job that you want, and what type of visa you should apply for: long term or short term.

New Zealand Long Term Skill Shortage List

At the present time, there are New Zealand immigrant jobs available in: agriculture, forestry, construction managers, builders, surveyors, special education teachers, university professors, engineers: chemical, civil, electrical, finance auditors, finance managers, paramedics, physiologists, psychologists, radiologists, general practitioners, pharmacists, intensive care specialists, medical therapists, nurses, OBGYN, physicists, psychiatrists, speech therapists, surgeons, veterinarians, film animators, electronics and telecommunication specialists: analysts, web developers, programmers, chefs, scientists, food technologists, toxicologists, statisticians, electricians,  mechanics, transport experts.

New Zealand Long-term Jobs Information
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In addition to the long term jobs, there is also a need for short-term skills in different parts of New Zealand for IT professionals, trades persons, services and sales.

New Zealand Short-term Jobs Information
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A temporary visa is required for those who wish to work in New Zealand seasonal jobs or to help rebuild earthquake devastated regions.  Here is the Canteburry Skill Shortage list (CSSL)-looking for labor workers.

New Zealand Seasonal Jobs Information
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Auckland, also known as the City of Sails, is rated as one of the best cities in the world to live in, based on criteria of safety, health and education.  A lot of immigrants are continuously moving here.

Auckland Chamber of Commerce

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The capital of New Zealand, this little city is also a popular destination for foreign-born residents.  Wellington is viewed as the cultural point of New Zealand. There are jobs available in the government, business services, and construction.

Wellington Chamber of Commerce
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One of the largest cities, Tauranga is known for its scenery, harbor and for Mount Maunganui- one of the most popular beaches in New Zealand.

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce
Visit Tauranga’s site.

Tip:  If you decide to look for a job in New Zealand or even start your own business, make sure you understand all the legal requirements in advance.

Whether you are looking to work long-term or short-term, you are guaranteed to enjoy what this beautiful island has to offer: a  solid economy, great food, beautiful beaches and mountains, rain forests and glaciers, amazing culture and sports.

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