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Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport for Cars and Motorcycles

Open car transport is the quickest, easiest and most common way to ship your car or motorcycle across country. From domestic vehicle shipping to international car shipping, Schumacher Cargo can handle your goods from start to finish.

With over four decades of shipping your vehicles, you can rest assured you are getting a reliable service at a great rate.

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What is Open Auto Transport?

Open auto transport is the most common way to move vehicles across the country. With open car transport, multiple vehicles are loaded onto one carrier. They move towards a final destination picking up and dropping off cars along the way. Using efficient logistics networks, these carriers are able to constantly pick up and drop off cars all across the country.

How Much Does Open Car Shipping Cost?

The cost to ship via open car transport depends on a few factors. 1. The type of vehicle you are shipping, 2. The origin of your vehicle, 3. The vehicle’s final destination. Each of these factors has an impact on the price.

For example, open car shipping is different than open motorcycle shipping even with everything else the same. For this reason, our representatives create custom quotes for each individual’s shipment.

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Benefits of Open Car Transport

Since it is the most popular car transport service, open car transport has two major benefits.

  • Price – with multiple vehicle capacity and thousands of these carriers on the road, open car transports are the most affordable.
  • Speed – because of the many carriers transporting vehicles, your car will likely have an open transporter moving through the area more often than other types of vehicle shippers. This means your vehicle will be picked up sooner and, therefore, dropped off sooner.

Alternatively we offer Enclosed Auto Transport in case protection is a greater factor that price and speed.

Types of Open Carriers

Using our vast amount of open car carriers, we have access to all types of car transporters to suit every type of shipment. Schumacher Cargo can quickly pick-up and drop-off your vehicle anywhere in the country. Our expert auto shipping representatives will choose the carrier that will safely and quickly bring your vehicle to where it needs to go.

Some of the various open car carrier services:

  • Car Wedge Trailer
  • Row Back Hauler
  • Flat Bed Trucks
  • 9 Car Carrier with 2 Beds
  • Lowboy Car Hauler

If your vehicle needs special loading accommodations such as a lift gate or non-rolling, we will get the right service to match you.

Start Your Open Auto Transport with Schumacher

Fill out the quote form, and one of our auto shippers will get back to you with a quote for open transport for any vehicle you need shipped. Also you can request an enclosed transport if you would like to compare the two.

Alternatively, contact us via phone during business hours to start with a Schumacher representative.

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