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Container Shipping to Japan from the USA

Shipping Goods from the US to Japan

Are you planning on shipping to Japan from the USA? Depending on the type of freight and your location, chances are that you’ll be well suited shipping a container to Japan. 

Shipping to Japan takes preparation and can turn into a complicated process for an individual. It’s vital that you work with a shipping company that is experienced to avoid any headache with your cargo. Fortunately, we have shipped thousands of vehicles, personal effects, and other goods to Japan since we first started in 1977.

Learn about shipping to Japan with Schumacher below and start your international shipment today! If you are ready to start your shipment to Japan, use our Online Form and a Schumacher representative will begin working with you.

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How to Ship to Japan with Schumacher

With over 40 years of experience, Schumacher Cargo Logistics can easily facilitate your international shipping to Japan and anywhere else in Asia.

When shipping to Japan, you want to start with all of the details particular to your shipment. A few of the things you should have in mind are the type of good, origin, and destination. With this info we can begin to work with you on completing your shipment.

Type of Good

As a fully licensed, bonded and insured international shipping company, we can ship almost anything to Japan.

  • Household Goods/Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Motorhomes and RVs
  • Equipment
  • Cargo and Freight

Origin in the USA

Schumacher Cargo Logistics has 5 main locations throughout the USA along both the West and East coast. For shipments more inland we offer door services where we transport your goods to the port from your home. This allows us to get the best rates for our customers no matter where they are in the states. 

Schumacher Shipping Warehouses

Destination in Japan

The main destination port in Japan is Yokohama for most shipments. This port is know for its high volume of container shipments and offers the best rates to enter Japan. From here your goods are unloaded and can be moved anywhere to the rest of the country. For instance many shipments to Tokyo are done by land from Yokohama. Alternatively you can also pick up your goods directly from the port warehouse rather than having it transported to your door.

How Much Does Cargo Shipping to Japan Cost

There are different factors that affect overall cost to ship to Japan. Costs will vary by carrier but there are some variables to look at to get an idea about the costs associated with using an international shipping service.

For instance, depending on where your cargo is leaving from in the US influences rates. International shipments from the West Coast will be cheaper as it is a few thousand miles closer to Japan than the East Coast. Additionally, the size of what you are shipping will always determine price differences. Compact cars are naturally less expensive to ship to Japan than a full household for example.

Visitors can fill out a quick quote using our online form. You’ll get a customized quote for your international shipment to Japan based on your specific info.

Container Shipping to Japan

Our main service for shipping to Japan from the USA is through container shipments. 20 and 40 foot containers options are available with 1000 and 2000 cubic feet respectively. Containers offer protection for your goods while they travel on the sea and are sealed to prevent anything from getting in and out. Depending on what type of shipment you have, we offer different services like consolidated container shipping or secure auction shipping. Your Schumacher representative will advise you on what the best way to ship your goods once you begin working with them.

More Japan Shipping Info

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