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Top Universities in Spain for US Students

Spain has long been one of the more popular destinations to study abroad for US students. This is due to the popularity of the language as well as the beauty and intrigue of the historic and cultured country. But just because you want to study there doesn’t mean that every university is the right fit for you. Below we’ve compiled the best schools and universities for US students to study in Spain.

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Top 4 Universities for US Students in Spain

Best Universities in Spain Barcelona Oceanside City

SLU Madrid

Why SLU Madrid is a Top University for Americans in Spain

Saint Louis University is a great option for American students trying to study abroad in Spain. Not only is the University a reputable American based university ranking in the top 100, but the school also allows for a 4-year degree program. Here you have the privilege of studying in one of Europe’s greatest cities while attending an “American” university. In this case, it means addressing any issues will be much easier.

SCL Madrid

Marbella International University Centre

Why MIUC is a Top University for Americans in Spain

MIUC is located on Spain’s southern coast, in the beautiful Costa del Sol. As far as scenery goes, you couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous and inspired place to study. What’s more, the school allows students to select whether they want to take courses taught in Spanish or English. This is a major perk for students who don’t want their studies impacted by their lower skill in Spanish.


EU Business School Barcelona

Why EU Business School Barcelona is a Top University for Americans in Spain

Part of the European University schools situated across EU countries, this business school in Barcelona is a great opportunity for international students. With EU Barcelona, students study in a small intimate classroom setting alongside other international students. The fact that it’s located in the famous Bonanova neighborhood doesn’t hurt either!

EU Barcelona 

The Instituto de Empresa School of Arts and Humanities

Why IE University is a Top University for Americans in Spain

For a well-rounded education located just outside the major city of Madrid, you can do no better that the IE School of Arts and Humanities. The school prides itself on providing a balanced, liberal arts education to both undergrad and graduate students. And, again, you’re only 20 minutes away from the bustle of Madrid. 

IE University

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Now that you know some of the best colleges in Spain for US students, check out some of our other college guides below. When you are ready to move to your new school overseas, Schumacher Cargo Logistics is ready to help.

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