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Best Colleges for US students in Italy

Studying abroad is a great way to get an education and go on an adventure. Part of the education you receive will be that adventure as well as diving into a new geography, language and culture. As an international student entering a new country with a new, and likely unfamiliar language, you’ll have to pick a school that caters to the needs and abilities of US students. Here are the best colleges in Italy for US students.

Moving abroad can be tricky as well.  Luckily, Schumacher Cargo can help make the move to Italy a little less worrisome. So all you will have to worry about is the which site and food you’ll experience first!

Italy’s 5 Best Schools for US Students

Shipping to Italy Florence Skyline Panorama

  1. John Cabot University:

    What makes John Cabot University so great for US students in Italy is that it is a US school. The University is an American accredited institution that teaches in English and offers students 4 year Bachelor degrees and 2 year Associates degrees. You will be in classrooms of about 15, filled with many other international students studying in the heart of Rome. As a US student studying here you get the best of both worlds: the opportunity to study in Italy and the comfort of an American university. This chance to study abroad while still at a US school definitely makes JCU one of the best colleges in Italy for American students.

    John Cabot

  2. University of Milan:

    This gorgeous city renowned for its fashion and football is a dream destination for many US students. And thankfully the University of Milan is very accommodating to making that happen. The University offers several classes taught entirely in English as well an entry program that allows students to take their first 45-60 credits in English, allowing them to boost their Italian before digging into the harder classes.

    University of Milan

  3. The University of Rome:

    Another great school for US students in Rome is the University of Rome, or La Sapienza (the Knowledge). The school has a wide variety of clubs, sports, theater groups, and even career services for English speaking students. The fact that they even offer a Masters degree in English should speak volumes about how at home US students could feel here.

    University of Rome

  4. The University of Bologna:

    Though this school only has a handful of classes in English and might not be the best for people who have difficulty learning new languages, it is the first University ever. Which is reason enough. Founded in 1088, this university is almost 1000 years old. With its long history, there is no comparison to this schools staying power. US students studying at this university should jump at the experience for this historic legacy.

    University of Bologna

  5. The University of Florence:

    One of Italy’s most iconic and historic universities, the University of Florence is an international student’s dream! Learn in the same classrooms where legends of the Renaissance like Dante and Boccaccio used to teach! However, at this university only those who know Italian may apply. Because of this, the University of Florence is the most difficult in the list for US students. Though this university is worth the effort as it delivers the most authentic experience.

    University of Florence

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